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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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  • 10/05/17--22:28: XPS 15 9530 Battery Problems
  • Hi, My laptop was just diagnosed with a swollen battery so I purchased a new one (through Dell) and set about replacing it with the little directions available. Replaced it fine, no problem. Plugged it into the adaptor and got five beeps. I’ve had this problem before and solved it by removing the battery and pressing the power button down to drain power or whatever it is. Tried that this time and nothing. Still beeping. Now I’m at a complete loss. I’m also baffled as to why the replacement part I bought from Dell didn’t come with any instructions whatsoever.

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  • 10/05/17--18:23: Help
  • My Dell Inspiron has been mine for 2 months and when I went to turn it on it wouldn't budge. It is still under warranty, can you help me? I got it for my 11th birthday in August.  What can I do?  My dad is mad. He bought it.  It just won't turn on today.

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    just bought the new Dell Inspiron 15 7577 gaming laptop on Monday. Beautiful, the gaming is more than ok (actually yesterday Rise Of The Tomb Rider crashed on Geforce Experience but uhm i Think that's GFE) but on windows animations are laggy,the scrolling is not smooth, hd youtube not responding immediately and somethimes, when the "do you want to allow this app" blablabla comes, cursor lag terribly. 

    16 GB Ram, 500gb ssd, 1TB hdd, i7-7700hq win10

    It is a 1699 laptop.

    Any ideas? Should I ask for a replace? Help me. 

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    So my laptop is inspiron 7779. 17inch 2-in-1 laptop, i7-7600u, HDD 1tb only model. 

    Updated newest Bios 1.20 just before.

    But laptop doesn't recognize Samsung 960 evo nvme m.2 ssd. 

    Very stressful. Why and how to fix? 

    I want to  copy whole OS factory installed at 1tb HDD to this nvme ssd.

    But after input ssd to laptop, checked at bios and at windows control center, disk manager. 

    There is none Samsung ssd. Just can't recognize at all. 

    I also tested with usb windows 10 install media, it also doesn't recognize nvme ssd.

    Please help me. 

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    I'm looking for docking stations compatible with the Dell Precision 5510 laptop. So far I've been able to find the TB15 and 16. 15 is out of the question and I believe Dell recalled it. Is the TB16 any good? Hands on experience?

    Are there any other possibilities?



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  • 10/06/17--02:28: Need help ASAP
  • I Tried to change my Laptop to WIndows 7, i found out later that My Inspiron 7559 Doesnt supports the USB 2.0 and Wi Fi Connection, Changed to linux... I got the disk Formatted and then Downloaded DELL Recovery / Restore USB. When Starting it it Fails Only the Driver / Drives (Only this one is X all others are good) It Says me That my Hard Drive failed SMART Check and that i need to remove it... I dont want to because i got nothing important inside it. Can i bypass This and Just install windows 10 Fast.



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    When i tried to start desktop i am getting 5 beeps...what i should

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    I was playing a game when it suddenly stuttered and had a BSOD I wasnt able to take a photo of it because it flashed too fast. After that it went into scanning and repairing then it restarted and it just stayed on the alienware logo. At first I didnt mind until 4 hours have passed and it was still there. I pressed enter and a message appeared saying "Runtime error! Program: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Logonui.exe" I dont know what I couldve done for this to happen. I would relly appreciate the help.

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    Hello Dell,

    my inspiron is not posting. when i turn it on the following happends:

    • led of power button will go on
    • led of power indicator will go on
    • leds of the dedicated settings, audio and custom buttons will flash as usual
    • workload indicator led will turn on for a second or 2 and then go off

    when power is connected, notting changes. but indicator led for chargeing does go on.

    then then it does startup once in 10 min

    Hope someone can help

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  • 10/06/17--06:39: Hard Drive Replacement E6440
  • I was given a Dell E6440 and was asked to swap the hard drive out.  I am having a real hard time.  I can get the isolation rails and the hard drive cover however each time I attempt to slide the drive into the system, the SATA connectors are not lining up.  

    Can someone PLEASE for the life of me help me out?


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    hello my laptop was working perfectly for 5  years ( n7110 )  , yesterday i shut it off normally but when in the morning i booted it up , i had those 2 beeps and the fan was accelerating and the screen was black , couldnt enter any command .. help please 

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    when i switch on the laptop after a couple of days then it works fine for about 15-20 minutes, after that it shutdowns. when i again switch on the laptop it again shutdowns during booting within 15-20 seconds, and continues to shut down again and again.. It only works fine for 15-20 minutes, when it switch it on after quite a time. anyone, please help, as my that laptop has became completely useless.

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    I have problems with an inspiron 15 3000 series I have months of having acquired it, the touch pad gives click 2 or 3 times in a row whenever I press on a link or image, and probe with the controllers but still the same, the external mouse work well but as for the touch pad remains the same. I need a solution for it, it is very frustrating every time I use the touch pad.

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  • 10/06/17--10:34: mSATA for Latitude E5440
  • The service manual for the E5440 on the Dell website makes no mention of it. However I believe this laptop can take a mSATA drive. At the socket, there is a message that says "See Manual" or something like that. Only manual doesn't mention diddly.

    So can someone confirm laptop is mSATA compatible? If so, what's the max size supported and can I boot OS off the mSATA? Finally, if someone can explain exactly whether this takes mSATA or M2 or whatever drives because it's confusing me a bit.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do these things have jumpers or batteries to reset the admin password? We're essentially locked out of installing a new OS or do anything, and I'm not seeing anything on the MB at the moment.

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 running Windows 10.

    Yesterday Windows 10 updated and in the process broke my WIFI.

    The driver Windows used doesn't work and to uninstall that driver is a real pain.

    The error Windows network diagnostics gives is this.

    There might be a problem with the driver for the WiFi adapter.

    Windows couldn't automatically bind the ip protocol stack to the network adapter.

    Any idea how to fix it or is it a bug and do I have to wait for Microsoft to fix it?

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    I am having the exact same problem with the battery bulging out my keyboard and touchpad. Dell wants $169.95 to replace it. This is my third dell computer and will be my last if they don't fix it.

    Is this a fire or explosion issue to be concerned about??

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    The description for this computer states that the USB-C thunderbolt port is a “on cord solution” for data transfer, video transfer, and power. Imagine my surprise when I docked it and got an error message that the port doesn’t accept power and to plug in my power adapter. I am hoping this is a temporary issue that will be fixed with a bios update and not an issue of false advertising and poor utilization of a fantastic technology. Can someone from Dell advise if this will be fixed in a future bios update or if it’s infact a hardware design flaw?

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  • 10/06/17--13:59: UBUNTU
  • Why drivers suppurt says: "do not support UBUNTU"?

    I've bought DH1N0F2 with UBUNTU and very happy, but don't know how reinstall (in far future) UBUNTU without any drivers.

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    I'm attempting to get my XPS 15 9560 ready for the TB-16 dock. I've been struggling with it for a couple weeks now and earlier today used Windows Fresh Start to delete all drivers and try again.

    Following the proper order of manual installations I have so far:

    - Updated the bios to 1.5.0 
    - Installed Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver - ,A03
    - attempted to install Intel(R) Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update - ,A02

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