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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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  • 10/16/17--23:33: 8 DEEP SOUNDS
  • HELLO 

    My Dell inspiron (i think its 15R) , makes 8 deep sounds when i switch on, nothing appears on screen , i tried to switch the ram position but still the same sounds. 

    Can anyone pleases help me of what could be the problem. 


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    We bought a lot of Latitude 5580's with the Universal Dock D6000. What happens when the user connects the default power adapter (the round one) AND the D6000 USB-C (power over USB) at the same time? Is the power of one source automatically shut down?

    We have also the Latitude 5285 (tablet). When we connected the default adapter from the wall outlet (USB-C adapter) together with the USB-C from the D6000 docking, the docking ... melted. It is a dangerous situation when one of the power sources isn't shut down automatically.

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    Hi all, New to your forum, and need some help.

    I have various latitude models which all connected to our office wireless TVs, in our meetings, apart from latitude E6540 model, which appears to connect, the TV flashes up that the laptop is connected, but then returns to the awaiting connection page.

    If I look in connected devices (Windows 10), it shows the wireless TV under audio and wireless displays, but the screen does not mirror from laptop to TV.

    This is the only model I have found that gives me this problem, I have updated the display & wireless drivers to the latest version, but makes no difference.

    The TV model is a Techwood 55" and I have two of these in the office.

    Any help much appreciated.


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    Has anyone else noticed how dark the screens are on the Latitude 5X80 series machines? Out of the box both the 5480 and the 5580 are significantly darker than the comparable units in the 5X70 series.

    There was a graphics change from AMD to NVidia in this model but it seems like this more of a backlight or screen mat issue than card issue. 

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    I own a Dell Inspiron 5547. I have purchased a Dell notebook for my wife as well and my choice for the company notebook was also Dell. This was because I have trusted the quality and the 3 year warranty.

    Parts Only warranty 11/4/14 - 11/4/15
    Carry-in Service/Return to Depot warranty 11/4/14 - 11/4/17

    A long time ago, a screw fell out from the notebook and there was no way to put it back, it always came out. Please note that I have never ever tried to do any modifications/repairs on the notebook. As I could not afford to put it into the service for 2 weeks, I've tried to open and close it always with maximum care. Still, it broke eventually and I needed to go to the local Hungarian warranty partner, where I was told that Dell won't cover the issue and I got an offer over USD 150 for repair.

    I admit that with turning in the notebook, the damages would have been smaller, but still, the place for the screw would have needed a change and also the plastic and other parts were not as strong as required. I've googled Dell hinge issues and it seems to be a common issue.

    In order to keep my trust in Dell, I would like at least a partial guarantee. Else, due to the lack of trust I will need to look for another brand when I will need to replace laptops. This is something I would not like.



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  • 10/17/17--10:56: XPS 9343 SSD upgrade
  • I plan to swap out my pre installed 512GB  SSD with a 1TB SSD

     The instaled drive is a LITEON LGH-512V2G-11 M.2 2280 512GB 

    Could someone advise if the 9343 supports MVME SSD and recommend a 1TB replacement.

    Any advise woud be greatly appreciated.


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  • 10/17/17--12:33: Inspiron 15-7559 hinge fix
  • Hi.  I would like to know which parts I need in order to fix the well known hinge issue with the case breaking because of it.  My laptop is a little under 2yrs old. 

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  • 10/17/17--14:00: Dell 7285 with TB16
  • Hi All,

    I have an issue with the mouse freezing on and off at least 5-10 times a minute using the TB16 with Dell 7285, I have had this issue before with a 5510 using the TB16 and it turned out to be a issue with the BIOS firmware, has anyone else come across this issue with the 7285?

    I need to use the TB16 because I want to connect two 4k monitors and use them at 60Hz.


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    I brought it just now. And screen auto rotation not work out of the box. Is there way to make it work?

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm having problems with my Graphics Amplifier. It seem that it's always running at PCIe 3.0 x1 when I connected it last night. An ASUS GTX 970 Mini is connected in it. The last time I've connected my AGA, I can still run this at full PCIe 3.0 4x.

