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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I bought a laptop case for a 15.6" laptop but, unfortunately, my new Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 laptop is too big for it. Can anyone recommend a case/bag for it (not a sleeve)? I could buy one for a 17" laptop but I'm concerned that would be too big.



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    I have just bought (two weeks ago) a new dell xps 2017 8-th generation intel processor. As some other guys reporting this problem, I am also having it. My pc restarts randomly usually when battery is about 20%-30% and when there are windows updates to be installed. I don't really know where the problem is.

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  • 11/22/17--04:43: Latitude E5570 Video Card
  • Hi guys is there any chance I can change my video card on this type of Laptop? in this moment I see that I have AMD Radeon R7 M370 and Intel HD Graphics 530

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    Dear community

    I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 model with the latest BIOS & GPU drivers that I downloaded directly from dell's website, lately I have noticed that the fan is not spinning when I turned on the laptop until some minutes later "until the laptop reach a critical temperature " and the the fan would run at maximum speed and the laptop will shut down I replaced the thermal paste but this would only delay the problem, I preform the a bios diagnosis and nothing is not normal even when fan check starts the fan would start for the test and then it will stop, today I was unable to start my laptop, Everytime I turn it on the fan would spin at maximum speed and the laptop will shutdown after less than a minute I did a BIOS diagnosis and finally I get an error  about the thermal sensor as shown in the attached picture, would you kindly help me to resolve this problem . Thanks in advance .

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    My WINDOWS 7 PRO LAPTOP, a VOSTRO 3560 model, had a motherboard replacement with an original DELL motherboard P/N PYFNX.  However, it can't select a sleep mode or hibernate since the repair.  In addition, I can't connect it to an external monitor. 

    Any ideas how to overcome these issues?

    Thank you -


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  • 11/22/17--06:52: Laptop won't on
  • I suddenly removed the battery when the laptop was on.Then I put it back and tried to ON the laptop but Its not getting ON.PLEASE WHAT to DO reply me....

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    Hi, I have a Vostro 5568 with a 1366x768 screen and would like to upgrade it to the 5568 1080p screen (from the newer model I guess) What is the part number of the screen cable please for the 1080p screen, or will my current one work? Also will it fit and work properly, please?


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  • 11/22/17--08:57: Drivers
  • I am rebuilding an Inspiron N5030 Laptop with windows 7. It had Windows 10 but it fell over and crashed. Not all the drivers are installed and I can't find the driver page, I've put in the TAg number but all it gives me is a Bios and a SATA update, where are the drivers for this. I do not have a disk that came with it. Where are the drivers?

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  • 11/22/17--09:03: power light on black screen
  • frustrated with my inspiring m731r since purchase on svc 2015 for Xmas gift. I've  had repairs over phone with techs inside my laptop 3 times.did the battery removal power button protocol, still black screen no logo not even fan noise. I only use my laptop for searches, facebook pics no banking or book keeping. I'm ready to toss this and return to a tablet. there are 3 in my house and never a problem that can't  be fixed in minutes.

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  • 11/22/17--09:42: Replacement Card for N2330
  • I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I'm posting a new item because I can't find the info I need anywhere.  I have an Inspiron 15z 5323 laptop (great machine), but have to operate with Windows 7 because the Intel Centrino N 2230 network card is incompatible with Windows 10.  I would like to replace the N2230 with another card that is compatible with Windows 10.  BTW, I have a router that is compatible with bgn, but can also do AC.  What network card is available from Dell to replace the N2230.


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    On 5th Oktober, I purchased an Alienware 17R4 with the specs: gtx 1080, i7-7820HK, 16gbram and so on. 

    I purchased this pc becasue my 2-3 year old Alienware 17R2 didnt work, I could not get it fixed. So I desided to buy one of the newest edition on these pc's in hope that it would give me a nice time playing games. 

    I dont remember when I got the pc, but I did way after the 30day warranty for a new one, had ran out. The pc was perfect, worked all fine untill it suddenly froze mid game, crashed and now have the same issues my previous pc had, or almost. Stuttering and freezing, poor performance. I contacted Support, and the Agent in the first place werent willing to help me much. 

    When I got the pc, I placed in my own, Samsung 960pro 512 gb m.2 

    According to the Agent, they couldnt help me anymore, since upgrading the pc will Void the warranty. But, according to this source:  Dell does NOT Void warranty after upgrade, which I trusted, and thats why I got my SSD. 

    Now my BRAND new Alienware, is faulty, and does not work properly and Dell dosent want to help me :(

    I call this robbery. For this price, I am treated like litteral ***. To name the agent: Daniel_Cespedes Didnt read what I wrote other than that I swiched out my ssd. Which in the first place did not brake my pc. I have reinstalled windows 3 times, reinstalled all the drivers, and still it acts like its 10 years old. 

    I have NOT received what I payed 3460USD or 28215 KR. 

    Is there anyone who can please help me with this issue, it would be very very much apprechiated. 


