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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I used the support tool on Dell's site to update drivers etc. Everything worked fine until I updated the BIOS to A09. The touchscreen stopped working after that. I downgraded back to A06 but the touchscreen didn't come back. I'm currently at A09.

    Any suggestions?


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    I have just been setting up a new Dell 15 5567 running Windows 10.  I am aiming also to add a Linux OS in a dual-boot setup.  On checking the 1TB hard drive, I see that there are already FIVE primary partitions.  In the order they are listed in Disk Manager, they are:

    Disk 0 partition 1     500MB     EFI System partition      (which obviously has the Windows Bootloader)

    Disk 0 partition 4     461MB     Recovery partition      100% free

    Disk 0 partition 5     12.03GB  Recovery partition      100% free

    Disk 0 partition 6       1.12GB  Recovery partition       100% free

    OS (C:)      NTFS   917.30GB  Boot, page file etc (system)   96% free

    I have a basic, simple understanding of partitioning.  But I do not understand why there are three separate recovery partitions, all apparently empty, and all labelled as primary partitions. 

    Why are there three?

    What are they intended to contain?

    Can any of them be deleted, shrunk or otherwise simplified/reorganised in order to free up space in which to install a second OS?

    Any helpful advice and explanation would be appreciated...

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    My Dell Inspiron laptop's hard disk failed to start, so I had it replaced under warranty  by Dell support technician.  (I noticed they've done a sloppy job because a few screws were missing from under the laptop and I could hear something like a little screw loose inside the laptop, unfortunately I discovered that after I had sign the papers and had no way to prove it was their fault so I let it go). 

    Then the monitor had lines appearing across the screen, so I had it repaired  again under warranty by Dell support technician. 

    This time they replaced motherboard, and monitor.

    The laptop turned on and passed all the BIOS tests, so I had to sign the papers and thought everything was ok.

    Then I did a fresh clean install of Windows 8 with the original Dell USB recovery media. everything booted up fine, even wifi. 

    Downloaded latest drivers from and proceeded to install them.

    As soon as I installed Intel HD Graphics 4600, the screen went black and after rebooting, it went black again as soon as Windows booted.

    and so began my endless trial and tribulations to get this laptop fixed...

    Here is everything I tried:

    • called & emailed Dell tech support again, they would not accept it had anything to do with the hardware replacement that they performed because they claimed it was a software issue and kept instructing me how to install a driver...
    • clean installed Windows 8
    • clean installed Windows 10
    • install all Windows Updates and drivers from Windows Updates
    • Install latest (2015) drivers manually from (M3800_Video_Driver_7C6X2_WN32_10.18.15.4248_A00.exe)
    • Install latest (2017) drivers from (Intel HD Graphics 4600 15.40 2017 win64_154036.4703.exe)
    • let Dell System Detect install drivers automatically
    • In Safe Mode, in Registry, set "DisplayOptimizations" to 0x0  and "NoFastLinkTrainingForeDP" to 0

    RESULTS: all the same, screen goes black as soon as Intel HD Graphics 4600  is installed and remains black as soon as Windows is booted, no matter how many times you reboot.


    1. I restored Windows from Advanced Startup Options each time screen would go black as a result of installing Intel HD Graphics driver, sometimes restore failed, and I clean installed Windows from USB media.
    2. screen works fine in Safe Mode and if I disable Intel HD Graphics 4600 in device manager, Windows boots normally and screen works. 
    3. I could live with builtin Microsoft Basic Display Adapter driver (1920x1080) but the the problem is screen brightness is stuck at maximum and there is no way to change it! 
    4. I can use the laptop using TeamViewer remote desktop control when Intel HD Graphics 4600 is installed and the display is black. I discovered the following: Under Advanced Display, using old driver from, there is all the supported resolutions, but changing it to 1920x1080 does not stop the black screen.  also no monitor is available in Intel HD Graphics settings. 

    It is clear that Dell support technician messed up again and installed a faulty or incompatible display.

    The big question is, how could I prove to Dell support that this black screen problem is a direct result of the replacement that they did?

    otherwise I have no choice but to trash this 2000 EURO laptop! Please help!

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    Does this model, shipped with 128GB SSD + 1T HD, come as a  HYBRID storage system, or is it just two sepaate manageable storage devices? By definition, a Hybrid combo of solid state and spinning disc is managed totally by Windows (like cache-Disk) and the user has no input into what goes on each. If not hybrid, the user can manage both SSD and HD as he/she wishes. So, Hybrid or not?

