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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    Are you guys experiencing issues with the battery not charging for new E5470 and E3510 models?

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    Which i5 or i7 similar socket processor i can upgrade to. Thanks in advance.

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    My daughter cracked the LED screen on her 7348 and I'm confused on what part number I need to order to replace it. There are a few numbers on the back of the screen. The ones I associated with the screen are 7D41V and W6TN0. But when I search Ebay or online parts stores all different kinds of part numbers pop up which look like they should work. The screen the 1366 x 768. The laptop is two years old and out of warranty so I don't want to pay the money to send it in when I know how to replace it myself. Any help would be appreciated. I attached some pics of the labels on the screen.

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  • 10/31/17--01:57: Inspiron 7460 SSD
  • Hi

    I have an Inspiron 7460 with 1TB normal HDD, I am planning to add a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD. But after seeing the motherboard I am confused, the available SSD slot on the motherboard looks like that of a NVMe and not the SATA III M.2.

    The SATA III M.2 has 2 slots and NVMe has 1 slot, the emplty slot on the motherboard has only 1 slot. Can anyone confirm which of the below mentioned is compatible tihe 7460? Thanks.

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  • 10/31/17--02:07: xps 9560 hdd installation
  • can anyone tell me how is the battery performance of xps15 9560 with 56wh battery after the installation of internal HDD?

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    My inspiron gaming 7667 laptop seems to be working great and was working great until a couple of hours ago when it went to sleep. I clicked on the mouse pad as i usually do to wake it from sleep. For the first time the whole screen was covered with some pixelled pattern and wouldnt respond to any clicks. Here is a picture of it.

    When i close the screen and switch it on again i see the same thing. Its only when i hold down the power button and completely switch it off and reboot that the computer is normal again. I am not sure wether this is a graphics issue or a display issue. I have no physical damage on this laptop. Any clues to what may be wrong?

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  • 10/31/17--04:02: Broken Brand New Dell 7567
  • How do I fix this, please? I just purchased a dell 7567 to find everytime I close the laptop lid and open it again I have vivid grey/green/purple lines covering my entire screen. I have run the diagnostics and the launch screen test and found nothing, all drivers have updated with the exception Intel chipset and wifi drivers because they will not update for some reason. Gaming is fine, only when i close the laptop and reopen it later do i have this issue.

    Image of monitor:

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 (i7548-2129SLV). The system worked fine for a couple of years. Now, on boot, I get the message: 
    "The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. …"

    But I have a Dell 65w power adapter and it is connecting properly (the screen is brighter when the power adapter is connected). BIOS shows the battery is in excellent condition, as does Dell Power Manager Lite. Battery icon in the task bar shows “16% available (plugged in, not charging)”. I have followed all the instructions in another thread with the same subject, including uninstalling and reinstalling the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery in Device Manager, and the problem remains. I even bought a new power adapter, but same problem.

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    Just bought 3 new XPS 15s for quite a sum (2x 9550 and a 9560).  On all 3 machines (i7 16GB) the Touchscreen, USB drives and Bluetooth fail at least once a day.  Using the Troubleshooter it points to the USB 3.0 Extensible Host controller has been disabled.

    Re-enabling it allows my machines to work properly again,  until reboot or just randomly stop working throughout the day.  According to SupportAssist my drivers are up to date and I have run Windows updates but it just seems to be getting worse. Very frustrating.

    Any suggestions?

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    How can I contact Dell support for replacing the battery on my XPS 9550?

    I haven't used this laptop regularly so the battery is fine at the moment, but I'm worried that it my bloat up any time soon.

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  • 10/31/17--05:31: upgrading to 523 gb m2 ssd
  • I have an inspiron 17 7779, I trying to upgrade the M2 ssd from a 106 gb to a 512 gb. I cannot get my computer to boot from a usb cd drive to restore the backup of the old drive.  How can I get the operating system on the new drive?

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    I recently pulled an Inspiron 11-3147 2-in-1 out of mothballs after 12-18 months. I received the laptop for free through Time Warner as a promotion and never found it powerful enough for day-to-day use (I always suspected TW had the machines custom built with reduced specs to make them cheaper). My idea now is to wipe the hard drive, install Ubuntu, and use it as a high-powered e-reader/internet browser when I don't need to be doing anything productive.


    When I turned the laptop on for the first time in 12-18 months, it beeped loudly, and nothing appeared on the screen. I had plugged it in only a few minutes before, so I assumed it just didn't have the juice to do anything and that the beeps were a critical battery alarm. After charging for a few hours, I tried again. Same beeps, but this time the system did boot as normal and I was able to log in.

