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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    Does dell inspiron 1545 have fan control? My laptop doesn't get any overheat yet. Just wanna get fan on all the time.

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    My problem: whenever I am typing I am unable to left-click. after I type I have about a half second to a second delay before I am able to left-click I am however able to right-click perfectly fine both during and after typing.

    Attempted solution: I tried disabling TouchGuard, in many various ways this didn't fix my issue. this includes editing the registry and using programs DellTouchpad.exe and DellTPad.exe.



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    Can i change the graphic card of my laptop (Inspiron 5567) from R7 4 GB to Nvidia 1080 4 GB?

    please help me, because this R7 is not working as expected from reviews. Thanks.

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  • 01/02/18--07:21: Android Emulators
  • Is there a good mobile device emulator that will run and download apps.  My electronic Schlage lock and Wink hub are unsupported on the PC.  I do not have a mobile phone or pad, I NEED something that runs reliably on a Windows 10 PC Inspiron 3567, i7-7500

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  • 01/02/18--08:14: Warranty Renewal ??
  • Dell apparently charged my credit card for a warranty extension without my permission.  Dell sent a few emails asking me to call and discuss which I ignored.  Is this a common practice with Dell or a random "error"?

    Update:  Well, they sent me an invoice after the charge was made and it turns out that the charge was for MS Office that I did agree to.  So please disregard the above comment.

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    Hello, I'm a Dell XPS 15 9550 user since last year.
    When i'm using it on battery power, even when it's 100% charged, and I decide to use some medium-work applications like Lightroom, Photoshop or even worse Premiere, my computer instanty turns off, as if the battery ran out. Indeed when I try to turn it on it keeps telling me that the battery is out (usually it is right at 1% or even 0%) but the funny thing is that after turning it back on I can use it right away without any other intermission or problem! I can even use those heavy power application that sent it to sleep a second before! It's like the computer can't recognize how much battery percentage I have, even if it's full.

    Obviously, my premium support is expired.
    Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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    lattitude d620 wont run on battery...  battery shows 100 percent but always shuts down when i unplug it

    tried changing battery setting from balanced to performance but that did not help.. thanks

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  • 01/02/18--13:43: studio 1558 not turning on.
  • The light at the power adapter is on.

    I removed the battery and power adapter, and held the power button for 30 seconds.

    I held down "D" and the power button, and a grey screen comes on for about 1 second and goes off again, and then keeps doing the same for as long as I have the "D" and power button pressed.

    There is only bar of light on the main battery.

    The laptop is about 7 years old. I'm about to buy a new one when this one died. I do need to access some documents on it, though.

    Any ideas?


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  • 01/02/18--14:34: Inspirion 15 7567 - FAN
  • Hello,I have problem with loud fan.. I have a new Inspirion 15, 7567 Laptop with Windows 10. 

    1 . When laptop is idle (without running programs), after exactly 5min starts fan.

    2 . When I turn off display also - fan imediatly starts.

    after I start something to work, fan stops.

    Dell service change me motherboard and fans, but problem stays. I have upgradet the BIOS also, but problem stays. I have checked all the properties in power managment and nothing help.

    If somebody knows or have the same problem please write. ...

    When laptop is idle, fan is very disturbing!

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english!

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  • 01/02/18--15:53: My XPS 15 9560 Won’t boot
  • Hi guys.

    I just got my XPS 15 9560 delivered from the online order yesterday around 19 hours ago. Last night I tried to power it on and undergo some setup as usual for a new laptop. All seemed fine. I did some research for a good anti virus program to have and I installed a trial for Bitdefender. My internet was not running well so I got a lot bunch of unsuccessful of windows updates. I thought to power it off and wait till the morning to do it. In the morning I powered it on to take a look with this beautiful 4k display when on my way to school. 5 minutes seemed fine. When I got to the school and sat down powering it up, got to the home desktop screen then 2 seconds later I got a blue screen and all these accumulating screen tearing flickering saying it will do the restart for me. I let go for 5 minutes but no progress on percentage status. I forced power off and when I tried turning it back on it won’t start but the light bar in the centre appeared orange and white repeatedly. After a few restarts I now totally can’t start it up anymore.

