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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    hi everyone,

    my laptop screen goes gray (see picture below) every time the computer returns from sleep mode. the issue is resolved only after restarting the computer.

    graphics drivers are up to date, any ideas how to solve the issue?

    thanks :)

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    Hi, I recently brought Dell 7567 and I exprienced big problem. When I do basic tasks fans are okay but when I start gaming it becomes a real mess. Fans are just too loud. CPU and GPU are at 50-60 degrees celsius which is preety low when gaming. But fans are at 5000 rpm all the time and they are really loud, more than 50 decibels. I tried to fix it via lot of fan speed programs but they simply dont work. I also tired to find option in bios but there is nothing there. Here is video to proof you. I wonder if there is way to lower fan speeds to reduce noise but temperatures will be higher but it doesnt matter to me.

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    after updating windows 10 does not work card reader O2 Micro dell Latitude XT3

    Iam asking for new drivers???

    thank you



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    I recently purchased an XPS 15 9560, Windows 10 and am having the trackpad dead zone issue (the pointer does not move until I move my finger about 1/4"at which point it has perfect response / tracking / precision). Each time I start to move the pointer using the trackpad I must go through the dead zone prior to the pointer responding normally. The dead zone appears to be a circle around the spot that I touch the trackpad.

    When I disable the HID trackpad device in device manager, this dead zone problem is eliminated. Is there a way to access the trackpad driver registry settings to see if there is something I can change that will eliminate the dead zone?

    Alternatively, is there a way to find out which trackpad brand I have that will allow me to try a different driver? I tried the Synaptics fix but I was not happy with the two finger scroll performance even after changing the registry settings.

    Thank you,


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    Been all over looking and trying to set the sensitivity of the touch pad. Because if I just brush it lightly while typing it changes my position and is very annoying. How can I fix it. I cannot locate it in the device manager or control panel. I tried entering my laptop on the support page for drivers and nothing helps to locate it.



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    Hello Dell,

    As soon as I switched on my laptop it showed a Dell logo for quite several time and after that it showed a light blue screen stating that " There is some problem. we'll restart you PC gor you" with a sad sign like :(. Under this message it asks to visit for any problems. This whole screen fladhes for around 10-13 seconds and then vanishes displaying the black screen.

    I don't know what to do? My important work has been stopped. Please help me as asoon as possible.


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    My laptop is Inspiron n5110 which has Windows 10 and the laptop is charging but it does not turn on and the display does not come up.

    I Have tried to disassemble the laptop and reassembled it lot of times, But the laptop does not turn on. 

    Can you help please?

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    Earlier today BIOS 1.1.0 was successfully installed in the computer and now the system is constantly stuck at the boot logo. After 5+ minutes of waiting and waiting, I can get into the BIOS but navigating the bios is drastically slow. 

    I have tried resetting the BIOS with no results. Dell online support does not seem to be available either. Chat is not available. Now have been waiting on hold to talk to someone for 45 minutes. 

    Anyone else running into a similar issue? Any way to go back to the old version of the bios? 

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  • 12/04/17--11:15: DELL IS BAD
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    Don’t buy there products

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  • 12/04/17--11:18: DELL IS BAD

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    Hi, I need a confirm from other owners of the XPS 15 9550 laptop.

    Is it normal that in the following highlighted area of the touchpad is impossible do the physical click?

    even if I push very very hard?

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    I have a Dell Latitude E6400 I bought refurbished a few years ago.  It came with  Win7 on it and I upgraded it to Win10 as soon as Win10 was available.  Everything run good.  But my HD failed and I put a new HD in. 

    I need a driver for the Broadcom USH but Dell's Drivers and Downloads site fails to find this driver. Of course Windows does not have it either.  The Device Manager lists this as an "Other device"  

    Do I need this device?

    Dell source Tag Number GF44WKY1..........S/N  35742457297.

    Can you help me?

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    Is there any solution for the problem with running cooling fan? Starts running even on low usage? Seems to become a more frequent problem than in the last 2 weeks. Laptop runs on bios 2.3.1

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    I just ordered a Dell Inspirion 15 7577 on the black friday sale (11/24/17) and, before anything, I'd like to say that Dell did a fantastic job on this model. Great thermal management, stunning graphics and highly solid and durable chassis. I am in love with this laptop.

    But unfortunately, my screen did come with some backlight bleeding from the start and some clouding. It is not noticeable when gaming, except when I go into a dark area. But it is there and I cannot seem to ignore it.