    Here's what I've done so far 

    • Uninstall all GPU Drivers
    • Uninstall the Graphics Amplifier Service
    • Re-install the Graphics Amplifier Service
    • Reinstall ONLY the nVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti Driver
    • Turn off power and reconnected the AGA

    My system are as follows :

    • Alienware 13 R3 Core i5 7300HQ
    • GTX 1050 Ti 
    • BIOS 1.1.9 KBL (I'm thinking to roll this back to BIOS 1.1.8 )

    Some suspect items :

    • I've installed the latest Intel Chipset Driver, not sure if this does anything?

    Anyways, I'm out of options. Has anyone else encountered this issue :( ? 


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    Hi community,

    I lately bought a new HTC Vive VR system, and according to the performance test, my graphic card is not strong enough to support the VR technology. Should be stated that the rest of the specifications were sufficient (got the full scores of the test).

    How can I upgrade the graphic card of my laptop in order to meet the requirements for HTC Vive?

    Please let me know if any further information about my computer is required in order to answer that.



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  • 10/17/17--20:47: TB16 stopped working
  • Was working fine until today. Looks like the thunderbolt cable's symbol is no longer lighting up and nothing is being transferred to my laptop (usb's, dvi, ethernet cable). Has the cable defected in this case? I only had this dock for 2 weeks

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    We have some Dell XPS15 9550's that won't always automatically connect to our corporate wifi (WPA2 Enterprise, using computer or user domain membership).  When this happens they do not run the login script, and they have to go to the lower right corner and manually connect, then run a shortcut icon we placed on their desktop to execute their login script.

    The cards came with Dell Wireless 1830 cards.

    The machines are Windows 10 Professional build 1703 (creators update), domain joined, same group policy to connect to the corporate wifi at boot up that works perfectly for older Windows 7 laptops using Intel cards.

    Can anyone recommend a good Intel wireless card to try?

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  • 10/18/17--07:24: XPS Repair Options from Dell
  • Anyone know if Dell will repair an XPS purchased through Amazon ? (not concerned about warranty implications). Tried finding a link under my account, but nothing was immediately obvious.

    Seems neither Amazon nor their partner (DealArc) will guarantee my data will be wiped from the SSD; so I need to pursue repair options (or eat the cost of the computer altogether).

    Thanks in advance.

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  • 10/18/17--07:33: How to disable the Touchpad
  • How to disable the Touchpad on Dell Latitude E5510

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    I just got a J79X4 battery for an e6230, and while it appears to be genuine, it is a few years old, and completely flat.

    I'm not too bothered if it won't have full capacity or less than the ideal cycle life, but what does concern me somewhat was that the pack is around 7.5V, which for a nominal 11.1V (3S) battery is ~2.5V cell. That does seem disturbingly low for lithium chemistry, though the BIOS reports it as 'healthy'.

    A short test with Batterymon showed it charging at a low rate (~200mW), and if it is genuine, I'd assume the protection in it wouldn't let it charge if the cells were dangerously discharged.

    Would anyone know specifics of when genuine protection does prevent charging?

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    Does the E6410 ESATA support port multiplier? I want to connect 4 external hard drives at the same time to the ESATA port, then turn on the BIOS RAID On so these can be configured as a NAS.  

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    Does any Dell notebook provide ESATA port multipliers support?  What does the BIOS RAID ON setting do if you can't add additional drives to build a RAID?

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    is it possible to install a small rubber dot that is actually a mouse in the middle of a laptop keyboard and avoid using an external mouse or the touch pad ? I find it a lot easier to use than other options.



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  • 10/18/17--14:26: Issues with Latitude 5289
  • I've got this issue with group of 4 - 5289s that are experiencing various issues.  All are running Windows 10 Pro 1703.

    Sometimes when we close the lid, the system fan immediately goes into hyper speed mode.  Looking at processes in process explorer shows no apparent service associated with the activity.

    The other thing is that sometimes while the user is working the machine becomes excruciatingly slow with windows being painted in slow motion and some windows not fully rendering.  If we unplug the dock (D6000), the problem goes away only to resurface a few hours later. 

    All BIOS revs are current.  Command Update shows current. We have also gone directly to Dell and run the "detect drivers" and more drivers were updated.  Display link drivers are current both on the Displaylink site and Dell site.  At this point we have to throw our hands up.  Is anyone else experiencing these issues?


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