    Secondly, I just ordered this model. It comes with Windows 10 Home, but will it be original version, Anniversary Version, or new Creator's version? 

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Hi, After turning on my laptop I am getting an error message, "Internal hard disk drive not found". No bootable devices.

    I've turned it off, unplugged, removed battery, unplugged/re plugged disk and rebooted but that didn't do it.

    I ran the ePSA prebiotic assessment. Everything ok, EXCEPT it tells me my hard drive is not installed.

    F2 Set Up>Boot:

    Fast boot enabled

    Boot list option UEFI

    Secure boot enabled

    Load legacy option disabled

    Boot option #1 onboard NIC ( IPv6)

    Boot option #2 onboard NIC (IPv4)

    Anyone experiencing this and found a solution that works?



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    My hinges are loose on the laptop.  My understanding is that to fix it I need to replace the whole display assembly.  I have seen that I can order the screen separately.  And in that case I should hopefully be able just replace the hinges. So what I would like to know if both options are possible.  If so, what are the part numbers for the complete assembly or if possible just the hinges.

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    I bought my XPS 15 about 6 months ago and have loved it.  However, this morning it wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged in.  I thought it was charging normally, but when plugged in, the battery indicator on the bottom blinks yellow and the battery icon in the system tray says "Plugged in, not charging".  This didn't start happening until this morning, it was working fine last night.

    There was a BIOS update that I have been putting off for the past couple of days since I didn't want to restart my computer.  When I did a little research online, I read that the BIOS update could be the issue.  However, after downloading the update and restarting, the issue is persisting.

    I have 2 different Dell AC adapters and the issue happens with both of them.  I have tried wiggling the cords, making sure they are firmly plugged in, etc.  The adapters don't come off easily or anything either.

    When I went into BIOS, the Battery Information says "Battery needs to be replaced" and when I ran diagnostics, I got an alert "Battery - the battery is reaching the end of its usable life".  The Error Code was 2000-0132 and Validation 118795.

    This sounds like a serious issue, but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas that didn't include me either sending the computer back or trying to replace the battery itself.  How could the battery be reaching the end of its usable life after only 6 months?

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  • 10/10/17--10:59: Replace CD ROM in SSD
  • hello guys.

    i think about replace my cd rom in my laptop (inspiron 5558) in ssd like wrote here

    it's really work fine if i buy Tray Caddy to insert there the SSD?

    after that its will be my hdd 2TB + ssd

    what happen with my serial to windows? (i get the windows with the pc)



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  • 10/10/17--12:31: System service password
  • I do not speak English Do we have a chance to reset by mail? Thank you

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    Several users in my organization are having a strange issue with the Dell Wireless 1820A driver on Windows 7. Computers with this driver sometimes have issues reaching network folders or internal websites on our network while connected to wireless, even if they are simultaneously connected by Ethernet cable. The problem goes away if these users disconnect from wireless OR if they run ipconfig /renew in command prompt. If they disconnect from wireless, no other steps are necessary.

    At the suggestion of our network team, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver in question, but this hasn't stopped the problem. It seems to be sporadic, using happening to these users twice a week or so. All of the affected users are using Latitude E7470 computers with Windows 7 and the Dell Wireless 1820A driver. We have other users on the E7470 on Windows 10 who do not experience this issue, as well as users of other Dell computers and computers from other manufacturers. Only this combination of E7470, Windows 7, and this driver have produced this issue.

    Might anyone have any thoughts on why this keeps occurring, and how I might be able to fix it?

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    We are currently considering buying the following 15 inch Inspiron 7000 model for home use:

    i7-8550U, 16GB RAM, 512 GB PCIe NVMe, 15,6 inch Ultra HD (3.840 x 2.160) IPS Truelife-touchscreen, and 56 W/u LG CHEMICAL battery

    We have a few questions regarding the model, and Dell in the Netherlands is impossible to communicate with (simply cannot reach them). Perhaps somebody here can provide some feedback. Thanks!

    1. Is 4K panel used within the new Inspiron 7000 model identical to the one used within the XPS15? The extra charge is very considerable (400 euro), so the screen does have to provide a very good brightness (300 nits+), contrast ratio and color coverage.

    2. We understand that the Inspiron line is not supplied with Dell Premier Color utility. Does the screen still come with a sRGB color profile (without calibration)?

