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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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  • 12/10/17--17:54: Dell 7547 won't boot up
  • I have a dell 7547 it was working fine and now I can't get it too start up it goes to the dell screen with the wheel for 5-10 min then a black screen. I got code 0xc0000001 on the recovery screen I try to boot from my USB also to reinstall windows and I can't seem to fine the USB I added it to the bois and still no luck any help I would appreciate thxs I also tryed switching the UEFI TO Legacy and still noting I'm not sure if I am doing it right I have a dell mentor media that worked on here befor. It now can't get it to even show up I only see USB storage devices  any body have any idea

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  • 12/10/17--19:29: Beeps
  • Hi

    After selecting the BIOS Update on dell website now I’m receiving 7 beeps once I turne my laptop on. What van I do to solve ythe problem. I can’t see anything on screen anymore. Please help

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    my laptop has been randomly freezing. The monitor is still running but the cursor won't move. The touchpad and mouse don't work even though mouse lights are still turned on. Also, my keyboard lights are still on but ctrl alt del or any other keys won't work. The fans are still working and the hard disk lights are still on. Just the screen frozen and unresponsive. I wait a few minutes but it won't resolve on its own (also the system time won't change) and I have to hold down the power button to do a hard reset and its back to normal. It does this randomly, sometimes when I close a program, or sometimes when I alt-tab between programs or sometimes just when I'm browsing the web or move my laptop a bit. It will happen at least 2-3 times a day.

    My Laptop configurations are

    Model: Inspiron 5567 Signature Edition

    Processor: Intel i5 - 7200 @ 2.5 Ghz

    Ram : 8GB

    System Type : 64 bit

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  • 12/10/17--23:14: Dell N5010 Graphics Problem
  • The Display has this checkered gets worse after the laptop is used for a long period(2-3 hrs).

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    i tried download Power Manager Service (necessary for the operation of Dell Power Manager), but at the time of installation, it tells me that the application does not support my system. I have Windows 10 1709 (16299.98). Please help me!

    I download it from Dell website:

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  • 12/11/17--04:38: Frequent Start Up problems
  • I have an ageing Inspiron 1750 which has developed intermittent but frequent failure to start up.  I've replaced the HDD with a new SSD and a clean installation of Windows 10 so it's not a Windows problem.  Runs fine when it's started but will often take many hard shut down and restart attempts with a grey screen most times. Eventually I'll get the Set Up/Boot options screen and it'll start from there. I've completely stripped it apart and checked the MoBo for any obvious bad connections etc. but can't see anything.  But I'm assuming I have a hardware MoBo, maybe BIOS problem and don't know how to test to find/fix the problems.  Any suggestions welcomed please.

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    Dell just release a new Thunderbolt firmware ,A07

    I installed it, and it seems to have destroyed my external HDMI port.

    I tested it with different monitors and cables.

    On some monitors the colors are inverted (white goes black). Some monitors don't display anything.

    I hope the upgrade caused no hardware defect to the HDMI port.

    Unfortunately I cannot find the old Thunderbolt firmware to got back.



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    I bought recently Inspiron 7577 with GTX 1060 max-Q 16GB ram and an i7 CPU. When I play games, this laptop gets super hot. I have already added a cooler but it doesn't help. I want to purchase opolar laptop cooler =

    to put it on ventilation to see if it is going to cool it down a little bit. But it have two ventilation's at the back so I don't know on which one i can put it or it doesn't matter? Because I read that one side pulls air in and the other pushes it out.

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    The title holds in principle the whole question:

    "M2 SSD 42 mm in WWAN from Dell Latitude E7240 and E7270 "

    Is it  possible to install it for Dells issued as type in NL, the Netherlands?

    It was seen in other Latitudes, but so far I cannot find anything for the E7240/E7270.



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    I have an Insprion 5559 laptop that I bought in March 2016. I am not a fan of this computer in general because it is often quite slow. Last night, not for the first time, I was unable to save my work in Excel without it freezing up and the program crashing. In the past, I have fixed this by updating Office. I couldn't see how to do that last night (I always just find the update from a banner that appears at the top telling me there is an Office update, but there was no such banner), but I did have a windows update. So I started installing that and went to bed. I don't know what the update was, but I think it was a features update. I think I was most recently on Win 10 1703.

    This morning, I went to use the computer and it was asleep/unresponsive. I held down the power button to kill it and then turned it back on. It showed me the Dell logo, then went black, then the next thing I knew, it was off again. I tried turning back on, and this time after the logo it went to an all gray screen with pixel-y gray lines across the entire screen. Eventually that went away and it went black again. I never got into Windows or even the login screen. 

    I am seeing all these diagnostic tools to check hardware, but if I can't even boot to Windows, how do I run those? I guess it could be a screen issue, but I don't know why that would have just gone bad overnight. The battery has not shown any issues so far and I have still been able to get ~2 hours out of it. I don't think it is a power issue, because the screen did come on and I could hear the fan.

