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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    My laptop that was purchased within the last 2 months keeps crashing after I try to load it from sleep mode. Any way to prevent this?


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    I have a Vostro 1220 with Windows 7 installed. Since there's no driver for audio/modem for windows 7, I downloaded the windows vista 32bits. Unfortunately, when installing the audio and modem I got an error messgae "Driver Installation Failed: could not find the modem/audio device for this driver"

    The weird thing is, there's no sound driver tree in my Device Manager.

    I've run the . It can detect the hardware. But, when I try to run the Audio test, it only list down "Software Reset Test".

    What do you think is the problem?  The BIOS is already the latest version v1.3.0.


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    i am experiencing mouse lock ups while right click on desktop , clicking battery icon also windows explorer opens so late . Tried every possible solution from updating the bios to re installing windows , rolling back to previous version of drivers , updating drivers .Only thing worked is disabling the nvidia driver from control panel , however i see disabling it adversely affect the battery life . I also made video on youtube to state my problem

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    Hi there,

    I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming and have had a few problems since. My main one at the moment is that my upload speed is pretty dismal, falling way below 1mbps (usually tests at 0 or just above), which barely allows me to upload photos let alone a video to youtube. I have contacted my internet provider who have said it is not a fault at their end, and I have tested all my devices including my Iphone and Ipad which both have upload speeds of 1mbps or over.

    All my drivers are currently up to date as I regularly check for updates so I am currently at a loss of what I can do just so that I can upload a video. Also, whenever I try to upload something, my entire internet connection times out with the error message saying that the connection has been reset, and i have to restart the computer/power cycle the modem each time to get the connection back.

    Anyone have any advice?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I am reseller of Dell Laptops. I am facing the issue yellow screen from my customer. The customer wants more light and bluish color on screen. But the Inspiron 5567 is more yellow. I have a question, is it a manufacturing fault in some laptops or is it designed like this?

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    My Dell XPS 15 9550 has 32GB RAM but Windows 10 (build 1703) reports that only 25.4 GB is usable from the 32GB.

    In the bios I cannot find any settings that have any influence on this.

    Anyone seen this before? I would like the have the full 32GB available (for running VM's in Hyper-V)

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    How do I confirm the model number of my XPS13, purchased in 2015?

    The service tag is 54WZT32.


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    I have a Dell M5510. I previously had an issue withe battery swelling up which then caused a MB failure. I have since had dell replace the motherboard. This worked fine for around 2 months but recently I started to have an issue. If I left my computer over night when I came to use it the next day I noticed it was restarted.

    After further using the computer I found out that it would start to get black squares on the screen and then freeze. It can even do this on initial boot when it first enters windows. I have also got these black squares on the login page for windows. The squares are repetitive almost in a diagonal across the screen. I will capture a screenshot next time it happens.

    Once the black squares happen I have about 0-30 seconds before the whole system will freeze. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a solution for this or tell me where the problem relies?

    I have tried to roll back drivers for the video card and various other items as well.

    Thank you

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    Laptop is under warranty, just wanting to verify this isn't some simple fix I can perform on my end if possible.  Here is the test results;

    Service Tag -<Service Tag removed> ,

    Bios A09

    Error Code - 2000-0511

    Validation - 70648

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    Service Tag -<Service Tag removed> 

    , Bios A09
    Error Code - 2000-0511
    Validation - 70648

    Is this something simple to fix or should I just send it in under warranty?  I have taken apart laptops before to replace parts, only hesitant to open it up to prevent voiding it.

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  • 11/14/17--11:44: Dell inspiron 5458 overclock
  • hey guys, 

    i have dell inspiron 5458 i5, 2gb of nvidia gpu.

    is it possible and ok if i overclock it?

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    Can I install a dual boot in this laptoop? Originally it comes with Windows 10.



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    I have a Vostro model 3568 with CPU i3 6006u processor and I'm searching information about the maximum Ram memory supported. Some web sites as crucial said that this model support a maximum of 16 GB of memory Ram, since it is compatible with 8GB for each memory slot. By other hand, the Dell information is not clear about it, so I would like to know if some one has tested it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I bought a new Inspiron 15 5567 a few months ago and have had no issues with it until now. Now when I try to type anything, it acts as if the alt key is pressed (giving special characters such as á or é or triggers keyboard shortcuts e.g. alt tab). I have tried resetting the language, deleting the keyboard driver and restarting the computer with no improvement. Occasionally it will revert to normal for a few seconds but then goes back to being unusable. Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

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  • 11/14/17--13:43: Touch pad unresponsive
  • Hello!  I have a Dell 10 inch laptop running Windows 10 and now my touch pad is not working. The touch screen feature is fine.  I checked the tablet feature is turned off so the touch pad should be working.

    Has anyone had this issue?  Thanks for any help!

    Mary Anne

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  • 11/14/17--14:21: XPS 15 9560 So slow
  • I have the top of range 1TB SSD 32GB machine. Had it for a few months now.

    Have never been so disappointed in my life. The machine is slow, unresponsive, spent countless hours on phone and internet with Dell support trying to fix WiFi issues.

    If I could return and get my money back I would.

    I bought this machine thinking that I could work from home and for my laptop to be able to run all of my programs that I have on my desktop and for it to be a useable machine. I find it so slow that I just cannot work productively on it. Word processing is fine, Excel is reasonable, thermal modelling software pretty much unable to run on the machine.

    Any one else had issues such as mine. My machine feels more like an I3 than an I7....

