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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    My employer purchased this workhorse of a laptop for me in Oct 2014 with the premium support package.  Both the warranty and the premium support package expired in Oct 2015 after 1 whole year (yes, 365 days) of said support. 

    Earlier this year I noticed that the touch pad was not working correctly.  By that I mean it took herculean force to "right click."  If I focused my chi just right, I could left click.  I just attached a mouse and used the touchscreen to compensate and "forgot about" the issue. 

    Recently I put new thermal paste on the cpu(s) because, you know, performance and "stuff."  It was nigh impossible to get the cover back on and pressing it/screwing it into place did not work...the middle front screw just "popped" off after I'd manhandled (<digression> much as a tech could do any "man-handling" of anything...I mean I had to jujitsu-grip the cover in place whilst courageously and precisely screwing the security screw in it's sticking place</digression>)... I was mystified at the cover not sitting correctly (and also by the parenthetical digressions).  I did not dawn on me to consider the battery was swelling like a mini Mount Vesuvius in my lap.  I took the cover off and noticed that the battery was "puffy" and had cracks at the seams like the edges of Sean Comb's identity crisis. 

    Many will tell you the incredible dangers of a swollen battery...if your laptop is no longer under warranty, then don't expect help from DELL.  I'm not sure what the lifespan of a lith/ion battery is "supposed" to be anyway.  I would expect, like volcanology, lithiumiondentonology is not a precise science (nor an actual word for that matter).  There are replacements at amazon, I'm going to likely order the part from dell though.  Most Amazon sellers who sell the "non-OEM" versions of this battery seem sketch'ola.  (Complete with obligatory robots posting fake, really, look at the reviews for this battery by "Batking" and a few of the other's obviously a robot or the same person...anyone who makes fake review and a fake profile is going to send you a fake product.)

    The only "original part" is over 100$, and that's probably the one that's legit. (<digressio>Comprare una gatta nel sacco!<digressio>)   

    I can only hope DELL would be so kind as to offer those of us in this situation a place to order the part for shipping costs only and that hopefully, nobody suffers what happened to the Johnsons!

    Of course, they could take some notes from their competitors...who set up a recall site for their defective batteries.  I bet that would be newsworthy!  I mean, I'd write about it! 

    Here is some advice about how to mitigate the potential explosions...:-)

    There are dozens of other posts on this same issue, thankfully, it seems like nobody has had an explosion (yet)!  As for me, I'm going to move away from this proverbial Pompeii.

    Here are some pictures of the bulging, cracking, and puffed-up P Diddy time-bomb formerly bolted into a device inches from my face every day!

    Living dangerously and hoping DELL will encourage a customer who spent thousands of dollars on their executive laptop...



    If a tree falls in an expired warranty forest...will anyone care?

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    I have both version of XPS 13 9350 and 9360.

    I fully charge the battery to 100% and then shutdown the computers and turn it off. 

    If I start them again after 2 days I have lost ca 10% of battery charge - only 90% charge left, although they were completely turned off (no standby!) ....

    After a week without turning on, I lose 20-25% of charge. As written without working on the XPS 13. 

    I also have a Dell Latitude 7280 from work and it loses only 4% charge within a week. This seems normal in my opinion.

    The battery was exchanged for the 9350 by Dell but this have brought nothing. Something drains battery on the two XPS when switched off.

    Someone have an idea or can even report how it is with you?

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    I have been getting  warning from bios diagnostics

    ePSA 4300.24 - Warning:

    Fail PSA V4300 Error 2000:8170 Validate Code : 96826 PCIe - Training error PCI tag-0100 VendorID-1002 DeviceID-682B SVid-1028 SDid-06E0 Bus 01

    I have googled the warning the suggestion was Reseat the PCIe adapter but I can't find where is that adapter

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    This problem has been pointed out in previous posts (link above)

    Dell just replaced the main board of the unit but the problem still exists.

    I just also noticed that this noise issue only occurs when the main unit is connected to the keyboard dock.

    When the two units are separated, this annoying noise immediately stops and I no longer hear any buzzing sound.

    With that said, has anyone tried replacing the keyboard dock unit?

    I doesn't seem like it's coming from CPU which is located on the top side of the main unit. This sound seems like it's coming from the very bottom of the main unit of from the keyboard unit.

