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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    my dell inspiron i3 battery still drains when I shut down the machine using the Power "shut down" option in windows 10.

    after i'm done using the laptop and turn it off using the shut down option. it either I see a red light indicating low battery or the machine won't turn On at all because it has run out of battery and I need to connect the charger

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  • 05/29/16--10:02: xps 10 audio driver wanted
  • This isn't available on the dell support pages. I have no audio driver on my xps10. All the diagnostics and utilities and installers and driver assistants etc don't work on windows 8 rt since they're not ARM app store apps. I can't speak to dell support since they don't give contact information without a n 'STN' number (which doesn't work when I type it in), or a product identifier utility which, you guessed it, doesn't work on windows 8 RT.

    Would really apprecaite an email address from Dell, or even better, a website that you can download drivers from!

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    I have a Dell Latitude D630 and would like to get a Mogo x54 mouse for it.  I know the mouse works in an x54 card slot and I know that the D630 has a PC card slot and the manual says it will use express cards.  But I'm not sure if this mouse will actually work with it or not.  If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

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  • 05/29/16--16:08: Dell Mobility Centre
  • I am a New Dell User. When opening the Windows Mobility Centre there is no Settings/ Dell Customized settings for the keyboard backlight. 

    Please reply as soon as possible

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  • 05/29/16--20:08: Mouse pad Randomly Stopping
  • I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but my mouse pad will sometime randomly stop working, then start working again. My laptop does this totally randomly for random amounts of time, and I never know when it will happen: during quizzes, work, the first 15 seconds of a YouTube video so I have to sit through the ad. Its driving me nuts! I though that maybe I was turning off my mouse pad on accident, but I never have my settings open and it does it on different programs too. Its been doing this since I bought it, and its about a year old and I'm so done with it. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    XPS13  93506200u HD520  1920X1080 . 

    WIFI DW1820A=BCM4350=BCM94350 .

    windows 10 /ubuntu system work ok .

    MacOS system 。xsp15 can work..but only xps13 can't work .

    other computer DW1820A work ok . 

    What the *** did you do??   What should I do?

    Such a good computer. There is such a problem.

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  • 05/29/16--21:06: Dell Inspiron 14z.
  • I have a dell inspiron 14z. The system just went blank, the power and battery lights are on but the screen is blank . I have pressed the power button several times to reboot. the hard disk light is also not blinking. Some time when i turn off power button several times it will work but when i shutdown it wont come up.

    please help.

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    I recently purchased Dell Inspiron 3421, and I'm getting a battery error when i open window. but I removed the battery and ran the PC plugged in -- and it worked just fine.

    "Your battery is temporarily disabled. Please turn off your computer and try again when the unit is back to the operational temperature"

    This message shows up at bios check and only option is for me to press f2 to enter bios, which doesn't give me any other option. This occurs very frequently, and I never saw such an issue with any other laptop I have owned.

    Is there a way to prevent this message from showing up and allowing me to use the laptop?

    Thank you.

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    Hallo from Greece/Athens. I am facing a very strange issue with the 2 left USB  ports .One week ago a bought a Sandisk 32GB USB3 memory stick. When the stick connected to the left ports there is almost total freezing in the Chrome/IE applications...!!!!  When the same stick connected to the right one there is no any problem!  I borrowed a Transcend 16Gb USB3 and exactly the same issue observed.....

    Also i have to mention that there is no any problem using my Seagate USB3 external disk in any ports.

    What is happening..?

    Win7 PRO,USB3 formating in NTFS

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    My Dell Studio 1739 has gone through several iterations of charging issues.  I had to completely disassemble it to replace the wiring harness first.  Not that bad a job.  Now, I'm addressing the Dell charger requirement.  Repeatedly.

    Something seems to go bad with the charger cable after a few months.  I am tired of having to wriggle the cable wire to get the charging icon to appear.  I am about my third charger in a year.

    Is there a way to turn this "feature" off in the BIOS?  I just want the danged thing to charge when I plug it in.

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    Hey which ram is best and do i need for my dell laptop 2 x 8 gb , i found a couple but unsure i got told i need either cl11 cl13 and it has to be ddr3l

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    My brand new laptop is really disappointing me. It runs so very slowly that it's really taking the joy out of it.

    I have 8GB RAM, Windows 10.

    It also turns off suddenly when in use.

    Any thoughts on a resolution?

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    My dell laptop was stolen, but I am not able to locate any invoice copy , had not noted down the service tag etc. So how do I get details of the laptop.

    I can login to my dell account, but it doesn't show details of any products, maybe because its more than 2 years old.


