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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I have an inspiron that came with windows 7 and was upgraded to windows 10 by Microsoft.  Things didn't  work well from the start so I looked on the Dell support site and saw that my laptop would not / was not capabile to run windows 10. I then ran the restore to windows 7 function in windows 10. It said it completed, but will not boot, just goes in a loop. I contaacted Microsoft who said I needed to contact Dell since the software was installed by them. I contacted Dell and they said since my warranty is up, they will help me for a mere $129 an hour! I tried to download the re-install disks from Dell, but can't since my warranty has expired. Is there anyone that can help? Either in this forum or who works for Dell?

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    Hi all.  Trying to figure out if this laptop I ordered has a backlit keyboard.  It shows



    Module,Shroud,Keyboard,United States,82,S-P,E7250

    Does this indicate the keyboard is backlit or non-backlit?  Thanks for any help.

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    charger light is off when charger connect to laptop but when i shutdown the laptop or sleep it then charger light is on my laptop model #  inspiron n5520  plz help me

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    Upgraded to Win 10 and screen started to flicker, then touchpad stopped working.  So I downgraded to WIn 7.  It fixed the screen flicker issue, but the touchpad still does not work.  (I'm using a plug in mouse do type this.  

    The "download" drivers utility on Dell support just keeps cycling until it times out.  How the heck do I download the drivers for the trackpad and get this think working again?

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  • 08/31/15--19:12: E7450 keyboard backlight
  • Hi,

    I  have a Latitude 7000 (E7450). The keyboard backlight doesn't work. I tried holding Fn key + right arrow key but nothing happens. I looked at every key but none of them have the backlight icon. Could you please tell me how to enable the backlight?


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    I did format my pc then the startup is slower than before plz help me :)

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    i have bought a laptop in which i try to install wifi driver but it is not installing properly Result

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    please I did format the pc and  i want to  make the mSATA cache drive but plz (( in simple steps ))

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  • 08/31/15--22:34: Studio 1745 doesn't work
  • Ever since I got my Studio 1745 it has been nothing but trouble. A few years ago it looked like a had a virus and was told by Dell support that I needed to reload the bios and clean my hard drive. I did as suggested, then loaded the Windows 7 disks. It didn't work ! 

    When I try to boot the computer I get a message saying it can not read the hard drive or the DVD drive and that I need to install windows. The windows installation disc is the DVD drive but it will not eject. 

    When the problems started (before erasing the hard drive or reinstalling the bios) the computer would not recognize the feed from my router, function buttons for wireless connection would not work either, the DVD eject didn't work. In short everything stopped working.

    I am sick and tired of looking at a computer that I paid good money and have not gotten much use out of it. Is there a permanent fix or should I bite the bullet and throw it in the trash?

    Thank You

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  • 08/31/15--23:18: Dell Inspiron Startup Issue
  • Hello,

    While turning on my laptop when I pressed the start button nothing happens except the 7 beeps. 

    Please give me some instructions or troubleshooting method to tackle this problem.

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    I had purchased Dell Inspiron 3551 Notebook in June, 2015. My notebook keeps randomly shutting down automatically. There is no blue screen, no warning, it just shuts down automatically.

    I don't have much software installed and overheating does not seem to be the problem. I have run system diagnostics but there were no issues highlighted.

    To be sure I have completely formatted the system but the problem remains

    Any solution to resolve this would be a great help.

    Can't seem to find any answers anywhere. Thanks!

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  • 09/01/15--00:52: Vostro V131 5 beeps
  • Hello,

    I have a problem with my Vostro V131, on startup i have 5 beeps, what does it mean? Anyone have BIOS beeps code table?

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    I asked our company admin person who liase with Dell already. But I would like to understand it for myself too.

    I have a company laptop which is under Next Business Day warranty. I am traveling to Europe now. It got broken. I called Dell support yesterday. They said - tomorrow an engineer will come and fix. Received call from them this morning saying - there are no parts, so nobody is coming. I asked - when are you going to have the parts, they said - we dont know.