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  • 12/01/17--00:23: xps 12 screen black
  • hi

    my xps 12 9250 screen goes black after dell logo. it still making sounds when connected to the keyboard just doesnt show anything. yesterday an orange light was beeping on the power button.

    pls help!!!

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  • 12/01/17--00:33: dell Diagnostic results
  • I've run these twice to review the battery / cpu / cpu stress / memory on my E6400 before deciding whether to purchase a memory upgrade and battery.

    Each time I get to "preparing test results" and nothing further happens.  Can someone please advise why or where I can find the results?

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    I have my XPS 13 9360 at 15 days and when I'm working with battery the computer reboots often without any notice...

    Today it rebooted 4 times when I turned off the charger...

    Anyone faced similar issue?

    Is this a problem in the battery or in Windows 10 drivers?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I purchased a XPS 13 9360 on 27/11/2017 from Dell UK and received the delivery a day later on 28/11/2017. Since then, the laptop has randomly restarted several times, taking me to the recovery screen with the message 'it looks like Windows didn't load correctly'. At first, I thought it would go away when I updated to BIOS 2.3.1 and latest drivers, but it didn't. Then I opted to reset Windows 10, but today I suffered the issue again.

    Does anybody know how to fix this? I have lost important work due to the random reboots.

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  • 12/01/17--03:24: OS recovery error
  • I got an error when I tried to make burn the recovery image on my flash disk (Kingston 16GB NTFS) using the Dell OS Recovery Tool. It says that 'An error occurred extracting the file'. I am sure there is enough space in the disk and the OS image file has passed the verification phase. I don't know how to handle it. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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  • 12/01/17--05:18: DELL Active Stylus Pen
  • I have recently purchased DELL inspiron 15z 5523 (Ultrabook) which is multi-touch screen ultrabook with Core i7 processor, Backlit Keyboard and Skullcandy Speakers. Can I use Dell Active Stylus Pen on my ultrabook for drawing and natural writing experience because I want to use it for my online classes?

     You can watch it on the following link:

    (Please visit the site to view this video)

    Thanks in advance!

    Akhtar Ayaz

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    Dell has recalled XPS 9550 battery for swollen issue.
    Bulletin Name: Precision 5510 and XPS 9550 swelling system battery

    there are also lots of reports that xps 13 9350 has same problem.

    for example,
    XPS13 Swollen battery
    dell xps 13 9350 battery swollen

    it's a common issue on xps 9350, dell should recall its battery!

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    Bought a XPS 13 9360 very recently, great laptop, great quality, if only it was not rebooting at random moments.

    It happens at the most random times, one to three times a day and I don't see anything that can cause it. I tried updating all the drivers, but that didn't seem to be the problem. Hope Dell will get us a fix soon, as it is a brand new Laptop, and I've found other people in online discussions who have the same issue (without any help). It's no fun to buy a beautiful new laptop which reboots every day twice...

    Refunding or changing it is not really an option as it would take a few days and I need it to study on it as it might take a few days before I get a new one...

    Anyone any other ideas that may help?

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    I have a brand new XPS 15 9560, which finally came in the 28th of November. However, I currently experience problems with the right USB port. When hooking up an external HDD, it keeps connecting and disconnecting. At first, this rendered the HDD useless, setting it to a RAW format and losing all data. I got it back to work eventually and was under the assumption that the drive just went bad. However, i started to have the same problems with my alternative drives when connected to that port.

    Narrowing down the problem, I found that the left port maintains a steady transfer speed of 122 MB/s ish, while the right keeps powering up and down. This means that data transfer wil go up to 60 MB, drop down. The disk will reconnect and the same happens. Remark: There is no sound of a physical re-connection (the well known connect/disconnect sound).

    Furthermore, i have found that multiple people have this issue:


    XPS 15 (9560) - External USB 3.0 hub disconnecting from right USB port


    I also followed all directions given within this topic, but the problem still persists.

    Do you have any other ideas?



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    Inspiron 7570.

    Was wondering if there are new drivers/updates available from Dell, do they automatically get updated (like Windows does) or do you have to go check on Dell Support Assistant every so often and download them manually?


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  • 12/01/17--13:48: Inspiron 7570 wrong memory?
  • I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 15” 7000 series laptop for my niece for Christmas. After struggling with it I reformatted and reinstalled the os and put in a m.2 ssd. The attached picture is the memory module in the machine. I noticed the machine was sluggish and sometimes it just hung even before I put the m.2 in.

