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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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  • 12/15/17--16:44: HDD password not working
  • I am trying to log into my Dell Inspiron 15 7559, and it won't let me change my HDD password. I've tried all that I know and I still can't have at it.

    I'm on a trip right now and I hope I do not have to clean my drive.

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    After 2 times updated bios in windows 7, my laptop automatically reboot itself but then there is no display appeared in screen only blue light and fan only. What should i do now?

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    A few days ago I spilled water on my Dell Studio XPS 1645 and the keyboard stopped working. The backlit works but no keystrokes are recognized When I press the Caps Lock key the light also does not come on. Everything else works and I can use the laptop with a USB keyboard. So I thought that the water damaged the keyboard, purchased a new one but it did not make any difference. The new keyboard also has the backlit on but none of the keys works. I did all the recommended things - unplugged it and removed the battery after the spill, wiped the water, let it dry for a few days, tried the trick with unplugging, holding the power button down for a number of seconds, and restarting, removing the keyboard device and letting Windows to reinstall it. But none of it made any difference.

    It appears as if there was a problem with the connector were you connect the keyboard cable or further down on the motherboard. Nothing appears to be damaged but 

    Is there a simple way, for non-technician, to check if there is power in the keyboard cable connector? or anything else that I should check?



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  • 12/16/17--01:45: Battery life is decreasing
  • My dell vostro 15 3546 battery is not much of the help now a days. Its life has decreased as 2 years has passed. I am unable to find correct specs and battery on the site. Can you help me out on this one

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    Around the beginning of July last year, I bought a Dell Inspiron 15-7559 and it worked perfectly. About one year later, July of this year, the laptop started getting an issue where it would shut down after playing a game that uses the GPU for 5 minutes, but when I used the integrated graphics, it didn't shut down at all.

    Then about a month ago, the Laptop's issue got worse. When you press the power button, it would turn on for a second, turn off again, it would stay off for about 5 seconds, then it would turn on again, show the dell splash screen and when that's finished loading, the laptop would shut down again and not attempt to turn back on. For the next 5 minutes after that, if I try to turn it on, nothing happens when pressing the power button. After the five or so minutes, when trying to turn it on again, it just does the same thing. 

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    I really need help.

    Yesterday evening windows retarted my laptop, telling me it found a new update. I vened had no choice, it just restarted.

    Last windows version was fall creator update. Now i don't know the one it just installed.

    Since nothing happened except the littles dots moving sometimes, I let it work over night, thinking that in the morning it would have installed the update.

    But this morning I found only a black screen, and after reboot this red message.

    It seems it is not finding the disk boot sector.

    Any Idea? Panik...

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    Hi, I'm currently own a inspiron 7567 with


    16gb ram

    256gb ssd+1tb HDD


    and a TN Panel.

    The TN Panel are quite terrible in this high spec gaming laptop.
    May i know any possible for me to upgrade to IPS panel?
    Could sent me a quotation for the upgrade?

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  • 12/16/17--11:39: Dell Inspiron Power issue
  • Hi,

    My Inspiron N5010 Laptop won't power up.

    I had been facing this issue for quite some time, however, my laptop eventually used to power up after repeated attempts but this time the PC is completely dead with none of the LEDs coming on.

    Also, I disconnected the adapter, removed the battery and discharged the residual power by pressing the power button for 20-30s but that did not work.

    Is this a problem with the motherboard?

    Please help me out URGENTLY as I need my PC up and running.

    PS: This happened after I performed a reset of the Win 10 OS on my laptop so am not sure if that has anything to so with it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    I bought an SSD drive and cloned to replace it with my HDD but unfortunately couldn't open my laptop coz of a single tiny screw below CD-ROM stripped. So i installed the SSD into the optical drive using a caddy. Is there any way to run windows from my SSD? I'd prefer cloned or even freshly installed windows with current screw-screwed situation :(

    Please help!

    laptop: Inspiron 5565

    OS: Windows 10


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  • 12/16/17--14:01: Backup
  • Dell Support Assist recommend backing up using a 16GB flash drive, so I did. Went through the prompts which took about an hour. Everything went fine. When I opened the "E" recovery in the USB drive, 2 folders, Bios, and Windows showed, but there were no files in the Windows folder.

    What went wrong ?

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  • 12/16/17--15:22: Dell xps 15 9560 4k
  • Hi,

    This is an odd question but anyway I will soon be buying an xps 15 4k version and I wanted to know what the black levels are like because I have been watching videos of the laptop and to me it almost looks like dell uses oled tech the blacks are that black!

    But this can't be the case...

    In short; can owners of the xps 15 9560 4k version please tell me what the black levels are like?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • 12/16/17--18:09: Downloading drivers
  • So my Dell Inspiron 1545 hard drive crashed, and installed a new one. While using the certified Dell drivers CD that came with the laptop, I get error messages stating audio, and other drivers cannot be installed due to software is not digitally authentic, license required.