    I'm afraid this thing is just shot. Which shouldn't be surprising, it was only a 15-month warranty period, so Dell obviously didn't think they had built a quality product. If I can't get it working again, I'll probably never buy another Dell again, because this computer has never been great. 

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    I had an issue with Wi-Fi dropping every few minutes on a particular network. In my case this was Virgin Media Hub 3.0 in the UK. To identify why this was happening I went into the event log (Start -> Run -> eventvwr.msc) and then into “Applications and Services Log” > “Microsoft” > “Windows” > “WLAN-AutoConfig”.

    In here I could see a loop which relates to the networking issues;

    Wireless security stopped.

    WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully disconnected from a wireless network.

    WLAN AutoConfig service started a connection to a wireless network.

    Wireless network association started.


    The issue appeared to be a recent update to the drivers and so I tried some new drivers from the Killer Networking website.

    I used the Driver Only versions and this seemed (so far!) to have done the trick.

    Thought I’d share in case anyone else has a similar issue and get it indexed by Google

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  • 12/11/17--14:12: Deactivating Intel ME
  • Recent news reported that Dell now offers to sell some devices with  inoperable Intel Management Engine. During a conversation with the Dell support I was told that there is also the possibility to make ME inopperable after the devicie has alredy been bought.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the tools/instructions in question for download?

    Thank you

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    I recently updated my computer and now, every time I turn my computer off normally without shutting down or restarting, when I turn it back on I have a sort of yellow screen where I can see the cursor, but it's some sort of box. Every time this happens, I restart my computer which turns the screen back on, but then I can't connect to the internet and it shows no available networks. When I restart it again after that, everything is back to normal, but it goes back to the yellow screen after turning it off again. I recently discovered that if my laptop is plugged in when it restarts, it is not fixed and it goes to the yellow screen again and it works while it's unplugged.

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    I have bought an Inspiron 15 7579 earlier this year, and after few months it started to freeze and sound lags, just dumb sound and it blocks everything. I have to power off laptop, and then power on again. Also I have lost the bass on the speakers, and found here on forums that I have to manually update software for audio drivers??? And that freezing and block sound didn't stop either. Yes speakers work now normally but, if i play game or even watch something on youtube, it freezes up for a few seconds, and after few times it tend to freeze for infinity. I payed 1100$ for laptop, not even a one year old but does not work? It didn't happen with my previous HP's laptops. 

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    My laptop will not turn on, the power button and the Caps Lock button blinks on for less than a second, and turns back on. This occurred after (on Windows 10) the computer went to sleep on the lock screen, and I had pressed the power button. The laptop will now not turn on, and will only flash the caps lock and power button. I had just bought this laptop yesterday, and did not install more than about 5 programs. 

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  • 12/11/17--17:52: LCD failure
  • Hello,

    I accidentally broke my LCD screen. So I opened my laptop and unplugged the plugs - and plugged in a monitor via HDMI. I can't plug my broken LCD because the wires are torn.

    I get the LCD failure LED (7 white 2 orange).

    Despite I have a HDMI monitor, my LESs will give me the error code and the PC shutdowns after aprox. 10 seconds after booting into windows (I can log in etc...).

    What can I do so this stupid PC doesn't shut down? Everything else is working fine.

    Model: Inspiron 17 gaming.

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  • 12/11/17--19:29: Inspiron 15 7567
  • If anyone has been having trouble with your fps capping randomly and having really bad horizontal screen tear recently you have to...

    For Games and Ect.

    1. Find the Exe the game starts from
    2. Right click and press properties 
    3. Press the Compatibility tab
    4. check "Disable Full Screen Optimizations"

    If that didnt fix your issue... turn off all gamebar and xbox dvr functions

    Other Fixes:

    Random Reboot on battery.

    Fix 1:

    Download/install the 1.1.0 Bios






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    First thing.

    It would be incredibly helpful for a technologically challenged individual, such as myself, to be able to call Dell and ask a simple question about a product and get a simple answer that doesn't require all the details of my life. Just a simple phone number with a human with good English skills would be great.  The term KISS is incredibly applicable here.

    Now, I am living in Asia.  I have a 14 month old Dell laptop computer that doesn't hold a charge.  I start to lose power virtually immediately.  My guess is I need a new battery.  Can I get some input, please?  Happy Holidays.

    Jim Krugh

    <Email id removed>

    If someone from Dell, responds please do not come back with a *** kissing apology.  Just fix the problem.

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    Lately id'v been having an issue with fps capping to 60-61 and the only fix is too disable full screen optimizations.It wouldn't been such an issue if it didn't cause extreme horizontal tearing at all times.

    Also if hit win+G to open the gamebar the fps goes back to uncapped and i disabled all vsync and turned off all windows dvr and such.

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    XPS15 have itself 130w ac adapter originally.

    I am confused. 

    If the130w adapter is enough for xps15, can I buy the 180w version(NOT  240W) TB16 for my Xps15?

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