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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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  • 12/17/17--12:34: No bootable devices found
  • My laptop (Dell Inspiron 15-3567) has a message where it states there is no bootable devices found. I have changed the boot sequence from UEFI to Legacy and back. I have disabled SATA operations (suggested by dell associate in another forum) and back to ACHI. 

    Additional information:

    Product Name: iNSPIRON 15-3567

    System BIOS: 01.06.00

    sERVICE tAG: <Service tag removed>

    Epsa: bUILD 4304.14 uefi rom

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    Hey everyone.

    I've just bought a new M.2 SSD, Samsung 850 EVO to an empty slot of my Dell Inspiron 15 7559.

    The drive will arrive in few days and I would like to ask for a brief tutorial for:

    My laptop includes installation of Windows 10 somewhere on current HDD.

    How can I perform a clean install of OS to new SSD from this backup?

    Can I keep Windows 10 backup on HDD in case of another clean install?

    Does HDD formatting erase the OS backup?

    Basically, how can I factory reset my laptop,  but install OS to new SSD?


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  • 12/17/17--16:55: Battery
  • Hi,

    I have a Inspiron 13-5378

    My battery has been working absolutely perfect since I purchased a month or so a go.

    All of a sudden the battery is draining to 0% while off???

    Help please!



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  • 12/17/17--17:04: Replacing a battery xps 15
  • The battery in my 18 month old xps 15 is failing to fully charge - at the moment the message is "61% available (plugged in, not charging)"

    If i remove power plug it will barely last 30 minutes.

    This issue has developed over the past 2 weeks

    I have been trying to see how i can get a replacement battery. Nothing on the Australian dell site. So I went to the Parts & Upgrades chat. Was confirmed that the battery was not available through the website, that he would will raise a request to our Spare Parts Department, then spare part team will email the price quote. "All you have to do is to reply to their email to proceed with payment. Allow our Spare Parts team 2-3 working days to process on the quote request."

    2-3 days to get a quote for a replacement for an 18 month old battery that should not be failing???

    Surely this part should be readily available !

    Can anyone suggest how I may expedite this.

    Part number i understand is JRFWC

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 and whenever I boot up the computer, either from sleep mode of from when it's off, I get a flashing white screen. The screen has vertical zig-zag lines on it that are spaced out and it just keeps flashing. I have to turn my computer on and off enough times for it to finally boot up properly. 

    I've had the computer for a little over a year it has an Intel graphics card. I tried to restore to an older system image, but I have no system images on my computer. Would resetting the computer help? If so, how do I preserve Microsoft Office on my computer?

    This is a really frustrating and time consuming issue, and Dell has really *** customer support, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    Hi all,

    I am considering an Inspiron a bit faster and newer than my 3520 i5-3210M, though it continues to serve me well. I'd like an i5 or i3, 15.x" screen, preferably with usb 3.0. Looking for models later than my 3520 up till about early 2015 as i am on a budget. Can anyone suggest model numbers to search?

    Of lesser importance, were any of these made in colors other than black?

    Many thanks!

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    I am looking to get drivers for my laptop, A Dell XPS502, CD/DVD Drive with Windows 7 Home Premium, my pc was damaged by a Trojan and this is the only driver that I can not re install, as I can not find it on Microsoft site nor on dell site. Windows 7 is not reconise  any external CD/DVD Drive that I plug in to my laptop. Where can I download this driver? 

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    I need to download a driver for my dell XPS502 laptop, I have win 7 64bit home premium edition, I can not plug in an external CD drive into my laptop and get it from the DC of drivers, because windows is not reconise any external CD drive. My pc was damaged by a Trojan, it is all gone now, every thing works fine. But I can not get this driver on Microsoft site or dell site? 

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  • 12/17/17--08:17: Dell Drivers XPS502, Win 7
  • I need to download a driver for my dell XPS502 laptop, I have win 7 64bit home premium edition, I can not plug in an external CD drive into my laptop and get it from the DC of drivers, because windows is not reconise any external CD drive. My pc was damaged by a Trojan, it is all gone now, every thing works fine. But I can not get this driver on Microsoft site or dell site? 

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  • 12/17/17--23:42: Theft Of Laptop
  • My Friends laptop is stolen.

    She has LC, HDD, MBID, MBIC, Local Ip nos but dont have serrvice tag or serial no. how can she get servicce tag or serial no. pls help.

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  • 12/18/17--00:01: Windows 8.1 Black Screen
  • Hi,

    My computer (Dell Inspiron 15 N5050) get into black screen. I need to click the power button to get it "sleep" and press again to get it "wake" and it will work properly. I had tried to turn off the fast boot option and it is not working.

    My computer is windows 8.1 pro

    Processor:Intel i3-2350M 2.30 GHZ

    RAM: 4GB

    64bit operation system

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  • 12/18/17--00:09: xps 13 9360 post failing
  • I keep having an issue whereby my laptop will fail to post. The dell logo will pop up, but only very faint, then the screen will just go blank and i have to hold the power button i to reset the machine. Once ive done this a few times it will sometimes decide to come to life. The machine is about 5 months old, should i be looking to RMA it or is has anyone experienced this issue before?