    What's up with that ? Why is this ? This is a Dell Driver CD

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  • 12/16/17--20:14: BIOS Flash Not Working
  • I have a Inspiron 17-3737 Laptop that has no OS or HDD on it.  It is not starting properly, and will only start every so often.  I thought I may be able to fix it with a BIOS Update.  I created a MS-DOS Bootable USB Using Rufus.  Copied the latest BIOS to it "Inspiron_3737_A09.exe" from the link below.  I Booted it from the pc in question, and after typing in Inspiron_3737_A09.exe after Diag C:\> prompt, got this message:  "Bad command or file name"

    I tried this over and over, even with different variations of the text, to no avail.  Am I doing something wrong, or is there some trick to do this?  Do I have to use the Dell Tools to do it?  It seems to me Rufus should work just the same, so there must be something else I'm missing that you Dell guys would know about.

    I've also seen others with this Not Booting issue and some that are similar, so it must be a problem with this laptop.

    Thanks, Max

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  • 12/16/17--23:47: New desktop freezes
  • I just purchased Inspiron 5675 desktop. When I received it, turned it on and followed the guide. While it was updating new window, it stoped at 84% and stop working, all the screen was black and the keyboard was not responding. I left it 30min but it was the same. Restart it and every thing ok. However, when I were playing LOL, both my Bluetooth headphones and keyboard stopped responding again, I could only use the mouse. I tried the others USB ports but didn’t work. I restarted and I  can not even connect to WiFi. What I suppose to do, return this ***?

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    What is the highest RAM upgrade compatibility of DELL VOSTRO 1550.? Is it compatible with 1333/1600/1866 MHz DDR3L RAM? Please give me full details as I need to upgrade my laptop's memory. And a last one, which is better single 4gb ram or 1 pair of 2gb ram (2×2gb)?

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  • 12/17/17--03:00: DELL XPS L502X worned out?
  • Hi there,

    I have a 7 years old dell XPS L502x. it was a great laptop and it still works which, I guess, is pretty good for a laptop. But right now, it has become incredibly slow and is running quite hot. I have ran some hardware failure tests but nothing came up. Then I formatted the harddrive and installed a fresh windows but the system is still lagging. could it be that my laptop (or parts of it) is just dying? The battery is, that is for sure. it only charges till 50% or so.  maybe someone has some advice for me, like put it in the oven or freezer or install driver in a special order.

    best regards,


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  • 12/17/17--06:26: Dell Inspiron Drivers
  • While looking at the Dell driver website I noticed the driver I have installed for my Wi-Fi adapter, Qualcomm QCA9377 is not the latest, in fact it is several months older than the newest one on the Dell website,,A15. There are several versions between the driver I have installed on my Laptop and the newest one. What is odd is the fact I used the Dell Driver Update utility in Support Assist to update my drivers to what I thought would be the newest versions. The driver I have installed is,A07 dated 08/05/17 while the newest driver is dated Nov 2017. Why is it that while there are several newer drivers available for my Wi-Fi adapter the Dell update service installs a driver several months old, it's not like the newer versions are Beta versions. Also would it be ok for me to download and install the newest version or could this cause me any problems.

    Laptop: Dell 15 5567

    Wireless Adapter:  Qualcomm QCA9377 802.1.1ac 

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    For some odd reason since the 14-12-2017 every time I execute a hyperlink  in starter 2010 Word or Excel cause a  bluescreen and crash of the system, rebooting and displaying the safe mode, the

    bluescreen is all about error STOP 0x00000019, I ran a full diagnostic finding that memory and storage facilities are 100%

    I did some trial and error procedures, such as restoring my OS from my last monthly backup, 1-12-2017 which I knew my system was working fine, I work with excel and word documents all the time, using hyperlinks often. After restoring the OS, excel and word are working fine until suddenly the issue of executing hyperlink starts again. Also I restored my OS, then clean my register as well. Also I restored my OS and ran Windows Update., , I repaired and reinstalled Starter 2010,. not matter what i do , the hyperlink issue is recurrent. 

    Is there anybody that has a clue of what is going on? , Any instruction to tweak my system?

    Thanks in advance


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  • 12/17/17--08:54: Intel Rapid Storage update?
  • Dell Command Update keeps saying it needs to download this update, but it fails; when I click to see the website of the update and download it and try to install it, it says it needs .NET 4.5...

    This update is from 2014, do I really need it? I'm not sure how it's utilized.

    Is there some way to get Dell Command to stop trying to update it? I'm not seeing many options here.

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    I've had this computer for a while now, and recently when I started the computer up the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work so I booted the computer up with  “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” and went to the Dell website to see if it was a driver problem. The was one driver I didn't install or update called Chipset| Intel AMT HECI Driver. I tried installing it and it gets to 

    "Installing Service: LMS

    creating process: C/Dell/Drivers/DWW4Y/DAL/vcredist/_x86.exe"

    Then after it says "the setup program failed to start one or more application processes. setup will exit Chipset| Intel AMT HECI Driver"

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