    3. Is it possible to place a second HD in the system, or is the slightly larger battery preventing this on the 4K model.

    Thanks kindly!

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  • 10/10/17--13:59: e5470 battery problem
  • I have e5470 with 6440HQ, upgraded to 32GB of RAM, 256GB SATA SSD and it has a factory battery of 62WHR. I think battery is problematic from the start, even with 8GB of RAM I was getting random shutdowns when using battery power. On AC it works rock solid. I did some testing, I use linux so I used stress uitility and monitored battery voltage. After battery discharges to having less than 50%, voltage of battery is around 7.5 (it is around 9V normally) and then on high load it shuts down. Battery is specified at 7.4 V

    I was thinking of getting the 4-cell 52Whr battery, it says 11.1V. Will this enable it to run full battery load? Or shutdown is because of something else? 

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    Hello Sir,

    I have one Dell Inspiron 15 5458 series laptop. Its screen flashes many times automatically. By flashing I mean that its brightness increases immediately or decreases to zero suddenly only for a moment. I have googled for it and disabled 2 services from msconfig. But still, that problem continues. Also, sometimes when I try to decrease the brightness of the screen using the function key provided, laptop suddenly goes in sleep mode.

    Please Help me with this.

    Thank you.

    Chaitanya Mehta

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  • 10/10/17--16:24: Windows key
  • I have lost my windows 7 activation key . I need to replace  broken HDD on my dell Inspiron but cannot figure out how to re- install and activitate windiws7 . Is it possible to get the activation key from dell some how?  

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    My Laptop camera doesn't work after I put the system to sleep. I have configured the system to use face recognization for login and it fails every time after I put the system to sleep. When I tried to open the camera from another app, It says the camera is being used by another app. I tried to update the driver but my driver was up to date. I tried to change power management option for camera driver but there was no such option available for it. I have Dell 15 5559.

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    This is the 2nd incident that this has happened.

    How and what happened the first time?

    I am using my XPS 15 9550, and suddenly on a random moment, my bluetooth mouse will no longer respond. Checking the taskbar notification area, the bluetooth icon is gone. Going into Settings, Windows says Bluetooth is turned off. But there is no way to turn it back on. I did not do anything, installed anything to disable the bluetooth. Multiple restarts did not bring Bluetooth back from the dead. Device Manager had no signs of Bluetooth ever existed as well. I head onto the Dell Driver update site, and saw there was a new BIOS update, applied it and Bluetooth came back to life miraculously. This is how I fixed the first incident.

    Do you have latest updates of Windows 10 and drivers now?

    *** yes I have, all drivers and Windows Updates are applied. BIOS latest version as well as of this writing. Latest Killer Wireless driver suite and bluetooth driver as well.

    How the 2nd or recent incident happened?

    Exactly the same way the first incident happened. Suddenly my bluetooth mouse was no longer responding. Bluetooth icon in taskbar disappears, cannot see Bluetooth in Device Manager as well. Restarted multiple times, nothing works. No new BIOS update from Dell either. Checked and I am running latest Killer Wireless suite and Bluetooth driver from them as well. What the *** is going on? Is there like a time-bomb on the Bluetooth hardware/driver?

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    I noticed that my new laptop shuts down without any warning, when I put it on back I get this error "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly" in the event viewer under the critical section. I also noticed that it gives this warning "The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 24 sec" in the event viewer log.

    I have updated my OS, BIOS and Chipset drivers from Dell support, I've also increased both minimum and maximum processor state to 100% under processor management but no solution.

    What else can I do? Please help!

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    Hello, the problem is with random generated white bubbles on touch screen.
    How can I solve the problem?
    I read that the problem is on hardware level.
    Now I try to use system with disabled touch screen driver and I wait results.

    What your best practice in this condition?

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    My Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop (4 yrs old)  continuously beeps on startup and it goes when I press any key. But it is getting hang as soon as the windows is open and getting an error message like windows performance is low. Please let me know the reason for this issue and how it can be fixed.



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    My touchpad seems to have gone up by 3-4mm from its normal position in the past few months making it very difficult to use.

    As far as i understand from a number of posts in this forum it is probably related to a battery swelling.

    My warranty expired exactly a year ago.

    Is this a hazard? Can the battery explode? What is the action that needs to be taken? I really need to have the touchpad sorted out.

    Bought it from DELL UK.


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