    They spoke little english so I contacted Euro Dell support over the chat and got the same response. When I asked for an estimate, the chat person said :

    "At this time xxxxx, there is no estimated time of the availability. As soon as the parts will be available, you will be inform about that. Is there anything else?"

    I mean if I get something like this in 2010 I wont be surprised. Crisis and all.. But now it seems weird.

    I assumed warranty to business customers somewhat legally binding.. Is that not so?

    Whats the procedure to complain?

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    (Ref. Dell Inspiron 15z 5523, i7-3517u.)

    The motherboard needs to be replaced. Buying from Dell is too expensive so I'm looking for a refurbished.

    The motherboard has the text "1319F" and "GNR2R". When checking with Dell they said that the motherboard with part number "CFYJK" would work as well, but unfortunately way too expensive.

    Question: What other motherboard would be able to use? I can't find any "GNR2R" on the net, but several others. Surely, there has to be an alternative but how can I find out?

    Help would be greatly appreciated!


    Thnx, Joakim

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    I am experiencing a weird problem on XPS 13 9345 (early 2015) after update to Windows 10 (drivers installed through Windows Update): when I disconnect an external monitor the screen starts flickering and the only solution is reboot the computer.

    This is the video drivers version I am using:

    Any suggestion ?

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    As the title says, there is no display whatsoever on the screen, the fans start to run very loudly after a few seconds, and it beeps when I press any key.

    This happens roughly 50% of the time when I switch it on, the other 50% it just turns on with no display, but without the fan issue or beeping/

    Is it dead? What little research I've done on the matter points to it being a motherboard failure, but my experience in this area is limited.

    The laptop is around 3 years old and has been used fairly intensively for a number of purposes including gaming (I have had it shut down from overheating a number of times, so heat damage may be a possibility).

    Any input whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 09/01/15--04:11: Vostro 2520 3 Beeps
  • I bought vostro 2520 in march last year. 6 months after the warranty, the laptop suddenly doesn't boot. only 3 beeps, which shows motherboard failure.

    I mean only 1 and a half year later, the motherboard fails, is it really the quality DELL is known for.

    this was my 1st laptop, and probably now i know, the next one ain't going to be DELL, this is for sure.

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    I got a new Inspiron 15 3000 series 4th gen i7 with Win 8.1 few weeks back and had the system upgraded to windows 10. It was functioning ok until I updated the dell drivers and BIOS using pre-installed "dell update software". Both drivers & BIOS update went through smoothly but since then if I keep the lap in sleep mode or just close the lid completely and keep it for few hours it gets hot and battery gets drained to zero. Some times you can not even switch on or sometimes I have to remove the battery and re-insert it to start the system. Any suggestions?

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    I purchased my laptop this past May 2015 and have had no issues until now. Monday I noticed my laptop shows the AC adapter is plugged in but does not charge the battery. I shut it down and got the "The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined" message ever since. I've researched it a bit and found that this is kind of a common issue.

    So far I've tried updating the BIOS and drivers, removing battery and reinserting it, different AC power cord from another Dell laptop and running Dell diagnostics with no success.

    I'm thinking about purchasing a new power jack (found this one on Amazon) and trying that out.

    Has anyone had this issue before? what else should I try?

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  • 09/03/15--11:44: Dell XPS 12 burned-in screen
  • After a little a little more than 2 years since I bought my Dell XPS 12 and after a few months after the warranty expired, I realized my screen is burned. A large brown burned patch appears almost in the middle of the screen and a few more are starting to appear in other places. The results of conducting the local service reps were rather disappointing. The only suggestion they could make is for me to replace the screen at an unbearable cos. Has Dell announced it is replacing some of these burned-in screens? Because if it has the service reps were completely unaware of it. Having spent quite an amount of money for buying a Dell product I wouldn't expect such a behavior. Please advise me what to do next.

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