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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I'm experiencing an issue with my Dell D100 dock when using DraftSight.  I have two Dell E2414H monitors attached to my Dell D1000 dock, one plugged into the VGA Port and one into the Display port.  The dock is attached to my Dell Latitude 3570.  When I open DraftSight the drawing environment is displayed in gray color only.  The tool bars surrounding the drawing environment are displayed correctly and are fully active.  When the cursor is moved over the drawing area it disappears from view however the program is still aware of the location of the cursor as the coordinate system tracks its movement in the drawing environment.  This issue persists when a known good drawing is opened.  If I unplug the Latitude 3570 from the dock, DraftSight functions normally on the laptop screen.  I believe that I have the dock driver updated to the most recent version, but Draftsight was working fine and all of a sudden it wasn’t.  Can you help?

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    Hi , I have a dell inspiron 5555 (A10-8700P/8GB/1TB/Radeon R6 M345DX/W10) This laptop has lots of problems with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.... This is annoying 

    First of all , latest Audio driver  ( ,A07 - 13 Jun 2017) doesn't work properly , audio lags for a sec everytime I try to listen something - We need Fall Creators Update driver

    Second , WLAN driver (Dell Wireless 1707 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver ( ,A03 - 16 Jan 2017) its not good at all , wifi connection is awful , the problem has been happening since Windows 10 Creatos Update and I have to use Windows Update driver

    Also we need new chipset update driver ....

    Dell Update your drivers please .... Bad support..... 

    Sorry for my english 

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  • 12/06/17--06:23: N5110 display issue
  • Hello, I've tried searching but didn't find a full explanation for the issue I'm having, I'm military and this is my only way to get online besides work :/..

    My N5110 took a fall, screen only displays black, 8 beeps on startup, but the external pc port works, hdmi so far hasn't been working but may jist be the monitor I tried

    I bought a new lcd, it powers up BUT it only displays white, and holding d+ while powering on has no change, I see no signs of the self test running, still just the whitish gray blank screen and 8 beeps on startup with the new screen, wiggling also does nothing.

    Does it sound likey new screen is defective,  the cable is faulty or what?  Is there any way to test the video card separately?   Is the board broke?  Sorry it's just frustrating to pay 50$ for a screen and I'm not even sure if

    The screen is good.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Hi!  My camera isn't working and I can't figure out why.  In Device Manager under Imaging Device it's not even listed.  It used to work but now it doesn't.  HELP! :)

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    (I'm new user, so I'm sorry if I did not have it here and sorry for my English)
    I have laptop Dell XPS L501X and I change RAM. But! I change RAM to G.SKILL RIPJAWS SO-DIMM and my laptop now doesn't work.
    I turn on my laptop and next I start Windows 10, but bluescreen pops up with kod error: Kernel security check failure. I run Linux and the computer turns off. BIOS sees this RAM.
    Does this mean that RAM is damaged?
    I checked on two laptops and does not work at all.
    I was looking, but I have not found that this RAM memory was not compatible with this laptop

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    When I started considering replacing my XPS 9530 with the new 9560 I was really curious about how the two really compared size wise. I couldn't find any comparisons online, so before I sold my 9530 I threw together this quick little video. Hope it helps someone.

    (Please visit the site to view this video)

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    A friend was given a Inspiron  1525 laptop. The hard drive was bad, so I put him a new hard drive on. I did a new install of XP Pro, with SP-2 and 3. I had to load the Ethernet and wireless drivers. IE updated itself to IE 8. The problem I'm having is that IE won't load anything but MSN, Bing, and a few other sites. It won't even lied Microsoft. I get the diagnostic message about HTTP,, HTTPS, and FTP port settings on the firewall. No other programs have been installed.

    Can someone please help?

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    I have read through previous posts regarding this subject but none seem to be similar to my issue.  I have, for the past year, had some difficulty getting the power button to turn on.  There are no beeps and I have used both with the power cord and without it.  

    Generally what I have to do is jiggle the laptop top or move it back and forth.  This leads me to think there is a lose connection somewhere.  It usually turns on but I should mention that I also usually turn off laptop by "sleep" not off.  However, today I used "shut off" and had a very difficult time getting the laptop power button to turn the system on.  It is totally black and definitely shut off.  After hours I guess I jiggled the top in the right position and it came back on.

    If you could share some thoughts about what the issue might be I would appreciate it.  I didn't know whether to return it to Dell for repair or find a local repair person here in Pittsburgh.  Obviously it is several years old and I don't want to pay a fortune to repair it.

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    I have recently acquired a Dell Latitude E6420 i5-2520m laptop.  I have seen other E6420's with touchscreen and light up keyboards. I'd like to know first if its possible, and if so, what parts I need to purchase to upgrade this laptop to have a working (1) touchscreen, (2) webcam, and (3) light up keyboard (part numbers as well)  also if this model will accept a PCi-e port ssd and what sizes and type it will accept.  also if the processor is upgradeable to the i7.

    I like this model laptop very much and would like to open up it's full potential for extreme long term use.


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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a url or other source giving a list/ history of Inspiron models & specs? The Dell site always tries to direct me to the latest models. Wikipedia is very cryptic, and even omits some models i know. I am interested to learn such things as What was the last bios model & first uefi model? At what point did processors go from upgradable to soldered onto the mainboard? etc. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thx.

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    so i got my brand new Dell XP 13 on Tuesday.

    yesterday it randomly rebooted 4 times, today it has done it once so far.

    what happens is that i'm using the laptop, browsing web, watching online videos and the laptop will just power off and then back on again, i'll get the "windows didn't load correctly" message.

    i choose "restart PC" and it'll be fine until it does it again.
    windows 10 is fully updated.
    i'm running it on native resolution 3200x1800 with 175% scaling.

    edit - it actually just did it for second time today whilst typing this post.

    it's a Dell XPS 13 9360 QHD+ touch.

    do i have a faulty unit? or is there something else going on here?