    Now knowing that the beeps weren't related to the battery, I reset the computer and paid attention: 5 beeps. Looking in the manual, I found that 5 beeps at startup indicated an internal clock power failure that could be fixed by replacing the button-cell battery on the motherboard. I purchased a replacement battery, swapped it in, and turned the system on. No change. Same beeps.

    That's the short version of the main issue. If there's something simple I'm missing, like resetting the alarm somehow or some other step that wouldn't be included in the manual for some reason, let me know. I have taken the system apart a second time to check that the battery is seated properly. I took a photo of the original battery before removing it, so I'm fairly certain I've idiot-proofed the install. I never rule out things like that, though, so if you can think of anything in the realm of silly mistakes, be sure to throw it out there.

    Here are some other things I noticed that might serve as clues if there isn't a clear-cut answer/if I'm misdiagnosing the issue:

    - The BIOS beeps are different than what I've heard on other systems. They are long-ish beeps and very loud, akin to a truck backing up. They are loud enough that I generally walk away from the device/put it in another room with the door closed after turning it on.

    - The sequence of 5-beeps often repeats two or three times, with the last set of five sometimes getting cut off. Occasionally (I've turned the system on and endured the beeps maybe 10 times), the sequence of beeps sounds like it gets cut off before it gets to 5 even the first time, but 5 beeps is the most consistent number. Other BIOS beep issues in the manual seem like they would prevent Windows from loading, so I haven't looked into them.

    - When I've left the system on and played around to see if I can find other issues, I've also found that the system no longer recognized the internal wireless adapter. I can find it in the device manager if I turn on hidden devices, but the status says it isn't connected. I have removed and reseated the wireless adapter, but that did not fix the issue. The button-cell battery and the wireless adapter are right next to each other inside the laptop, but I see no evidence of physical/moisture/electrical damage anywhere. I also don't see how the wireless adapter and the battery connection could short out while leaving seemingly everything else intact, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

    Please chime in with any ideas/suggestions!

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    I have a dell inspiron 15 7537. A couple of times recently it would not boot and no light came on when the power was plugged in. The first time I took it apart and then it worked and so I started adding things back in and it kept working. When it happened again I only removed and replaced the battery and then it worked. Any ideas why this might be happening?

    Thanks in advance.


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  • 10/31/17--08:09: ssd m.2 help 7567 Inspiron
  • Dear Dell and forums!

    I would like to inquire!

    Does Dell support DELL Inspiron 7567

    other than what is now. is it faster ... supports it?



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  • 10/31/17--06:49: ssd mk2
  • Kedves Dell és támogató fórum!

    Szeretnék érdeklődni!

    A Dell támogatja a DELL Inspiron 7567-es sorozatát?

    a jelenlegiektől eltérően. gyorsabb ... támogatja?



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  • 10/31/17--08:36: Beeping
  • Hey can someone fix my laptop . It’s says

    Error Code 2000-01-0142

    Validation 111140

    Msg: Hard Drive 0- s/n S3P6VCE2, short self test unsuccessful

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    This morning, I was working at my job and opened my computer to a patterned green screen.  I moved my mouse around and i could see a box where i was moving my mouse.  so I restarted my laptop by holding down the power button and it worked fine after that.  Then I closed the lid and it happened the next time I opened the lid.  So i tested it.  When I closed the lid and opened it again, the light on the power button went off.  When i clicked it, the screen was a patterned green again.  Here is a picture of the screen.

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  • 10/31/17--09:26: USB not working
  • Hello
    I have Dell Inspiron 13 – 7359 series and I have 3 USB ports 2 in left side and one in right side but the2 on left side not working any more –  the only one on right side is working this happened after some problems with power/ battery after I have connected extra display truth the USB - I have try update drivers and reinstall Windows and sometimes Icon with USB pictures is Jumping on process line I have try Dells repair / analyze and  its say
    problems with USB 3,1 Gen 1( SuperSpeed
    problems with USB 2.0

    Thank you in advance 

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a question in my mind for a very long time and I can not find the answer on web. I hope you guys help me about this topic.

    I am thinking to buy Dell XPS 9560 with i7 16GB memory, 512 GB SSD config.

    The question is that, I will use VMware player on thos laptop and I am aiming to use MacOS on VMware player in Dell XPS. But I am not sure how the performance of Guest MacOS will be. I do not want to have lagging issues and other performance problems while using that virtual machine.

    Is there anyone who runs VMware player on Dell XPS ? If there is, please share the performance comment of the guest MacOS with me. I really need the answer of that

    Thank you very much inadvance.

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    Hi there, I have been trying to sort out my parents laptop but my brother got there before me, changed the BIOS password and promptly forgot it. I can't get it to do anything other than turn off if I get it wrong 3 times in a row and so I am at a loss as to what to try next. Does anyone have any idea please?

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