    I have ran the color tests (power button + D) and they are not noticeable then, but are very noticeable on a black screen.

    What are my options and next steps?

    Many thanks.

    P.S. I am attaching a photo of my screen. The bleed is in the upper-mid section of the screen. And the clouding is most apparent on the upper-left and upper-right corners.

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    My Dell XPS 15 9550 refuses to stay asleep after closing the lid. It routinely wakes itself up after 3 hours (possibly to try to hibernate?) but once awake it stays running until the battery dies. It's at risk of overheating because I keep it in my backpack. The only way to avoid this is to shut down when it's not in use, but this makes the computer substantially less useful than my Macbook which is 4 years older.

    The only power request that regularly appears is Realtek Audio, but I've used "powercfg /requestsoverride" to ignore this to no avail. I will disable hibernate altogether, but there really must be another option. As mentioned this only started after the latest creators update. I have the latest drivers and firmware.

    This has been an ongoing problem for me with XPSes in the past. I generally like this series, but I have to seriously consider moving to another supplier when it's time to upgrade.

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    I have an Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition running Windows 10. The laptop has become much slower quickly it seems. I ran a diagnostic test. It told me my "battery is reaching end of usable life." It also gave me an alert that was labeled ePSA 4302.10. It did not explain this alert. Should I expect that replacing the battery -- It's the original part in a 2-year old unit -- will correct my problem and speed up things?

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    Shopping for a 2.5 HDD.  What's the maximum thickness size in millimeters?

    I have a 2.5 Western Digital HDD that won't allow the laptop to close all the way.

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    Hi I am new to this forum, but really need some help on some big issues I am having.

    I purchased a Dell Inspirion 15 Gaming 7567 laptop in July of 2017.

    The laptop gave me issues since day one but I desperately needed it for school and tried to push through with it's problems. The first issues I noticed was that it was in a "Blue Screen" loop when I tried to set up Windows 10 for the first time. It would also not connect to wifi and I was getting a error related to the network so I figured out how to update the drivers and was able to temporarily resolve the issue.
    The Wifi card was in a loop of not updating and would just constantly tell me it needed to update the driver. 
    After that I started noticing issues with sound and got a horrible beeping/static noise that persisted and no updates to the BIOS or sound card have fixed that issue.I also started to notice that whenever I would put the laptop into sleep mode or close the lid of it, the screen would show a static image, almost like static on a TV but with blue and green lines instead.

    I sent the laptop in for repairs in November of this year,detailing my issues and they did the repair saying they replaced the Main Logic Board. 

    Now as of today, December 2017  the sound problem is worse and more frequent. And I have noticed the monitor making that weird static image of blue and green lines on Youtube videos I am watching.
    And to top everything off my 1 TB D-drive is not showing up on the computer!

    Everything on the laptop is up to date, I've even run diagnostics through the program Dell offers and those are all up to date showing no errors.

    I have never dropped or damaged the laptop, it sits on my table at home with a laptop fan underneath.

    What can I do in this situation?? I am very upset and don't want the laptop anymore.

    I know I am way past the 30 day refund policy, but what policy do they have for faulty hardware?? 

    At this point I don't even want a full refund because I suspect I will never get that, but can I just send the laptop back and not have to pay the remaining bill? I financed through dell and pay on time every time. I simply want a laptop that will work! I'm tired of this whole mess.

    Please help if you have any info,


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    I've recently had to clean install Windows 10 onto my XPS 12 9Q23 convertible laptop. All is well apart from an issue with the rotation sensor. It seems to rotate the screen portrait without issue, but switching back to landscape is near impossible without disabling auto rotate and doing it manually with keyboard shortcuts. Never used to have issues with this prior to the clean install and I was running the same build of Windows 10. Also when flipping/folding the screen flat to use as a tablet, the laptop used to automatically enter tablet mode. It no longer does this either. 

    I am running the latest BIOS, latest Video, chipset, touchpad drivers. LCD firmware is up to date, and all latest Windows 10 updates are installed. Seems to be quite a well documented issue as I have noticed other posts from a few years ago with similar issues, but only resolutions offered for the 9Q33 rather than the 9Q23. 

    Wondering if anyone managed to ever get a resolution to this for the 9Q23? Thanks


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    My Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559 laptop screen is functioning and colors are all right. But it flickers a lot (flicker rate is about 1 flicker, mid-screen, per 2-3 seconds). I tried updating the power options & reinstalling previous Intel video drive with no luck. 

     The laptop is now out of warranty and I need your expertise to solve this problem.

    Thank You!

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