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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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  • 12/09/17--09:08: long press power button
  • Is there a way to change how the power button works? In order to turn on my laptop, I have to long-press the power button for about 2 seconds instead of just a quick press like normal. It's really annoying.

    The laptop I'm using is a Latitude 7275, but I also have several Latitude 5175 laptops at work that do the exact same thing.

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    I'm unable to get the touch screen to show up in device manager. I don't see any drivers for it on the Dell Support site either.

    This is an Inspiron 5558.

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  • 12/09/17--09:56: Resetting Dell Inspiron 1545
  • Hello everyone, I recently received a Dell Inspiron 1545 and it has Ubuntu installed on it. What would be the best way to reset the computer and re install Windows Vista the original operating system. I do not have any of the boot disks unfortunately. Thanks all

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  • 12/09/17--10:22: Inspiron 1525 HD height
  • I want to replace the 230GB  hard drive in my old Inspiron 1525 with a 1TB drive and would like to know if a drive with a height of 9.5mm will fit in the drive bay or do I need a drive with a 7mm height?

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    Hi everybody,

    Five days ago I got a Dell XPS 15 9560 (via Dell Netherlands) with the following configuration: i7-7700HQ, 256GB NVMe Toshiba, 8GB RAM, FHD.

    In a few months I will be relocating to another country well Dell does not provide service support therefore, I am trying to make sure this device is suitable for the long run (i.e., 3-4 years, no gaming use).

    I think I was unlucky and got a defective unit:

    • the left fan makes a scratchy noise that becomes more prominent whenever I change the angle of the laptop
    • coil whine
    • some back light bleeding

    I contacted DellCares via Twitter and they are sending in an engineer to:

    • change the power supply
    • change the left fan
    • eventually change the mother board if the engineer deems fit

    Here are two pictures and a recording of the sounds it makes:

    I would like to get your opinion on three things:

    1. Would you say the coil whine and back light bleeding on this unit are in normal limits?
    2. Is it advisable to agree to a motherboard change on a brand new laptop?
    3. The engineer is coming equipped with the following parts---do you how can I find what they all represent:
      • V363H - ADPT,AC,130W,CHNY,4.5,L6,V2,E5
      • VJ2HC - ASSY,FAN,LEFT,9560/5520
      • YH90J - ASSY,PWA,NBK,T,D,I7-7700,9560
      • PC0XY - CRD GDE,W8P/10P/10H,SERVICE
      • 0M5DH - SVC,ALSOSHIP,06335,N6370

    I am really looking forward to hear your opinions on this and I highly appreciate any input!

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    does anybody know if the Dell Active Pen PN556W is compatible with the current Dell XPS 13 9630 (not 2-in-1)?


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  • 12/10/17--01:13: e5470 maximum ram support
  • I have dell e5470 with i7-6600u 8gb ram 500hdd gpu hd intel 520 and dedicated amd r7 m360.

    my question is how many ram slot are available and what maximum ram and hdd my laptop can be installed with?

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    Hello Dell community

    I'm looking at bios update for my precision M6500 and I see a version A10 from December 2013 and a version A07 from Mars 2014. Which one should I use ?

    I'm currently on version A06.

    Thanks for the answers

    Paul Kauphart

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    i have a dell inspiron n5010 with win10 pro. and the wifi is turning off in every 15-20min.

    So i need to restart the laptop and that is every time.

    Sometimes wants to disconnect and connect again to fix the problem.

    But in most cases i have to restart the machine.

    What can i do for this?

    inspiron n5010

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    Hi all,

    After being hassled around for more than a month and treated like an idiot by Dell support, I'm going to share three bugs I've come across on the Latitude 5289 (though looking at some past discussions on this forum, they're not only on this model).

    1. First, the Waves MaxxAudio Pro driver/audio controller is a mess and is definitely a memory hog. My issues started here when I had severe audio and buffering issues that went away on turning off the "dimension" setting. After a trip to the workshop that issue has mostly gone away, until I spent more time on a video tonight - just over an hour in I had the same issue that immediately went away after turning off audio enhancements, but I later had some mild buffering issues because long videos are large files.

    This was a confirmation of something I had thought from the start: the audio enhancements are using a non-trivial amount of processor and memory to work. I'm hoping they don't get any worse this time. I would be so happy if I could just set it to be off on startup...