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  • 11/22/17--15:16: Audio issue
  • i have an audio issue in my laptop. Model is Dell 1230. the only issue i found is that when i use Skpye specially. windows is 8.1, guide accordingly

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    I'm using an XPS 13 9350, and 'm currently having an issue whereby when I start up my laptop I'm receiving the error message.

    "AC power adapter and type cannot be determined, the battery may mot charge, the system will adjust the performance to match the power available"

    The laptop sticks at 1% and wont charge. Although the light is still on the adapter, the light does not appear at the front of the laptop where it would usually indicate charging, apart from occasionally brief moments before the laptop boots following pressing the on button.

    I have forced the latest BIOS update past the 10% battery block, however this has not helped.

    I've had the laptop and adapter roughly a year.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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    I paid a lot for this notebook and it freezes a LOT. MANY people online complain about this terrible computer. LOTS OF PEOPLE hate this computer, it freezes with no reason and BSOD are too frequently.

    For some reason the battery in my notebook got fat and I had to remove it. After that my notebook freezes almost every time. I already did WIN 10 clean install and it freezes during the install.

    I managed to make Win 8 to be installed but after it boots up, if I move the mouse around for some minutes it will freeze or show a BSOD.

    I contacted a dell store and they didnt EVEN CARE taking a look what might be the problem, they just said: "send the motherboard to the garbage and buy a new one that we will kindly sell you for a prime price and charge you 2x to install it".

    If you Google "dell xps 15 freezes" you will see how many people are being made of fool with this notebook. I cant believe a computer like this, with a high price could have SO MANY PROBLEMS.

    The diagnostic tool at the boot up says there is no problem with the computer (except that it alerts me that the battery is not connected - of course, I disconnected it otherwise it would set fire in my apartment if I kept using it).

    SO I COME HERE TO ASK FOR YOUR HELP OR A REFUND. GOOGLE THE TERMS I GAVE YOU, you will see TONS of people having the same problem. You are surely losing lots of potential customer at the future, if you dont solve this problem I will surely never EVER buy anything from dell and I will forbid anyone I know from buying from DELL.

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    it happens after i update my dell bios to 1.1.7 it works fine with 1.1.3 but i cantdowngrade it help me thanks

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    I want to play music on my mobile phone but listen the sound on my E5450 laptop, using bluetooth (not other methods)

    I have paired the device with the laptop, but I see no options in Windows about what bluetooth services is Windows offering to paired devices.

    The laptop is using latest Intel bluetooth driver for the device that appears in device manager with name "Intel Wireless Bluetooth", with these hardware ids:


    There is a "bluetooth headset service" on windows with start type manual, I've started hoping it would allow phone to "see" the laptop as a bluetooth audio headset but no change.

    I remember old Windows had a "Services" tab sheet on the bluetooth settings but on my W10 is gone.

    Is this gone for good from Windows 10, or only on my laptop? Using latest released windows version.

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    I get a BSOD code 0x0000007E iAStorA.sys, every time I try to wake my PC from extended sleep (more than 15 minutes) or hibernation.

    I'm running a (relatively) fresh installation of Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on my Dell Inspiron 15R SE. I'm not running it on the factory installed HDD, as that was beginning to fail and I replaced it with a HDD of similar specifications. W7 was installed from a Dell installation disc that I bought direct from Dell.

    I have installed all updates available (including the ones released a few weeks ago), and all drivers except a few (more on that later) from the drivers and software DVD that came with my Dell. I updated them through the support page a while later.

    I have done a bit of Googling and I gather that the code indicates a driver error. If it's relevant, I had trouble installing the communications drivers (DW1703 802.11b.g.n and DW1704 802.11b/g/n in particular) that came on the DVD - I could extract the files just fine, but InstallShield did not show up after that. I tried multiple times and to no avail.

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    okay randomly when i let me laptop go in sleepmode ,when i came to wake it up ,the screen was very dark ,when i put it back in sleep mode ,and took the battery out again ,and it came back to normal ,and it was slow as well but fast now again ,the reason i asked because  i will be selling this and getting a macbook air ,need a new laptop ,dislike windows 10 ,find it hard to use ,and a downgrade compare to windows 7, shouild i mention this in the listing and just list for parts only? Thanks! 

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  • 11/23/17--07:39: Antenna for wireless card
  • Hello,


    I was looking for a part number for antenna for wireless card.


    Can anyone please help me?


    My system is: Dell Latitude E5530

    Service tag is: 8BR6XY1




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    I just bought dell inspiron 15 7567 30414G(2 week ago) and it lag on most of my games, I cant play bf4 without lagging(packet loss) but on my older acer laptop it does not suffer packet loss this bad. On gta5 ,it stutter about 2 sec ..really need help

    older laptop spec: i5 4200u,gt840m 2gb,ram 6gb

    dell : i5 7300hq,1050 4gb,ram 4gb

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