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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I have brought one Dell 15 7579 laptops just 4 months back. I have started facing one issue now with the performance of the laptop. Even though I have the battery fully charged then also it is getting shut down when not connected to AC power. I am really worried about this problem as this is just 4 months old laptop. PLease suggest me what should I do for this.

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    According to the download description of the latest BIOS update:


    Download Type:HTTP
    File Size: 12 MB
    Format Description:This file format consists of a BIOS executable file. The Universal (Windows/MS DOS) format can be used to install from any Windows or MS DOS environment.
    Apparently, this is plain wrong - whenever I try to update the BIOS from a FreeDOS environment, I get an error message the executable has to be run under Windows.
    As this laptop has no Windows, updating from Windows is no option.

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  • 10/29/17--23:09: Inspiron 15 3000 Series
  • Don't know where to post about Windows can't find anything in the forums.   I have Windows 10 and need remote desktop daily.  All of a sudden in the last week it is running slow.  Other computers running Windows 7 no problem.

    Can't find a solution anywhere.  So my question is can I install Windows 7 on this laptop?  I was told at the shop it will not run on it.  Any help please?


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    Hello Folks,

    I have a XPS 13 9360, 16 GB with an upgrade Samsung 960 Evo NVMe 1TB drive. I'm running Windows 10 Pro Build 1703, and the system runs nicely. However, yesterday Windows Update made me upgrade to 1709. The upgrade process ran smoothly, but afterwards I had the following problems:

    • When I tried to save a Hyper-V VM, my system sometimes crashes with a blue screen
    • When shutting down windows, the system gets stuck on the "Shutting down..." screen and can only be switched off by long-pressing the power-button. After that, the system boots into maintenance mode, when rebooting again it boots normally.

    I forced a downgrade to 1703 and the problems disappeared again. Now I have disabled upgrades and am trying to find out how to fix this.

    Has anyone run into problems with the 1709 update? Any suggenstions?



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     I have a dell Inspiron 3453 laptop  with 8GB DDR3L RAM and now I wanted to upgrade RAM to 16GB. when I checked I found only 1 RAM slot and it has 8 GB RAM in it. there is no 16GB DDR3L RAM available in the market.

    when I checked with dell support, they say 8GB is the max I can use. what's the point. nowhere it was mentioned in while purchasing that the upgrade is not possible.

    Please help.

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    So, I bought Dell Inspiron 15 3567. It was with Linux already installed. I Installed Windows 7 on it, and my fault that I didn't ask for drivers disk, because usually it comes together with laptop. But somehow since it was with Linux installed - there were no CD added.

    And now when I run the Windows assessment - graphics and gaming graphics are shown to be 1. Under graphics tab, it shows that there are no recognized adapters and graphic memory is 0MB.

    Now I can't install Intel drivers and it says that my PC doesn't meet the requirements. I tried Googling - but there was no rescue.

    Only option was to enable auto display adapter search. But there was no option in BIOS to let computer find adapters itself.

    What can I do, to install newest graphic drivers. Maybe someone already had this issue?

    I would be glad for any piece of advice

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  • 10/30/17--02:23: Boot problems
  • I want to launch a request to Microsoft and all hardware producers to take action around boot problems.

    It is unacceptable that their repair remains so complex and badly documented. There is an urgent need for a mode that clearly point to the defective bootsector / file. Or even better leads to appropriate repair tools.

    Internet shows that there are thousands of victims of similar problems.

    Let us please unite to enforce our claim!

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    i can't find

    Dell Inspiron 15 3567 Drivers For :-

    1- Wireless & Bluetooth (Qualcomm)

    2- USB 3.0

    for Windows 7 (64 Bit)

    Plz help i need them urgently



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  • 10/30/17--04:13: Fan problem
  • I have had persistent problems with my xps freezing and emitting a loud buzz - usually listening to music or watching a film on Netflix or similar.

    Ran a diagnostic test and got this error message:


    Validation 80001

    Processor fan failed to respond correctly

    Any advice welcome

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  • 10/30/17--05:29: Power issue
  • Hi 

    My laptop goes off anytime i connect my power adapter. So if i am using battery and then i decide to plug in to the grid to charge, as soon as i do that the laptop screen goes black. after pressing the power on button it will then come on to the lock screen where i have to enter my password again. although all the information is safe it is annoying. i hope there is a setting fix that i can rectify this with.