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  • 11/14/17--14:27: Replacement Alienware 15R3
  • Sir/Madam,

    My name is Ayush Agrawal and I am undergraduate student of BITS Pilani. I am a long-time Dell customer. In fact, All the PC’s and Laptops in my family are mostly from Dell. I needed a laptop this time which would be able to handle my intensive gaming and Machine Learning requirements. So naturally I chose to buy an Alienware 15R3 because it had the best technical specifications available in Indian market and it was very portable. In May, ’17 I bought an Epic Silver 2.80Ghz Alienware 15R3 (Service Tag 2BVP0G2 ) worth Rs. 2,13,500 to replace a four year old 15″ HP Pavilion n203TX which merely costed around Rs. 45,000.

    Immediately I had problems with the unit because it had a defected screen. I called the support centre and the laptop was finally serviced and its 1080p Screen replaced. Nothing much because it’s “usual” for new laptops to get a defected screen.

    Just a few weeks had passed and there was another problem with the laptop, the speakers began crackling. I called again and the diagnostics took around 2 hours just to realize that the speakers were faulty and had to be changed. The laptop was again serviced and the speakers were changed. Still, it’s completely fine. I bought a laptop costing more than 2lac rupees just to get it under repairs every other day. Fine!

    Again, there arose a problem. The windows seemed to be faulting and going under the start-up loop every time it was turned on. So, I called again. The customer support tech associate this time completely formatted my entire laptop this time just to “check” whether there was a problem with the bootloader or not. Formatted my entire data!!!! Not even just the C: Partition, all the partitions and drives were formatted. I had GBs of ripped music, application installs, etc. along with my critical documents which I lost. My laptop has 2 drives, one SATA Hard Disk and one SSD. The windows was installed on SSD and I used the other drive as a backup drive but the tech support guy asked me to format both my drives without even asking if I had any Windows installation backup or not. After formatting he asked me if I had any. Wow man, WOW. I didn’t, so he requested me to arrange for a backup and he’ll the next day. Okay! There was some error in the boot table and he got me to a new Windows 10 installation.

    Again a problem. The heating vent seemed to be malfunctioning and the core temperatures were reaching around ~100 degree Centigrade and the laptop seemed to shut down abruptly with the “blue screen”. I called the tech support again and she asked me to do some diagnostics. The other day, responsible parts were ordered for change. Done! MY ENTIRE HEAT VENT WAS GOING TO BE CHANGED. Normal huh? Today, the vent was changed and the temperatures are good now. But now, the laptop is hanging too much when I am doing some graphic intensive stuff or using some software. The 2nd best laptop available right now in Indian market which costed me a ton load of money was lagging and hanging. Good.

    I just want to make this one comparison: HP Pavilion; 4 years old, just Rs. 45,000, still works. Alienware 15R3; costs Rs. 2,13,500, failed within 4 months, tried repairing under Premium Support, laptop still causing problems.

    If I had known this was about to happen, I would rather have bought an Apple MacBook and a Razer Core than this laptop. This laptop has caused me enough headache and is still giving me a hard time. I sometimes get so frustrated with its performance that I literally want to throw this into a dustbin. This is not what I expected from Alienware. Everybody says it’s the best but from my experiences…..I don’t think so.

    Below are the unique tracking numbers and service request numbers of my complaints. Have you seen these many just for one laptop?


    Unique Tracking Numbers















    Service Request Numbers


    SR#: 955205162

    SR#: 956188870


    I am most disappointed by this experience which I related. Within four months, this laptop had so many problems that a normal laptop doesn't have for years. You have a serious problem with your support process and procedures. I request you now to either replace this DEFECTIVE LAPTOP or provide me a cashback. If someone at Dell does not resolve this pronto, your company will lose not only my future purchases, but also my purchase recommendations to graduate students, professors, and support staff at BITS, Pilani. I hope you that you being an Indian, know about this college and the reputation it carries. That laptop is a TOOL, not merely a product. So, to sell me a defective laptop, and then destroy the data it manipulates, is to negate it’s very utility. This laptop is supposed to be the best for gaming, so these defects (each and every single one of them) nullify the most important reason for its existence and my purchase. I know that Dell doesn't have a return policy and that it can only change the defective parts. But when the entire laptop is made up of faulty parts then how many times should I ask for service and how many times are you going to repair it. My college’s campus is big and every time I had to get the laptop repaired, I have to get it from my room to the college’s main gate. I don’t have time to deal with such nuisances and I think neither do you. I don’t want to do things which are necessary but neither of us would like. I can't wait for long time now, either you replace the Laptop or I have to go for legal action through consumer court / media.



    Ayush Agrawal

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    I have Dell Inspiron N5110, A7 BIOS.

    When clicked N5110A11.EXE and did what program want from me, on the screen came up window for update BIOS, but nothing happened. The program didn't show any progress (i was waiting 1 h, program still was showing 0%). And my computer freezed.
    I had to unload battery form laptop, to switch off laptop.

    Someone know, how to solve it?

    PS. I apologise for my English lenguage. It it isn't better then my computer skills.

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    Right now, I have to press the FN key to use the multimedia settings, but is there a way to change the FN key behaviour ?

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    I've had my inspiron 15 7567 for little over half a year and have already had several major problems with it, all of which have been able to fix myself up until now.

    When the laptop enters sleep mode(either by closing the laptop, or entering it manually) the fans kick on at full speeds, and remain on until i open the laptop again. I have also found that the fans will do the same thing even if my laptop is completely shut down, as long as it is plugged in.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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