    When I pressed on the power, I only get 2 orange 4 white 2 orange 4 white 2 orane 4 white then a little pause then another 3 times of the 2 orange and 4 white then the fan powers up really loud and it shuts down. ( the screen never appeared to be turned on in the process)

    This is really frustrating :(((

    can somebody please help me out.

    I have tried to call dell support team but I am very sad to hear that the bot on the call says my express service code is not found and neither does my service tag code on del website.

    Please please help me :((

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    I Presently Have A Dell Latitude E6520 Which Is Using A Dell DW1501 Wireless-N WLAN Half-Mini Card Network Adapter PCI And My Network Connection Is very Slow. I Have A Friend Who Said He Would Replace The Nic card With A New one If We could Find A Better Card With Bluetooth Built In And Under $25:00 Preferably A Intel card. Dose My Laptop Support Such A Card, And If So Where Can we buy one?

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  • 01/02/18--15:18: Heatsink sticky stripe
  • Hello,

    Does anyone know how this sticky grey stripe is called? I want to apply new one on other side because I accidentally corrupted it

    And is it necessary to apply new one?

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    Hey forums,

    My new Dell XPS 13 is just over a week old. I'm a programmer and use the left Ctrl key a ton. Just this afternoon I noticed the key start making a crunching/plastic rubbing sound. It happens about 90% of the time, depending on pressure and angle. I'm very paranoid about sounds coming from my devices so I'm sure I would've noticed this earlier. It's only that key.

    I'm not sure if this is an issue any of you have experienced -- perhaps something with the computer being a little warmer than usual or something -- I've been programming now for the entire day. I'm going to give Dell a shoutout eventually but right now they don't want to recognize my warranty tag and I'm not in the mood to be on hold for 24.5 minutes right now.

    Definitely disappointed with such an issue coming from what I expected (reviews, cost) would be a premium device. Love it otherwise!


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    I have an XPS 13 9360 connected to the WD15 dock. I've noticed that regularly the external mouse and keyboard I have attached to it stop working.

    Here are some things I have observed:

    • When this happens, the mouse and keyboard are still recognized by the computer. i.e. when I plug and unplug them I can see them show up and disappear from Windows Device Manager. Also, when I view the mouse and keyboard's device status in Device Manager it reports "This device is working properly."
    • The USB port on the dock seems to be working fine. I know this because when this happens I can unplug the mouse and plug in a different peripheral (e.g. external hard drive) and find that it works fine. But when I replug the mouse, the mouse still does not work.
    • I know my mouse is fine, because when it stops working I can unplug it from the dock and plug it directly into the laptop's USB port which causes it to work fine (but if I unplug and replug to the dock it does not work).
    • The laptop's built-in keyboard and touch pad still work fine.
    • This usually seems to happen sometime after coming out of sleep especially when waking the computer using the power button on the dock (but not always as far as I can tell so far).
    • Sometimes restarting the computer fixes (temporarily) the issue.
    • Sometimes unplugging and replugging the dock fixes (temporarily) the issue.

    Steps I have taken to try to fix:

    • I have upgraded my laptop BIOS to the latest which is currently 2.5.0.
    • I have installed the latest drivers I see on the Drivers and Downloads section of the WD15 page here:
    • I have unplugged all other peripherals from the laptop and the dock so that I am running with ONLY the external mouse plugged in. The issue still happens.
    • I have tried to upgrade the dock firmware, but the utility reports it is already the latest. The latest WD15 firmaware I see on Dell's site says it is, but when I run the following command it looks like my firmware version is actually newer than what is on Dell's site.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! I'll post any additional patterns I find.

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    Anyone else got this problem? Should I sent my laptop to service shop? It still under warranty.

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    For some reason, this mistake is logged every single second in the event viewer. The faulty component is, according to the logs, PCI Express Root Port. 