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    My laptop (Dell Vostro 3560) currently has a 500gb HDD and i want to replace it with a 250gb SSD ( SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5inch). SO my question will the laptop be compatible with the SSD ??


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    My son has a Dell Inspiron 5558 that I purchased less than two years ago.. About two months ago, my son noticed that the power adapter wouldn't completely plug into the side of the laptop. It will supply power to the laptop, but won't charge the battery. I don't want to force the adapter into the side and cause damage. Any ideas?

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  • 10/30/17--08:17: Dell XPS 13 3630 battery
  • Hi,

    Just interested to see whether anyone else's battery is at the end of its life after just after a year of usage.  I'm pretty cross that this is the case and it looks  like I have to spend over £80 on a new battery.  

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    The LG "053X2G LP140WF3 SP D2" 14" is the only matte IPS screen currently available in my area. It should work in my laptop but before I buy it, I need clarity on the following things:

    1. I read in some amazon laptop screen listings that you need 2-way video cable for an FHD screen. I am aware of 30 pin connector but should I be worried about this so called 2-way video cable.

    2. Is the process of changing the screen in latitude series simple like for example it is on an HP Probook or is it complex? If it is a little bit complex than I would rather do it myself rather than letting the screen seller do it.

    3. What other factors should I watch out for when upgrading a laptop screen on latitude 5470?

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    I have a brand new Dell Precision 5520 and I noticed some dark shadows on both bottom sides of the screen, as shown in the pictures. I see them even if I change brightness or if I run the LCD built-in test.

    Is it a screen issue?



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    Hello everyone...

    The title says it all..

    I'm running

    - Windows 10,
    - a Dell Studio 1537 laptop PC,
    - a Broadcom 1698 internal Ethernet adapter.

    - My Internet modem is capable of running up to 1Gbps,
    - I have a 500Mbps connection with my local ISP (with compression - up to 600Mbps actual),
    - and I'm only getting 150Mbps at best with my setup,
    - I have pretested my ISP conenction before this work with other devices and am getting 480Mbps over the ISP at this time of day.

    It seems as if the Windows 10 driver is bottlenecking me at 100Mbps at this time with the compression from my ISP pushing me up to the tested 150Mbps, but how do I get a proper 1Gbps driver setup here? Attempts at setting up a driver from have failed as Windows claims the driver I have found is incorrect.

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    So I just bought a Vostro 3459 a week ago and it works fine, except one minor inconvenience... When the power goes off or when I unplug the power cable from the laptop, it stutters for 3-4 seconds (gives the cracking sound if music is on) and then gets back to normal. It is kinda irritating me. Any help, please?

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    i purchased a used dell E7240 and it was grade c so some issues.  the laptop works perfectly well apart from the keyboard.  it was a backlit.  i replaced with a non backlit and now the keyboard and touchpad do not work.  updated bios to latest and also windows 10 etc but nothing. 

    i downloaded the drivers on the dell website but they fail immediately. 

    it seems to be a known problem, DELL, how do i fix it, do i need to buy a new backlit keyboard?

    i will try downgrading the bios next.

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  • 10/30/17--14:21: Mouse isn't working
  • My Dell Inspiron 3 won't connect to a either mouses that work on my other laptop.,

    The touch pad works fine.  When I install the nub into the port the system shows that it's making /accepting the connection but the mouse won't move the cursor.

    As I said I've tried the same mouses on another laptop and they work fine, so the problem is with the Dell no making a connection properly.


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  • 10/30/17--14:38: Blue screen on startup
  • I have a dell latitude E4310 running windows 7. Today I tried to start my computer, and it wouldn't start. It would boot up, prompt me to either start windows normally or launch startup repair, encouraging me to launch startup repair. When I go to launch startup repair, it tells me I need a windows installation disc, which I do not have. It also says:

    Status: 0xc000000e

    Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is not available.

    When I try to start windows normally, a blue screen flashes and then it attempts to restart. When I change the settings to tell it not to restart on failure, I get this message:

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    (other messages without much info)

    Technical information:

    *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xFFFFF880009A9928, 0xFFFFFFFFC0000034, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000)

    I'm seeing a lot of suggestions to remove the battery. However, when I attempted that one of the screws was stripped and I can't get it out. What other options do I have?

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