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    A few days ago I tried to power the laptop but it wouldn't start. The low volume light flashed once then nothing happened. I removed the power cable, removed the battery, held the power button pressed for 30 seconds then it started. Next day same issue, but now it just wouldn't start. After a few hours it did power up again. Yesterday though it didn't power no matter what. All I get is one blink of the low volume led. If I am to keep the power button pressed the low volume led would just keep on blinking. No other led lights up.

    I tried searching on all the internet but I can't seem to find the solution to my problem. Any ideas on what's going on? 

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  • 12/18/17--05:51: Warranty 2nd HDD
  • Hello, I have a precision 5520 with a SSD M.2 and I'm thinking of adding a second HDD in the free slot. I've read an old post about this procedure and, in theory, there aren't any warranty issues if I simply remove the new HDD when I will send the laptop to Assistence. Can you confirm that?

    thank you 

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  • 12/18/17--06:27: Dell cancelled order
  • Dell habe cancelled my order despite the product still being available and them taking the money. The person on the phone was less than helpful what is the best way to deal with it?

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    Hi, It has been 5 months since i purchased my DELL Inspiron 13 (5000 series).

    Lately it has begun flashing bright white light instead of turning on the screen when i turn it on. The bright flash shows visible but thin lines on the screen when i click using the touch screen or the touch pad and disappears to a blank screen after the click. I understand the system turns on but the screen does not display. It happens at times; randomly. Other times it turns on fine.

    I have tried the built-in test for the screen. Once the test was successful but when i tried it again the colorful bars did not appear, instead the flashing light would appear when the colorful screen was supposedly changing color. What could have gone wrong? What is the solution? Thanks.

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    Just picked up an Inspiron 5576 gaming laptop a week ago. Was pulling my hair out thinking I had a router problem as I was getting great speed over a wired Ethernet line but terrible slowdowns over wifi. I tried rolling back/updating drivers, tried resetting the router, changing channels, etc. Our other devices were running normally, just the new laptop couldn't get over 3-4 mb/s download while everything else was testing at 45+ on a 50/50 network.

    Anyway, found a cheap USB wifi dongle to test. Now it works normally, so it makes me think the actual card in the laptop is either bad or really poor reception. The upload speeds are normal, so maybe it's an antenna issue? Either way, since wifi cards are cheap, I was just going to replace it rather than send it in for service.

    I've never replaced a wifi card... what's the best replacement that will fit my specific model? I think the current card is Qualcomm QCA9377.

    Also, while I had the back panel open, I noticed I have an extra bay for a HDD. Will any 2.5 inch laptop drive work with this computer? Mine came with a 250gb SSD, would like a 2nd 500 gb drive for photo storage.

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    Since I purchased this laptop under two years ago I've had so many problems with it I've lost count.  It regularly gets bricked after Windows forced updates, most recently a few days ago.  I tried reinstalling Windows and managed it a couple of times but after a while the screen just goes black. The most recent time, the screen went black during re-installation so I now can't even finish the installation (and you can't do this in Safe Mode).  I know Windows is still trying to install as I can hear Cortana trying to set up.  But now I can't see anything in order to finish the installation so I'm stuck, unable to do anything.  I have no external monitor I can use but in any case, if this is a hardware issue, this is not a fix.

    I've run diagnostics via F12 a few times and it shows no hardware issues but who knows, it could be.  Since I bought this, Dell have replaced almost all the hardware inc. motherboard and SSD. I'm not sure what else but I noticed today in BIOS in the log dated May 2016 (one of the times it was 'repaired') that it states, "...primary battery is not identifiable...". 

    Before the black screen issue there were wifi problems too, none of the available network-related drivers worked.  

    I am well out of my warranty now and close to buying a Mac but if anyone knows the cause of this black screen and can help, please let me know!  When this laptop works, it's amazing but I would say it's been in an unusable state for at least 3 months out of the 2 years I've had it which is totally unacceptable given how expensive it was.  

    Dell support want me to keep paying to get this fixed even though clearly this laptop was faulty right out of the factory.  

    If this could be a graphics card issue I have the tools to open the laptop and am happy to do the replacement myself (and wireless card replacement), I'd need a link to the right part though.

    Any help on this would be gratefully received!


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    This issue refers to a Dell XPS 15 9550 the configuration of which is listed at the end.

    I am attempting to run a user application but experience display and control issues.

    Another user of this application on a Dell XPS 15 9560 has resolved the issue by upgrading to BIOS Version 1.6.2, release date 11/12/17, filename XPS_15_9560_1.6.2.exe. The latest BIOS release for the 9550 appears to be version 1.3.0 but this does not resolve the  issue.

    Does anyone know:

    1. What was included in the update that might have fixed the issue.
    2. Whether a corresponding update is going to be ported to a 9550 BIOS and if so when.
    3. Whether version 1.6.2 is OK to apply to a 9550 (I suspect not)


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  • 12/18/17--08:40: Inspiron 3737 Display
  • My display has a 5 inch white transparent stripe down the middle and it's there from power up to power down.

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