    2. There's a built-in thing to stop you from turning the laptop on when the lid is closed, presumably because the on switch is on the side and you don't want it to turn on any time it's bumped. However, I often use the laptop connected via HDMI to an external display and will close the lid if I'm not using the built-in LCD. If I restart the computer for any reason, it displays the Dell logo and doesn't load beyond that screen, even if you then open the lid back up. I need to do a hard reboot with the lid open for it to work. I have recreated the issue by opening the lid a little so I could use the power button then closing the lid before it goes any further.

    3. As a bonus, the installed and up-to-date chipset "Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework" drivers developed a bunch of errors less than a week after getting the computer back from the shop. The CPU would reach the critical temperature of 373K (!!) within minutes of startup, and the system would shut itself down. Reinstalling the drivers fixed the issue instantly.

    Furthermore, taking weeks to progress support requests while you treat the customer like a moron (I don't know how many times each I was asked to reboot, update drivers, reset the BIOS, and even reinstall Windows after making clear at my first contact that I'd done all those things) and trying to pass the blame to them for issues not of their making should be considered a bug in the way that Dell support operates.

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  • 12/10/17--05:28: My laptop won't turn on
  • Help please! I have a Dell inspiring 7720 that won't turn on. It was working fine yesterday but this morning it would turn on! The charging light won't come on either!

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  • 12/10/17--07:23: Stuck at Dell Login Screen
  • My laptop is not booting. At power up, I see the Dell logo. If I touch *any* key, a horizontal blue bar appears at the bottom. F12 nor F2 work (they activate the blue bar).

    What's going on? This thing worked fine yesterday.

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    I have Dell studio 1749  with 500 GB disk drive with C and E partition, running win10.

    I want to replace C-partition by ssd to have faster boot times and use old harddisk as 2nd disk in laptop.

    I have bought crucial BX300 2.5 inch SSD drive and SATA-to_USB cable.(

    Part description Price Qty total

    Problem 1 : When connecting ssd drive via usb cable on laptop, for copy of date,  it does not come up, is not recognised by system, allthough blue led shines on adaptercable.

    Question : is it hardware wise possible to add 2nd disk ?

    On picture :  current disk indicated with red cross, i want to place in free slot (arrow).

    I wonder if the interface (with pins vertical, see red circle) is ok to connect existing hard drive ?

    And will I be able to connect ssd drive in existing slot ?

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    I have a brand new Inspiron 17 5000 Series and it is so noisy. As soon as I turn it on, the fan or

    something is going non-stop. I have updated the BIOS made sure it is well ventilated and have it just sitting there not doing anything and this fan is going and going.

    It is so loud I am thinking of returning it because I can't bare to hear it constantly running when I am doing nothing but reading emails.

    Any ideas of what could be wrong or is just the way new laptop are? I have an older Inspiron 17 and it never made this much noise unless it was processing something.

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    How do  disable my keyboard touchpad? I prefer to navigate with a mouse.

    <Email id removed>

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  • 12/10/17--10:33: Charger light
  • Hi there. I have figured out that electrical tape covers the lights I dont want to see, but my question is- will the light on my charger on my XPS 13 change colors to indicate when charging is complete? if not is there a way I can know that my computer is fully charged before I power it on?

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    Dell Inspiron 5575 with AMD A8 & Windows 10 is only 30 days old. Was working fine then screen went black. I can see display if I hold a flashlight to the screen. I've tried several fixes: put in safe mode, updated drivers, run diagnostics. Now it just goes to nothing after Dell logo or just stays on Dell logo but still has black screen. I've read that several others have had this issue after a Windows 10 update, which is what I originally tried to resolve but now it's gotten worse. Can someone please help me? Really dont want to return the laptop is this is fixable.

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  • 12/10/17--12:14: Inspiron 11-3162
  • System came with 2gb memory.  Can I change the memory out for 4gb?  Is there anything peculiar about the memory for this unit?

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    In an attempt to reset my pc, I used the dell OS recovery tool.

    After a successful recovery, the laptop does not detect any other bootable usb drive in BIOS.

    What can I do to reverse this? 

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    I have a dell 7547 it was working fine and now I can't get it too start up it goes to the dell screen with the wheel for 5-10 min then a black screen. I got code 0xc0000001 on the recovery screen I try to boot from my USB also to reinstall windows and I can't seem to fine the USB I added it to the bois and still no luck any help I would appreciate thxs I also tryed switching the UEFI TO Legacy and still noting I'm not sure if I am doing it right I have a dell mentor media that worked on here befor. It now can't get it to even show up I only see USB storage devices

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