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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7567 1050 TI Ver.

    My problem is that when am closing my laptop screen (not shutting down) like putting it on sleep mode. Then opening it back back i get a grey screen. After i get the grey screen i can't really do much after that, my only option is holding the power button til it shuts down. My friend has the same laptop as me and he has this problem too.I don't really know what the cause of this problem maybe its not new windows update but i don't think so cause some people i know don't have the problem that i have.

    I hope some of you people know how to fix it. Thank you in advance

    Here is how it looks like:

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 5567 laptop which is still in warranty. a few days ago I saw some dirt in the cooling hole so I was thinking of opening and cleaning it but if I open the back lid to clean it will become out of warranty?

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  • 11/01/17--10:04: Imaging Dell E7480 using WDS
  • Am trying to image the laptop to Windows 10 using WDS. I have sysprepped the image, captured and uploaded to our WDS server. Once booted, I select the image and get the error message " Windows cannot be installed on this disk. This computers hardware may not support booting to this disk" So I go into the BIOS and change the Drive from RAID ON to AHCI. There, the OS gets installed HOWEVER it will not boot after the installation. I read something that I need to convert the drive to GPT so I cleaned the drive and converted it to GPT. Installed again however it won't boot after the installation. Is there an easy workaround to this? Thanks, Steve

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               I've been having problems with the screen of my Inspiron 15 7000 gaming. The screen turns to still static if i close the laptop and open it again and the mouse is semi-visible but is still just a lighter square of static that i can move freely. I started having this problem (along with some screen flickering that no longer appears) after connecting my laptop to a tv through an HDMI cable. Can anyone help me fix it?

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    My computer won't boot normally. It's a Dell XPS 13 with Windows 10 installed, updated today.

    If I set Legacy it says "no device found". With UEFI it gets stuck in a trying to repair, can't repair, restart cycle. It won't start either if it's in UEFI and I press f12.

    The only thing that works is having it in Legacy, press f12, then under UEFI Boot select "UEFI [...] Samsung 256GB, Partition 2"

    I've tried updating the BIOS, restoring factory and BIOS presets, changing the order so it boots the "UEFI [...] Samsung 256GB", repairing BIOS (esc+ctrl), running f12 diagnosis (no problems detected) and a couple other things.

    I actually can boot so it's mostly just annoying, but how can I solve this?

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    if bttray.exe from Dell download for XPS 13 (9350) "WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software, Broadcom Corporation," / "Dell Wireless 1550/1560/1704/1708/1820A/1830 Bluetooth Driver" / "Network_Driver_YW21W_WN32_12.0.1.750_A04_01" is running, then iTunes will only work if "Run as Administrator". Otherwise it refuses to start.

    Anybody know how to get a fixed "Dell Wireless 1550/1560/1704/1708/1820A/1830 Bluetooth Driver"?!?

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    I have a Vostro 3558 laptop that I purchased at a pawn shop when my other laptop stopped working. The issue I'm having is the when I'm typing notes, a letter or whatever one or two characters erase automatically or do not come up all, it gets frustrating. I have tried spraying a dust cleaner on it but no luck. I don't know what to do aside from taking it to a repair shop and seeing if they can fix it. Any suggestions?  

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  • 11/01/17--12:25: Dell 7567 Screen Glitch
  • I have had this laptop for about a month with no issues. Today, however, I closed my laptop and opened it up to start working and the screen is filled with green and red vertical pixel lines. I hooked it up to a monitor and it works fine. Any help to fix this? I can restart it to use it again but every time I close my laptop and reopen it, it happens again.

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    My laptop came with 2x4gb DDR4 memory, and a friend wants to give me one of his 16gb DDR4 sticks (he ordered one set, then a single and cannot return them).  Can a 16gb and 4gb reside in the same machine without conflict?

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    I got my Dell Inspiron 5767 about 6 months ago. At first everything was alright, up until 1 month ago when the mouse and audio started stuttering. After some net research, I found out that the Dell software for updating drivers (basically Dell Support) was the main cause and i uninstalled it. After that everything was great, until yesterday. Randomly it started stuttering again. But kind of stopped when I connected the power cable. So it calmed down, and half an hour ago I just closed the lid for 10 minutes and when I opened it it stutters again.Its very frustrating that I can't find any solution anywhere. I did the diagnostics and everything passed.
    Any suggestions would be great!

