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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I own a Inspiron 15-3521 that I bought about 2 1/2 years ago.  Recently the HDD died.  I bought a replacement but I need to know how to get the Windows and Driver installs.  I have the new drive loaded into a portable case assuming that this would be the easiest way to transfer the boot files since I don't have an install disk.  Any help would be appreciated



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    I recently purchased a pre-owned dell inspiron 1545 laptop and after password authentication it blue screens here is the crash report.

    technical information:

    0x0000007B (0xFFFFFA60005AF9D0,0xFFFFFFFFC0000034,0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi! if i get 3 beeping sounds it means system board failure right?so if i replace it with a new working motherboard compatible with my laptop it will surely work again? please answer me guys because im planning to replace my board with a new one ill order it online thanks hope for your quick reply thanks 

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  • 08/30/15--19:13: Usb device not recognised
  • i have purchased inspiron 5521 with i7 one year bak. When i fornatted this and installed win 8.1. After that it shws that.usb device not trcognised. Please suggest me which drivdr to install it. Rply fast

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    Will it possible to apply solar panels on the laptop?

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  • 08/30/15--20:03: Clicking noise on start up
  • My Inspiron 5721 now with windows 10 but started doing this with windows 8.1

    It's been making some strange sounds sometimes when I start it up with only the battery it would make a click but not really beeping sound and it wouldn't boot up, since I didn't think the sound was good I immediately took out the battery especially since it sounded electrical.

      I plugged it , put the the battery in again and it would start up no problem, as time went on I had to do this every time. The last few days I have had to leave the battery out and turn it on without battery at all..

    I saw on another post that it may be the hard drive so I did what was suggested

     I turned it off unplugged and took out the battery, held down the power button for 20 sec.  Then I plugged it back in and turned it on and tapped the F12 key on start up and nothing happened. doesn't work on my laptop.

    But, as I was trying this I didn't have the battery in it and it starting making the clicking noise with it only being on AC.

    I have been backing up my files in fear of loosing everythng. and I don't want to turn it off again just to test it in fear of it completely crashing.

    Can you tell me if this is my hard drive,  or what test should I do 

    I found this on another website

    "you can run a hard drive test utility. I usually use Hitachi’s drive fitness test. This test is reliable and easy to use."

    Can anyone suggest this or another test I can do without having to turn the computer off?

    Thank you

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    Hi good day. I have a Dell Latitude E6420. The problem is every time I left it unused for several hours, it won't turn on. The light in the power button shows up for only a few seconds and then it turns of. When I tried to plug in the AC Adapter, it won't turn on. However, when I press the power button for more than 10 seconds, the speakers make a weird static-like sound and when I press the power button again, the computer turns of and works fine. Please answer this. Thanks in advance!

    PS The light indicators are not blinking. Only the power button's light is lit.

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    Hi all,

    I had ordered a Macbook Pro 15 as soon as the new models were released, and got to the stage where it was ready to be collected from the local store, when a friend showed me the XPS15, with 4K screen. It wasn't a consideration because of Windows 8.1, but I'm on Windows 10 now and love it. I told the store to sell the model I ordered to someone else (there was a queue for them!).

    However, looking at the XPS specs, it's still on the haswell chip (as is the mac), and it looks like the current incarnation of the XPS is coming up to 2 years old. I see the XPS13 is on the broadwell.

    I'm desperate for a new notebook, as my current model doesn't really work, but I don't want to buy one and see an updated model released 2 months later with a Skylake chip, etc. I know apple are very secretive about this sort of thing, but there are rumour sites that hint at release dates.

    Is there any kind of guide on when the new XPS15 will be released, as I could hold out a little longer if it's for a month or two? Otherwise, I think I'll have to go to the macbook.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dell PC - system restore after HDD crash and replacement - but unable to get Windows 10 back. System running on WIndows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 which I find I am unable to upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or 11. Help.

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  • 08/31/15--01:59: Dell latitude E6430 - Raid 0
  • Hello all,

    Is it possible to run 2 SSD disks into Raid 0 ? When i run BIOS then have only option to set up RAID 1, I need to use RAID 0. It is possible ? What i need to do ? Upgrade BIOS or what? 

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  • 08/31/15--02:01: upgrade
  • What upgrades are possible for inspiron 14  3442? 

    Can the processor be upgraded from i3 to i5? Can you add a touch screen feature to the laptop and add backlight to the keyboard?

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  • 08/31/15--02:34: My laptop won't turn on.
  • Last night at 8pm my laptop cut out. it's now 10:30 the next morning and it hasn't turned on again since. I've tried taking the battery out and putting it on charge and everything. Its second hand but i've only owned it for none months. The model is a Latitude E6410. Please help, I need my laptop for schoolwork!!



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    Hi all. I have an inspiron 1720 that looses the drive letter assigned to it.

