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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    Dell Inspiron 15-5555 laptop screen brightness is low.almost like screen is black, but we can see the dell logo and windows signing in.What can be the issue?Since the display is touchscreen is there any inverter that can be replaced or the entire LED screen needs to be replaced? What are the steps to diagnose the issue?

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    Hello, I have a XPS 9550 laptop that have almost a year of life. In the recent weeks the battery when arrive at 20% of charge suddently drop to 5% without a good reason (during play a mp4 or during write with MS Word for example, CPU is costant and there are no heavy operation).

    The diagnostic test is passed (with elapsed time of 00:00:00 in report, is it normal?) and the battery health is at 88%, it have only 33 charge cycles because, when I can, I usually use the laptop with the charger.

    I've writed at Dell Suppot (I have the premium warrantly for another two weeks), I sent the requested screen of the battery informations from the bios and executed the istructions, the answer was that battery is ok and all is normal (in this screen the bios report that battery status is "Excellent").

    This is a graph of the battery report generated from Windows when you can see the last drop from almost 20% to 6% (is also reported that design capacity is 84 mWh and full charge capacity is 74 mWh):

    Isn't it a symptom that some sectors of my battery is damaged?

    Anyone had a similar problem? There are something that I can do?

    The last thing that I can try is a Battery Calibration but not have precise information of the procedure for my laptop and it seems a bit risky.

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    This laptop has the worst button design in the history of technology. A button with a design that has a light opening with no lights and one light bulb for any activity. After destroying my first button after pressing on it to hard, my problem with my new button is, what are the times for it to turn on. Just pressing the button doesn't help. Light  says charging but it only goes on after light stops? One light, no words, just a battery symbol. I don't want to pay for more laptop buttons please help. Save me from a bad laptop design layout.

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    This started yesterday morning. I close the lid with the computer on. Later I open the lid, hit the power button, and the computer doesnt turn on. I push it again, it still does not turn on. I have to hold the power button down until it completely shuts down then turn it back on. i dont get an error message when i turn it back on. 

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    My 7 key keeps falling off when I'm typing. Anyone know how I can order a replacement key?

    Dell XPS 13 (9360)


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  • Dell XPS 13 (9360). I get this BSOD about once a week. Extremely frustrating and annoying. It probably started within 2 months of getting the laptop. 

    I've tried uninstalling various programs and reinstalling windows 10.

    It usually happens when my laptop has been sleeping for about a day. When it's waking up I get the BSOD.

    Anyone else run into this before?

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  • 11/27/17--19:21: 0xc0000034 error
  • my dell was running fine ,then dell backup &recovery popped up so i downloaded it, then it restarted

    I have always x it out but stupidly decided to get it this time

    i decided to remove restore points and make a new one, after i restarted computer which i have done before i got error code 0xc0000034 boot config data file missing some required info

    i have done f2, f12, and another i cant remember . ran diagnostic , everything is ok , hit power 4 times on and off as per instructions, cannot boot into safe mode ,reset defaults in the blue screen that comes up when restarted and will not boot further

    there is no way to get into restore or recover options ,

    Anyone have this before


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    Hello all. I just acquired this laptop. It is using an adapter from an HP and works, but naturally doesn't recognize the adapter so no battery charging. This uses the octagonal plug, will a Dell PA-10 90w round plug work in this? Or can you recommend an aftermarket 90w that will work? Thanks for any help.


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    I have been trying for 3 weeks to get my laptop connected via a SIM card inserted into the SIM card slot of my DELL 5404 laptop. Dell support said i need a sierra WWAN card DW5808e, purchased, arrived 10 days later, installed, update drivers. Found sierra wireless skylight program, installed. Installed working data card SIM from BELL mobility. Nothing!! I asked if the sierra WWAN card needed antenna wires connected to it, DELL said no. I think it needs antenna wires. This laptop only came with antenna wires for the WLAN card. I have no problem using those antenna wires, as i travel everywhere and I need my laptop constantly connected. Connecting to iphone hotspot several times a day is a real pain in the ***. 

    So I am stuck, I have had numerous chat sessions with DELL, there "pro support" hasn't returned my emails. I need to know what program i should be using to access a "cell" connection, is skylight the correct one?? Is the sierra wireless card correct for Canada? Do i need antenna cables/wires?? Can i use the antenna wires from the WLAN card?? 

    BTW, I am in Canada.

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    Hi I have an XPS 13 running windows 10 and the letter 'e' on the keyboard is not registering consistently as i type.