    So far I have updated everything. Both Intel Updater and Dell SupportAssist now inform about no further updates currently available. 

    My Windows 10 has been also updated. None of the actions, however, helped to eliminate the error. 

    What is interesting, the issue seems to be very popular, but there's still no working solution to this problem as of now. While some people managed to solve the issue by updating drivers, BIOS or disabling the LAN adapter, all of these don't fix it in my case. 

    Sadly enough, I have also encountered one BSOD and 2 freezes without any BSODs or logs in the event viewer. The system just stopped responding to anything and only the power button helped. 

    I have passed the hardware test proposed by Dell SupportAssist, and it revealed no hardware issues. 
    My BSOD code was 0x00000124, which often indicates a hardware related issue with either RAM or HDD. Both Windows and Dell software didn't find any, though. 

    As a whole, I have nothing to complain about as my system is rather stable and astonishingly fast. These random BSODs and freezes, however, make me worry. 

    I have no idea whether these PCI Express Root Complex errors have anything to do with the freezes. 
    I would appreciate it if someone could comment on the issue.

    Thank you. 

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    Battery symbol goes from full charge to off with x through it by tapping/jiggling/setting down laptop.  Goes back on doing same.  Every so often goes from full charge to 74-77% charged.  Run battery test when on and passes.  When off gives me "We are unable to find the selected device. The device driver for your selected diagnostic is either not installed or installed incorrectly".  I ran motherboard test both ways and both passes.  All pins on laptop and battery look good and are solid.  Had problem with adapter intermittent.  Sent back under warranty.  Fix was new adapter but that didn't fix the problem.  If adapter is pulled or intermittent, while battery goes away, the laptop powers off.  Laptop is only 2 months out of warranty and I realized this issue has been around for months but didn't realize it was the battery until this week.  I ordered another battery but if that doesn't resolve the issue I have a few hundred dollar frizbee.  Have had dells since company started, but no more!!  Quality on this one is garbage.  Support has been terrible.

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    I found the solution for battery plugged in not charging.

    Sometimes you’re getting a error “plugged in, not charging” message from your laptop battery. The error ‘plugged in not charging’ can be caused due to various reasons such as faulty adapter or faulty charging board. The cause for this error may be power management software that become corrupt. There may be problem with BIOS update or some other unknown cause.

    BIOS update
    Uninstall and Reinstall Power Management Software
    Update battery Driver
    Miscellaneous solution

    Source :

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    Hi all, 

    Any help would be appreciated. I have a dell inspiron 7559 and have opened my screen this morning to find that the screen has cracked - infuriating as you can imagine! I have definitely not dropped it and am amazed that it has broken.

    However, I was wondering whether anyone knew of possible places to get a replacement. The screen number is LP156UHD2 and the Dell P/N : 053FC4

    The display itself still works fine and the touch screen works but the glass is causing interference with it so have disabled the function. It seems the glass is the only problem but I don't know whether that is replaceable on its own?

    Any help would be appreciated!


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  • 01/03/18--08:20: TB16 Dock Compatibility Help
  • Hello, I am new to the community and need help with a laptop/dock/monitor configuration.

    I have the following hardware I would like to connect for an efficient office.


    • XPS 15 (9550)
    • XPS 12
    • Latitude 7480 (mini-DP port) 


    • 2715Q
    • 2417H


    • WD15
    • TB16

    Ideally I would like a dual monitor setup running the 2715Q @ 4K60Hz and 2417H at 1080P. Using the WD15 which is compatible with the Latitude I top out at 30Hz on the 4K and the 24" is fuzzy unless I direct connect the HDMI to the Latitude. I bought the TB16 with Thunderbolt hoping it has better through put for the monitors.

    The drivers have been installed for the dock on the XPS 15, works fine, and Latitude. When connected to the TB16 for with full sized DP cable the 2715Q is not receiving a signal from the Latitude. I searched but could not tell if the TB16 + dual monitors (4K) would work on the Latitude with a mini-DP USB C port.

    Looking for advice on the best configuration. Thank you.


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