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    Since few weeks now from time to time when I turn on my dell latitude E6230 (5 y old), a message is displayed on black background which says:

    Fan malfunction

    to continue press F1 key

    to change setup option press F2 key

    to run onboard diagnostics press f5 key.

    I've ran onboard diagnostics but it did not find any issues. I opened the laptop and cleaned all dust, I also updated the bios, but still the message happening more and more often, it looks like the motherboard is sending wrong messages because fan is working, I hear its noise.

    Is there any solution for this issue. I have no warranty anymore.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Greetings everyone.

    For approximately one month I have experienced problems with the touchpad of my laptop.

    I randomly get a Code 10 in the I2C HID Device (a request for the HID descriptor failed). It renders the touchpad unusable or sometimes it just limits its functionality (like scrolling with two fingers and other gestures). I have already tried all available versions of the Intel Serial IO Driver and made a hard reset of the computer with no success. 

    At the present time all drivers have been updated and Windows 10 is in its build 16299.19.

    Could it be a hardware issue? Thank you very much in advance.

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    I have been having nothing but problems with both my laptop (XPS 15 4K) and also with the customer support team.

    There is clearly something wrong with my laptop but Dell didn't want to send anyone out to look at it. I bought the machine in the UK but spend much of my time in Asia. Dell Malaysia backed down on sending out a technician, so I took this up with Dell UK. Dell UK, which appears to be based in India, is point blank refusing to answer my emails or address the issue, so now I am stuck with a faulty machine that no one wants to take responsibility for. 

    Since I am getting no joy with emailing the UK service team, specifically Taruni P and her manager, Shyam, I am unsure where to go to next. Do I post in Twitter with specific hashtags?

    If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

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    Am getting slow write speed in my Dell 7577 though it is NVMe SSD...

    Is it because of this ?

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  • 11/01/17--18:55: No Battery is Detected
  • Dell Inspiron 17(i7-6500U/16GB/1TB)  Machines have been working fine for 9 months now they no longer detect the battery and will only work while they are plugged in.  Does anyone know how to correct this?

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  • 11/01/17--20:49: XPS13 9333 OS Reinstall
  • Hello, I would like to reinstall windows8 to upgrade windows10

    My laptop model(9333) is embedded windows 8 license.

    my question is

    1. How to check windows 8 license is still embedded in pc?
    - Cuz I reinstalled windows 8.1 few years ago with a different CD key. I can not sure my laptop still included windows8 license

    2. How to download windows 8 image?
    - I heard that if I use different version of windows 8, I need to write down cd-key. However If I install general os image which dell recommend, installation setting will proceed automatically

    please reply my questions

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    Hello everyone,

    I am having trouble with my XPS 13 that I got few months ago. After pressing the power button, the screen light up like normal, displaying the dell logo then the screen turn black and off. But the power button's light and the backlit keyboard are on. 

    I can go to the BIOS and safe mode. I disable the graphic driver in safe mode and was able to run my system and do things. But when I try to enable or update the graphic driver, it will turn off my screen immediately. I ran diagnostics and no error was found. 

    I tired disconnecting the battery and hold on to the power button for a few minutes but end with no success. 

    All help are appreciated 

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  • 11/01/17--22:55: XPS13 9333 OS Reinstallation
  • Hello,

    Bacially XPS13 9333 model is embedded windows 8 license.

    Regarding OS install ,I have question

    how to download general windows 8 OS?
    - If I install windows8 with crack version, it seems like impossible to recognize embedded windows 8 license. I wish DELL support team help me


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  • 11/02/17--00:20: Dell 7577 slow SSD NVMe
  • why the write speed are slow in my dell 7577, while other user (dell 7577) have more than 1000[MB/s]

    this is the system info from my dell 7577

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  • 11/02/17--05:12: what is superfix by dell
  • my laptop was having no boot issues so the technician told me to reinstall windows so did I but after that my windows was not updating from 1511 build so he send me a link which was dell superfix I don't know what it is but I installed it but after that my laptop started to run slow so I am curious what is this and what does it do?

    the link is

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