    My Laptop:

    Inspiron 1720

    Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz (an upgrade)

    HDD1 320Gig

    HDD2 750Gig

    4Gb DDR2 6400 ram

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    On the whole the laptop is really good, with all the upgrades I have done to it it is very very quick.

    The one and only issue I have is with the drive letter for my 2nd hard drive.

    Before I fitted the hard drives both were formatted in NTFS with another computer.

    The 320 gig has windows installed on it and has no problems at all.

    The 750 gig hard drive is installed in the 2nd hard drive bay and shows up in my bios (which is up to date, version 09 if memory serves) and installed fine when windows first started. My problem is that I can set a drive letter for it in manage but as soon as I reboot the laptop it looses the drive letter and I have to go into manage and assign it again.

    I have tried a 120gig hard drive in the 2nd bay and exactly the same thing happens.

    If anyone is able to help me with this issue I would be very greatful.

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    I have a N7110 that was running Windows 7.  On occasion I would connected it via HDMI to my HDTV.  This setup worked great.  After upgrading to Windows 10, the HDMI port seems to be "disabled".  My HDTV simply says "no signal" since upgrading.

    I know some drivers are lacking Windows 10 support, but the video adapter (Intel HD 2000) that was installed in Windows 7 is the SAME VERSION as the one installed in Windows 10.  Any idea why I would use the HDMI functionality after my upgrade?  I am running the latest and greatest driver version from Intel:

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Laptop gives this error message when trying to boot up:

    Internal hard disk drive not found

    To resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive.

    No bootable devices--strike F1 to retry boot, F2 enter Setup Menu, F5 enter PSA

    Ran diagnostics - hard drive failed (everything else passed)

    Reseated hard drive - no change

    BIOS shows Fixed HDD  ST500LT012-9WS142 (500 GB)

    Laptop running Windows 8

    Tried the different boot options -- no change

    I am not a computer programmer or even whiz, so any help is greatly appreciated!

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    XPS 15 late 2013 on window 10 but it happened like a month before i got windows 10, needed it for work so not had a chance to see about getting it fixed.

    Bars only appear on certain colours and are most notable whilst watching videos, where they are ever present, but on most websites with white background they cant be noticed at all. 

    Any idea what is wrong and how i can get it fixed?

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  • 08/31/15--10:58: RAM Error
  • Hi all, I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 series 7548 Laptop.  This laptop is around 3 months old.

    Ever since windows 10 rolled out, I immediately downloaded it.  A week afterwards I found my computer would not boot.  Upon pressing the power button, the light would blink fit half a second and then turn off.  Pursuing power more didn't boot.  I thought it was a memory error, since the night before I got multiple blue screens of death saying BAD POOL HEADER or MEMORY ERROR, so I got the idea to open my laptop up.

    There are two sticks of four GB RAM.  After a little tinkering, I found my computer could only boot with the Slot B stick in and the Slot A stick taken out.  At first I thought this was a faulty RAM stick, but recently I bought a new stock and it worked -- for about 12 hours.  After that I found my laptop unable to boot with 8gb RAM.  

    As of now it's running on 4 GB RAM.  Anyone got a fix?  Is Windows 10 the problem?

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    I have a e7350 that doesn't like sleep mode.  If i tell it to go to sleep and shut the lid and the wait say 5 or ten minutes and open the lid it is still awake.  IF i tell it to go to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity then i leave it alone for an hour and open the lid it wakes up.  What gives?  Thanks.  

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    Hello All,

    I would like to upgrade RAM for my inspiron 1564, bought back in 2010 jan.

    I have checked that below is compatible RAM from crucial:

    8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 PC3-12800 Unbuffered NON-ECC 1.35V

    I have question is only this one is compatible or there are others as Kingston/other ?

    also is below also compatible for 1564 laptop?

    Ballistix Sport 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz PC3-12800 Sodimm Laptop Memory 204 Pin;cm_re=204-pin_SODIMM%2c_DDR3_PC3-12800-_-9SIA30R2NX8431-_-Product

    Crucial Ballistix Sport SODIMM 8GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3L 1600 (PC3L 12800) Laptop Memory Model BLS8G3N169ES4;cm_re=204-pin_SODIMM%2c_DDR3_PC3-12800-_-20-148-734-_-Product

    Thanks in advance!


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  • 08/31/15--13:00: Can't boot from USB
  • Hello, I have a Dell xps l412z and I want to boot a Linux Live USB but apparently it doesn't work.

    I press F12 to change the boot device, and there's no exist any option related to USB devices, only something like "Diskette drive". When I choose that option, apparently try to boot the USB device, but jus stay there with a text header with the following message: "SYSLINUX 4.0.2".

    I downloaded the A06 version of the BIOS driver and nothing change. Also, In the BIOS setup doesn't appear any option related to secure boot or something like that.

    Is this a known issue or maybe there's something that I can do to fix my problem?


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