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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 3542 laptop
    when it is plugged into the charger, I have no power no LED indicator nothing ... just components that heat up in the motherboard.
    Maybe I have a short circuit in the motherboard.
    I disassembled my laptop. I downloaded the schematic: Dell Inspiron 15-3542 Wistron Cedar 13269-1 FX3MC.
    Well, when I plugged the laptop into the charger, the PU4503 IC (TPS51225RUKR-GP) heats up too much (soo hot), and PL4501 and PL4502 warm up a bit.
    please help me to find the shortcut.
    Thank you .

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    I have an Inspirion.

    Replaced Charger and things were fine for couple days when suddenly green light started flashing .

    Battery wasn't charging and I guess drained totally and laptop just turned off (no power)

    Read similar problem on internet which said issue was that I needed new battery.

    Just put new battery in, plugged in charger ... Green light still flashing with no power to laptop.

    What could issue be?????

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    I was trying to use my D: Drive to store some data because it was 900+ GB free and my C drive was already full

    So I decided to try to listen to the guy in this post and it has now deleted my D Drive???

    I got to step 7 and clicked yes and now my 919 GB D Drive is gone? Thanks Dell


    I must have blind because there was a box at the bottom that was "unallocated" that I didn't see. I set it up as a simple drive and voila, I can now put files on it. I would delete the post but I didn't see how to. Sorry!

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    Hi. I'm currently using Intel(R) HD graphic 4000. Is it possible upgrade my graphic card? If yes, what card is compatible to my laptop?

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    My battery has been swelling for the last few months and I was looking to buy a new one but it doesn't seem available on the Dell replacement parts. I was also wondering if it would be covered under the same replacement policy as the xps 9550 as I believe it may be the same battery as well.

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    When I was using my laptop (it was working perfectly a few hours ago) it’s battery was low enough that a screen in SupportAssist said that the battery was critically low so when I tried to reboot after letting it charge for a bit, it kept wanting to do a RAM test and when it would finish, I would hit Esc so it would reboot. I would end up getting to that screen yet again so this time I just rebooted and sure enough, I was back st that screen yet again. I did the diagnostic preboot or whatever it’s called and after it was done, it rebooted the computer and now I keep getting the No bootable devices found screen. What do I do? How can I fix this?

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    My Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop is 4-5 years old by now.

    When laptop has no cooling pad under it (which I use), temperatures may go up to 80C even in idle/semi-idle states.

    I am trying to move away from using a cooling pad under my laptop all the time.

    1. Is there an exact model/make of the fan that is used in Dell Inspiron N5110?

    2. Is there a same size fans offered with higher RPM/performance/suction capacity etc.?

    3. Can you actually change that fan to a better one but with the same dimensions?

    Thank you  

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    I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 that I am pleased with overall. But a few weeks ago I started noticing problems when tilting the screen. The top case comes loose at the right hand corner and lifts up when tilting the screen towards me. It lands on top of the power button, pressing down. This makes it almost impossible to close the lid without accidentally starting the computer.

    The problem has progressed and today a gap appears even when I am not tilting the screen - presumably due to its weight pulling it down.

    Photos below show tilting the screen towards me and what it looks like in normal use respectively.

    I have not dropped the computer, the problems just appeared one day. I'm assuming it's a clip or a loose screw. Unfortunately, my XPS is out of warranty. What are my options?

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    I purchased my Dell laptop in December 2015 with a 1 year warranty.

    It had major problems in July 2016 and was returned to Dell for repairs.  The motherboard was replaced.

    I'm now getting a shadowy message in the lower right of my screen saying "Activate Windows"

    When I try, it tells me the Windows key is wrong. 

    Further digging indicates that this may be due to the motherboard replacement.

    Attempts to chat with Dell result in "You're out of warranty"

    I don't want to spend hours of phone *** trying to talk to someone at Dell, or pay for simply getting the proper Windows key.

    (Windows seems to update OK with the key it has.).


    How might I get the Windows Key issue resolved?   

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    Hi !
    I got my new computer 2 weeks ago. Dell XPS13.
    When i started there was Bitlocker installed on Windows 10 Home Edition, but the installation was not finished. I tried to finish installation but i needed to login with microsoft account. I did that but impossible to finish. I gave up, so i started SupportAssist, and was going to register a support case. 
    When i tried to register supportcase i get error: Ett oväntat fel inträffade när kontaktinformationen skulle uppdateras.
    Its impossible to register a support case in SupportAssist. I was reinstalling the software many times, but same errors.
    Next step i was downloading the recovery image from internet ( The link to recovery software on your webpage is not working) and installed it from USB. When installation was finished, the recovery partition was gone and there was no drivers installed. I downloaded drivers from other computer and finished the installation. Next step was to download the software that was sent with my computer before recovery. There is a software called Dell Digital Download. It says "No internet connection" when started. I found a fix from dell "DDD Fixit" . I run it, and it was supposed to download latest version and fix the problem, but it downloaded older version and collected logfiles.

    So my question to dell:  Is my delivery a normal delivery to all buyers ? Or is my delivery bad, and will i get a new one ? I payed 12300:- SEK so i am expecting a little bit more.

    My question to you other people: Do you have the same problems ? And are you just removing all Dell *** and running the computer with clean win10 ?