    Is this a hardware, software or a dustware issue? Should i use one of those high pressure dust remover that you can blast under the keys?


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    While I was using my laptop it went off and afterwards, when I press the power button while connected to the power adapter, the laptop gives 3, 4, 5 and 7 beeps randomly and does not on.

    Also the power adapter indicator is on but the Laptop power indicator and charging indicators are off. 

    I tried removing the battery and also cleaned the RAM.

    Model: Dell studio 1555 

    Please, can anyone help me with this issue.

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    I bought an Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming laptop lat week for my son.  After Windows 10 updated from build 1703 originally installed to 1709 there are two display adapters under device manager: Intel HD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GeFore GTX 1050.  The laptop appears to be using the Intel display adapter as the primary display adapter as the running the NVIDIA program '3D Vision Photo Viewer' gives the error message: 'The primary display adapter does not support NVIDIA 3D Vision'.

    However, I can find no way to change the primary display adapter to NVIDIA and disabling the Intel driver  in device manager seems to cause problems as the NVIDIA settings no longer works. 

    I tried to sort this through a chat session with Dell, but they say that the primary warrantee is with PC World where the laptop was build and will offer no assistance.  However, my experence with PC World Technical Support is not positive and I don't particularly want them messing around with the laptop.

    Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this issue?

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    After a couple weeks of testing a Latitude 5580 with the DS1000 monitor stand dock, and having no issues, we decided to purchase a bunch of each to start deploying to our users.  We've deployed six of them so far and they all display the following power warning prior during start-up.  

    “Alert! You have attached an undersized 60W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 65W power adapter.  To continue operating at peak performance, your system may also draw power from the battery.  The battery charges only when the power provided by the adapter is greater than the needs of your system.  Use a Dell 65W (or greater) power adapter to enable charging during peak system performance.”

    Some laptops see the issue more often than others.  Updating the dock firmware as well as the BIOS didn't make a difference.  What seemed to have made a difference on a couple of laptops was to change the Type-C Connector Power from 7.5 watts to 15 watts in the BIOS.  The issue went away on a couple of laptops, but they it came back again a few days later, so I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence or not.

    The Dell info page for the DS1000 doesn't list the 5480 or 5580 in the compatibility list, however, the info page for the 5580 lists the DS1000 as one of the docks that it can use, so who knows...

    It's a pretty standard setup, with just a single monitor, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, and power connected to the dock.  I also tried powering the monitor separately from the dock to no avail. 

    Has anyone else experienced this issue with the DS1000, or any other USB Type-C dock? 

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    Whenever I start a new Chrome window or Firefox, my mouse will freeze for about 1 second. This is happening every time. It does not happen with Edge

    Brand new Inspiron 7577 gaming i7 7700hq and 16Gb of Ram, nvme SSD. Cannot be a ressource problem.
    Also, I reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch, same issue with the vanilla Media Creator tool from Windows.

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    I have Dell Inspiron 7510 with 2TB (replacement for 1TB) HDD in my 2.5" drive bay. 

    Currently M.2 slot is empty.

    I want to add this drive and considering following : ""

    WD Blue 1TB PC SSD - SATA 6 Gb/s M.2 2280 Solid State Drive - WDS100T1B0B

    Since it is M.2 drive, I thought it will work but need to have second opinion.

    If it should fit and work as a M.2 drive, I want to make it as my boot drive.



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  • 11/28/17--10:44: SSD Drive
  • Can I install an SSD drive in my Dell Inspiron 14z Ultrabook? If so, what might it cost?

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  • 11/28/17--10:47: build 4304.29 uefi rom error
  • Brand new Precision 7000 series with Intel Core i-7.  Keep getting two errors.

    "build 4304.29 uefi rom"   

    bios 1.21.1

    It says the hard drive is not installed

    Microsoft error "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart"

    stop code: Critical process died

    I have already restarted, and installed driver updates.  Also did Dell SUpportassist hardware checkup and everything passes.

    What do I do?

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  • 11/28/17--10:54: Hard drive failure
  • My dell laptops hard drive failed last night and i replaced it with a ssd drive. My laptop did not come with a windows disc and I did not make a bootable flash drive. Whats the best way to reinstall windows 10.

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  • 11/28/17--13:53: Horrible order xps13
  • After 30 days i have nothing and i have payed 12 300:-. I get no support, and they just promise. This was not what i was expecting. I hope you other people are lucky.

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