    It looks like to me this machine has 8gb of DDR3/1600 memory vs DDR4/2400 it was advertised to have. I did buy this at Amazon but before I returned it I’d love validation the the attached picture is of DDR3/1600 memory

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    If the Rotation lock is set to on and Orientation is set to  Landscape  then the display is in landscape mode. If the Rotation lock is set off and the screen is rotated clockwise 90 degrees  then the display is upside down. If the screen is rotated clockwise 90 degrees then the display does not change.. if the screen is rotated 90 degree then the display is upside down. If the screen is rotated 90 then the display does not move. 

    Therefore if the laptop is in normal or opposite then the display is rotated 90 degrees. It the laptop is turned sideways then the display is upside down. 

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    Which Dell Latitude model comes with the palm rest made of hard plastic and not rubber:


    If not, is there a part number to replace the rubber with hard plastic?

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    I have an Inspiron1545 laptop, (yea it's old but has been reliable for years now),and it's unable to load Windows at start up now.  Ran F2 system test, and went to "Can not boot OS" in the system tree. Ran test and received error code 0F00:075D, and 0F00:0232. I'm hoping a BIOS Recovery Key will resolve my problem. Tried several times running Windows diagnose, and repair to no luck.

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    Hello everyone,

    So I think by now, this problem has already been reported several times. I hope in my post, I can try to collect all the previous posts and what I've learned from them and put it all in one post. Yes, the new Dell XPS 13 (9360) models is confirmed to have a persistent issue of randomly shutting down and attributing this issue to an "ASF2 Force Off” in the BIOS event logs.

    I myself own a Dell XPS 13, and yes, it has the same issue. Here's what happened on my end: I bought a new Dell XPS 13 nontouchscreen with 8GB RAM on October 31, 2017. And it arrived and worked well for about a week before randomly shutting down for the first time. I thought it was just a one-time thing, so I kept using it. Turns out, it shut down again and again in randomly moments every hour or so for the next 2 days, so I know it is definitely an issue. I ran an F12 Hardware Diagnostic along in Thorough Test Mode and a Dell Hardware Diagnostic, and the results were that no hardware issues were found, so I know it’s not a hardware issue. I ran a virus-scan just to check that one off the list. Interestingly though, I ran a Dell "Repair" option in the F12 menu, and apparently, there were some unrepairable issues found. Anyways, I got sick and tired of the problem, so I wrote to Dell Customer Service, who replied by sending me a "replacement" model. Meanwhile, I looked at the BIOS event logs and turns out the problem was attributed to an ASF2 force off...I have no clue what it means precisely, and neither does Dell.

    Within about 2 weeks, I received the "replacement" model, and the second I turned it on, I was greeted by a "System Overheated" message, which really made me feel disappointed. I did a quick check in the BIOS event logs and turns out my “replacement” model was actually a refurbished model that was at least 2 months old. I wrote back to Dell Customer service and complained that I didn’t receive a brand new replacement system as promised due to my first Dell XPS 13 being a couple weeks old. I also complained that the replacement model had issues and that all I wanted was a functioning Dell XPS 13 laptop.

    In 2 more weeks, I received a Dell XPS 13 touch-screen variant with 16GB RAM as my second “replacement” model. At first I was happy that Dell gave me a free upgrade to the most high-end XPS 13 model, however...the problem came back two days ago on November 29, 2017...The computer randomly shutted down, and went to a blue screen with the words “It looks like Windows didn’t load correctly.” This was the same issue as the first Dell purchase I made. I turned off the computer and look at the BIOS event logs: ASF2 force off.

    I searched the forums and turns out that at least 30+ Dell XPS 13 users are having the same issue with the random reboots attributed to ASF2. So far, the only person who seems to have a fix is a reddit user who suggested a downgrade to BIOS 2.1.0. Another user noted that this problem seem to only happen when the system is not plugged in, though I haven’t fact-checked that myself.
    These are the other posts about the same issue:


    Hopefully, Dell realizes that this is a widespread problem and release an update sooner or later to fix this. I currently have 3 unreliable Dell XPS 13s sitting in front of me...

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  • 12/01/17--21:26: reestablecer pass bios.
  • Hola, tengo una dell vostro 3400, necesito reestablecer pass.

    Les envio service tag?

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