    Best Regards 

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  • 11/19/17--08:07: bad xps 13 delivery
  • Hi !
    I try with a new Post, since i can not find the one i did 3 hours ago.
    I have a new XPS 9360 and many hings is not working:
    I got Bitlocker installed half ways on my Win 10 Home Edition and it is impossible to finish installation.
    Its impossible to make an support request  with SupportAssist since this error :"Ett oväntat fel inträffade när kontaktinformationen skulle uppdateras"

    Same problem if you want to register your product.
    I can not download thissince link is broken:

    I can not use "Dell Digital Delivery" since error message " No internet Connection".  I do have internet :) There is a fix for this, that download latest Dell Digital Delivery, but i cannot install it since newer version installed.

    I was googling and found a revover software from Dell, and installed and run. After install i had no drivers installed, and no software except win 10. I installed drivers and Dell softwares but it is still impossible to Register and make support requests in SupportAssist, and still no internet in DDD.

    Recovery partition is gone and seems to be impossible to get back.

    I have put 30 hours on this computer, and it is still not working. 
    Do you all have the same problems ?

    Or have Dell delivered some poor things to me ?
    Best Regards

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    my specs are:


    3.0 GHz Turbo 3.8GHz

    238GB TOSHIBA THNSNK256GVN8 M.2 2280 256GB (SSD)  
    931GB Western Digital WDC WD10JPVX-75JC3T0 (SATA)

    Dual-Channel (only 1 stick of 8 GB RAM) 2400 MHz speed

    Integrated R7....

    RX560 Discrete...

    4GB of GDDR5 Memory

    Resolution 1920x1080

    Windows 10 64-bit


    I have looked into the switchable graphics option and see that with AMD system monitor will show my RX560 being used while..the R7 is off.....playing starcraft II...


    now,I also downloaded speccy software and found this on the listing...

    Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)
    512MB ATI AMD Radeon R7 Graphics (Dell)   
    4096MB ATI Radeon RX 560 Graphics (Dell)  
    CrossFire Disabled


    I also used CPU-Z, GPU-Z and have these to show




    It says in R7 GPU-Z image that is is Disabled (Crossfire Available)

    now,I would like to know if the option is in bios exactly can I access it and enable it?


    I am thinking if it is listed as disabled..then the option to turn it on should be there.....

    help please?

    with 1-10 steps if you know what I am talking about..thank you in advance.

    Thank you.


    Also,if my motherboard is AM4 then it should have that support.

    Dell Inc. 0JW8XC (P0)  - motherboard



     Now,I know that for this model laptop you did not limit it possibility...I believe you turned the OC and Crossfire off...but the option to turn it on has to be there somewhere....


    "AMD manufactures the physical GPU chip and provides it to manufacturers like MSI, ASUS, etc. These companies design boards around the basic GPU supplied by AMD. That means they may tweak or change some features of the GPU. The Crimson ReLive drivers are based on a standard GPU implementation and therefore if there are customization's made by the AIB, the driver does not have access to all the features."


    So,Please help me find what can I do..???I don't want to push it too much just enough to get 4GHz and the crossfire to boost 25%or less...

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  • 11/19/17--09:04: Where is my posts ?
  • Are you removing them or what is happening ?

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  • 11/19/17--09:16: videos are sideways
  • after i download videos from my cell phone, they are all sideways on my laptop inspiron 15 3000 series. appreciate any help.

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  • 11/19/17--12:01: XPS 9550 Battery Hazard
  • I have a 9550 15 which has apparently become a huge problem for owners of this model.  I talked to support today and now I have  to send to Dell depot to replace battery and hopefully replace any other damaged components.  I took a second chance on Dell with this laptop, as my company had many issues with Dell equipment over the years.  The reviews were good and features were excellent at the time.

    The 10 to 13 day turn around that I was quoted by Dell Support I'm sure is pretty good but for a small business owner, 10 to 13 days without my laptop is a problem.  

    Has anyone else sent one in? Did you actually get it back within 10 days? Did everything get fixed?

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    Hello all :)

    I have purchased a SH Dell laptop, model Latitude e7270 with Danisk/Denmark keyboard, model with 83 keys, DANISH, M15ISU-T.

    I have some tech issues with it, a key started to make problems and I'd like to change whole keyboard.

    Are there any rules of compatibility between keyboard models? I am seeing different codes for relatively same item. Can I replace it with a UK or German model? Such as 5C9F or this

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    XPS 13 9350

    bios 1.5.1 analysis says faulty battery and it have to be replace
    dell analysis says battery is fine
    front light yellow blinks non-stop
    battery light on the left, 1st, 3rd and 5th lights blink when pressed.

    I haven't use the laptop much so I really doubt the battry lifecycle is over.
    is this a faulty battery or faulty motherboard or faulty power board?

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    My spx 13 works fine in all respects except one: After days or weeks of not using the machine it won't power on unless the AC power is plugged in. The power light won't even come on. After powering up the battery indicator says there is nearly a full charge. Powering off and back on without the AC power now works fine.

    Seems like it needs an extra power kick to get going. Is this a common problem or am I special?


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  • 11/19/17--15:42: inspiron-17-5770
  • Hi,

    Just wondering if the internal battery can be replaced on this system?

    I've spoken to sales prior to purchasing this product and I was advised it was upgradable however, I have seen spoken to the parts department who advised it was not?

    Any assistance would be much appreciated. 


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  • 11/19/17--16:45: Inspiring 3000 series Beeps
  • My inspirion 3000 series began beeping repeatedly while plugged in but not on. I haven't even used the computer in 24 hours. Then it stopped & powered up fine as soon as I opened it..?

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