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    I bought inspiron 5000 series laptop last year august ,from that day when battery decreases to 19% of charge it automatically shutdowns, without seeking any permission.Is there any changes to be made in the settings or it is a default case .
    I lost my report due to this issue many times.
    Please inform me if there is a way to avoid as soon as possible 

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    My new Inspiron 7559 wont detect my LG monitor and I cant figure out why so would appreciate any advice that can be offered.    

    Heres the problem:

    • Dell Laptop works fine apart from this issue.
    • Monitor works fine when connected to my old desktop pc (directly into an amd radeon graphics card via hdmi)
    • Dell Laptop with same HDMI to my 32" lcd tv works fine as second monitor.

    This hopefully rules out a hardware fault.  The HDMI on the dell laptop works to a tv, the hdmi lead works and the monitor works with another source input.  For some reason the dell laptop will not detect the monitor.

    I can't try another output as the laptop only has hdmi out. 

    I've tried updating all drivers no luck

    When the laptop is plugged into the TV,  two generic pnp monitors are displayed in device manager

    When the laptop is plugged into the monitor only one pnp monitor is shown (the laptop screen)

    Have tried deleting drivers and rebooting with basic drivers but no luck.

    Monitor is a LG m228wd - have contacted LG and they say the problem lies with the laptop. 

    Machine specs:

    i7 6700HQ,

    Intel HD graphics 530, drivers

    Geforce GTX 960M Drivers

    Appreciate any advice or suggestions



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    Noticed something interesting with the USB port, which is near the DC jack, on the left side.

    If I plug a wireless mouse receiver into that port, and if the power cable is connected also, then the mouse cursor hangs up pretty often - moving mouse, it just freezes very often, especially if the system is doing something a bit more than idling, i.e. Dropbox file indexing or Windows bootup.

    If I remove the DC cable, then the freezing becomes less noticeable, but still is there.

    If I put that WL mouse receiver into the right USB port, everything works fine and there are no freezes.

    I could live with that, but if I attach an external HDD to that faulty port, often, when there are prolonged data transfer, that data can become corrupted, and that's a bit of a problem :)

    All the drivers all upgraded and latest.

    What should I do, what could be the solution?


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  • 05/30/16--14:14: Screws for vostro 5470
  • Can someone tell me what are the specifications of the screws for the back of the vostro 5470? I lost almost all my screws and really need to buy some. thanks

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    I have this computer since 2 motnhs ago, the screen freezes, the computer crash and I need to force the laptop to shut down and restart. I was looking for some solutions on this problem and found that theres a lot of people having trouble with the intel HD 520 driver and windows 10, I have tryed uptdating the driver and the problem persist.

    It happens all the times I use the laptop, its just a matter of much will it take to happen, it is always different and random when it crash, its not only with certain app or software.

    I would really apreciate if you could help me.


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    I have a Dell Inspiron 11 3137 that has served me well up to this point.  Upgrade to Windows 10 went well, no prior issues.

    Recently and possibly after some driver updates I noticed the laptop was having problems waking from sleep mode.  I usually leave it plugged in overnight with sleep mode.  In the morning it would not wake opening the lid and/or pressing the power button.  The only option was holding the power button for about 10 seconds and then pressing it again and it would normally restart.  

    That was when I noticed something I have never seen before on any laptop I have ever had.  I decided not to use sleep mode and turned the computer off completely.  To my surprise, the computer stayed warm on the bottom, but not by the battery.  It was up higher by the processor.  I removed the AC adapter power and waited for it to cool, but it did not.  An hour later, the computer was still hot on the bottom, near the processor.  I removed the bottom cover and sure enough, the copper heat sink from the fan to the processor was very hot with the computer turned off for over an hour and the AC adapter removed.  I disconnected the battery, and of course the copper heat sink clipped to the top of the processor then cooled almost immediately.

    I did some research and doing a battery pull is one of the suggested reset guides for a number of problems with this laptop, so I gave it another try.  Things worked okay for about two days, then it happened again just now.  I had to remove the battery connector to stop what must be power going to the main processor with the laptop turned off and causing both battery drain and the heat sink to get hotter than I would like to leave the laptop unattended.  Obviously I would never put it into a case or my backpack under these circumstances.

    I have tried resetting the BIOS to the default setting and testing the AC adapter (voltage is good).  Drivers are all correct and current.  Note:  the battery itself does not get hot and shows as being good.  Only the processor or more accurately the heat sink over the processor gets and stays hot while the computer is turned off.

    Any ideas?  Thanks!

    Art Penrose

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    I have a problem with this driver that will not install. Tried over four times over the last several hours. Receiving an error. I'm stuck on this update since it won't install. Please can anyone tell me what is going on with this update. I still have more to do but, I read you're suppose to update in order which I am doing from the web page I am on.

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