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    Hi, I tried to put 4GB RAM from my Acer Travelmate P236 into my Dell Latitude 3640, but it wouldn't work. Is there any reason for this? 

    I understand RAM is not always compatible, but they seem very similar.

    I put it in, switched it on, but it made very loud beep warning noises, so I turned it off and removed it.

    Underneath the top RAM it says ONLY DDR3L DIMM A. The bottom one says ONLY DDR3L DIMM B, as you can see from the first picture.

    In the bottom picture, the RAM at the bottom is the Dell RAM, and the top is the Acer RAM. What is the difference, and why did it not work? Thanks so much for your help.

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  • 12/07/17--09:05: Bricked xps 13 9350
  • Hello,

    So earlier this week my laptop started on the latest Windows 10 fall update. I let the laptop be as it would take a while. Next day when i tried to boot up my pc i did nothing. I can run the graphics test by holding "d' when powering up but nothing more. Battery leds indicate a full charge. Tried booting with and without charger connected. The powerled comes on for a few seconds and than flashes 4 times and that is it. System specs are 512GB ssd, 16g ram and core i7 cpu. Anyone can help me out?

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    I have a TB16 docking station with 240W power supply connecting to a Dell Precision 5520 laptop.  The laptop is powered via the TB16 through the thunderbolt connector.  About once a week, I get a BIOS warning that states:  "Alert! You have attached an undersized 100W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 130W power adapter..."

    All I have connected to the TB16 are two displays, an ethernet cable, a USB keyboard/mouse, and speakers via the audio out.

    I've also had problems getting enough juice out of the USB port to charge my phone.

    Several co-workers have the exact same setup, and are having the exact same issues.  Is the power supply or TB16 defective, or just incapable of supporting this configuration? If so, that is disappointing.  I ran a lot more with a 90W power adapter on my old Dell laptop/docking station configuration.

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    Forgive English, I am Russia. Bought an Alienware 1.5 years ago. Very happy with purchase. Runs CS Go and GTA samp on high settings. A week ago the screen broke. Go to computer repair. They take computer, wait 7 days then run diagnostics. Say in official Dell email wrote part costs 45k rubles or 750 dollars. Check tech support. LCD screen module has another part number. Google say it cost 200$. Who do I believe?

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    I would like to know if the latest BIOS for the Studio 1737 is version A09 (I've already updated to it), and if it has support (slic 2.1) that would allow upgrading from the default "Windows Vista Home Premium x86" operating system to "Windows 7 Home Premium x86", or one of the other newer operating systems?

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    A few months ago I purchased the Dell XPS 15 9560. I have used it on a daily basis since, but I noticed performance issues. The SSD and RAM works fine, but benchmarks for the CPU and GPU are very low. I have gone through extensive testing, but can not seem to find the problem. Dell's own performance testing made the laptop max out, and found no issues, but third party testing or gaming on the laptop will not make the laptop reach its capabilities. The specs should be very high end, but do not live up to them when processing tougher tasks. For example League of Legends runs very poorly compared to the specs. It almost feels like there would be some kind of cap set to the performance, but no such things are enabled. If there is anyone that could help with this I would be very grateful. 

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    I have the same issue, with less than a year the hinge began to separate itself from the casing/frame after moderate use of opening and closing the laptop.  It has been suggested that because the computer screen is often opened from the right side it can place torque on the left hinge causing premature failure of this component.  I have consistently opened the computer from the center.   This indicates that opening the computer from the center will not prolong the life of the hinge.  I have called dell several times and been told that it is caused by normal wear and tear or that I must have dropped the computer.  It simply does not make sense why counter accusations are made onto customers when a solution needs to be provided.  I am writing this from my husband's 4 year old laptop which has survived 2 deployments to third world countries and guess what? The computer opens and closes like the day it was purchased. Please do not attempt to re-define "normal wear and tear" in aims of lower my expectations of this product.  Above all, I expect a lap top at the bare minimum to perform the most basic functions like opening and closing without disassembling itself.  


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    I have dell inspirion 15, 3521.

    I am using win 10 64bit.

    After some time on the laptop my touchpad is stopping working, cursor not moving. I already tried everything updating to the latest driver Snaptics, installing reinstallign i have the same issue.

    Sometimes on start up mouse touchpad is not working and need to plug in external mouse.

    Sometimes also when my touchpad stops working also my keyboard stops working, sometimes when i power the lap top and on the start up when i need to enter my pass for win account keyboard and touch pad are not responsive and the Capslock light is on and when i try tipping any key everything is non responsive tried every driver i format the win and still with same problem.

    I think that maybe my palmrest is bad and I need to chance whole palmrest as i see on the internet there is a part palmrest to be changed. Before i buy it i want to hear your opinion it is not expensive something like 30$ .

    Looking forward to hear form you.

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  • 12/07/17--16:39: XPS 15 9560
  • XPS 15 9560, 1GB SSD, 32GB RAM, 4K display

    I'm unable to create a recovery media (USB stick) following the instructions for the Dell OS Recovery Tool v2.0.2.0 (A00) August 12, 2017. When I try to install the tool, it reports, "The update installer operation is unsuccessful".

    There seem to be a gazillion posts &  website articles about doing this basic backup task, but they all point back to similar instructions, yet even step 1 is failing.

    Is there something different I need to do to do create a recovery media USB stick?

    Thanks in advance!

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