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General Hardware discussion (Laptop)

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    So it looks like my XPS 15 is experiencing the same issue and my internet search led me here. How do I proceed in fixing it?

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    I've been messing with the m4600 to try to get it to work with extended monitors with some success but no where close to what I was looking for. 

    Ideal setup: 2 monitors, 1 via display port and 1 via vga

    Problems I ran into with no solutions:

    1. When connecting using the display port, I get a no signal from the monitor and it turns off the laptop lcd. How is this possible? I'm playing with a 4K monitor (with display port) but that shouldn't be the issue? (or is it?) Side note, does the AMD firepro M5950 (firegl) support 4K? Does the display port support 4K?

    2. Cannot do 2 monitors extended with its own LCD. I could only do 1 vga OR 1 hdmi. Can't even do 1 display port, which would be great (and if it could do the 4k monitor setup)

    Tested, monitors are fine. Cables are fine. m4600 seems to be fine.

    Reference: m4600 with 1GB AMD firepro M5950

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    We are using SCCM v1702 tasksequence to deploy Win 7 x64 to new machines. It works fine, however the thouchpad on our E7270 are not working after the machines are installed. The thouchpad driver is installed correct, but it does not work. I have tried to uninstall/install the driver, with no luck. We are using the latest driver pack from DELL. HELP!!!!!

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  • 10/05/17--02:14: e6420 bios clock not running
  • Hi,

    my bios version  is : A24 ,A24, last version now.

    I set time  on bios but after power off, the bios still get the time before shunt down.

    As Windows always take the bios time after start, the time  will always remain wrong if after power  off before.

    Time  on Windows run well if updated manually.

    Normally on Bios, even with wrong time and cmos battery pulled off, the clock should be running, with mine the clock can be changed but never run

    Cmos batt changed multiple time for nothing better


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  • 10/05/17--02:45: Dell Latitude 3580
  • Hi!

    Dell Latitude 3580 N009L3580S15EMEA, can i install both HDD and SSD (Sata or M.2) and what do I need for that?

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    I have had a persistent multicolored horizontal line across the center of my laptop screen for over a month now. It gets more than one line sometimes. My laptop is dell inspiron 14. Please how do I troubleshoot?

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can give me some direction on this particular issue as it's been causing some grief for a while now. The laptop Inspiron 5759 has just come out of warranty ufortunately and I should have logged a ticket but the issue went away for a while.

    Basically what's happening is occassionally when the laptop turns on it is horrendously slow, it can last for hours or even in a couple of instances a few days. It will occassionally go back to it's normal speed but it's unusable for that time.

    Looking at the task manager the HDD is stuck on 100% throughout all this though the rest of the resources don't go about 60%~ish. Initially I thought it was Windows updates so I've put the connection to metered to stop it downloading them. This helped for a while but then the issue persisted again. It feels to me that the hard drive is the bottleneck but there doesn't appear to be any reasonable explanation why a year old laptop of higher spec should be running slower than a computer over twice it's age with a lower specification. I've done some research that suggested updating the intel storage controller driver and the bios should help. I've done this as well which again helped for a while but the issue has come back again recently and I'm at a loss as to what else to try. Just to add, I have run antivirus and antimalware scans, and reinstalled the laptop just to make sure there wasn't anything else.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I replaced my Dell Latitude E6440 Intel Laptop Motherboard with a new one that come is AMD Radeon HD 8690M Graphics, After putting all the component together, the screen don't display anything and it comes on immediately power is connected. 

    Any help please?


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  • 10/05/17--04:29: Windows 8 Product Key
  • Hi! I have Dell Inspiron 3521 which was given to me by my sister. It has Windows 8 installed originally, then I upgraded it into 8.1. I used it for over a year since she gave me but then, it's original hard disk died. It was stuck for a year when I finally decided to buy a new hard disk but sadly, the hard disk didn't have an operating system. Now, I want to download Windows 8 from Microsoft and I'm aware that they'll ask for a product key. My question is, can I use the product key that acme with this and where can I find it? Thanks!

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  • 10/05/17--05:33: Service Request Number:
  • 28-08-2016 I bought Dell XPS 13  at MS shop in Seaatle. -> the battery does not charge.

    01-09-2016 MS change my laptop. OK

    Not OK because is very big problem to wake up laptop. It wants to sleep event I'm working. -> Seattle MS shop. After 2 visits at MS is OK.

    Not OK. Now it crash every time when I stop working with, -> Seattle MS shop. After 5 days of reparation OK.

    Not OK, Now it is getting hot. When is not plugged to electricity is getting very,very hot. Small led is red.

    I'm leaving in Montreal. My warranty is finish, no more money for a new laptop. When I'll earn some money I'll buy a new laptop and this one I'll give to Ecole Politechnique-Comuter Science as example of perfect tool to kill developers.

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    We have the problem that the usb mouse and keyboard does not work lots of times with the Dell 5480 & wd15 if Citrix Receiver is installed, did any of you try that.

    we have the same problem with the 5 Dell 5480 that we have in the company.

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    This laptop is less than a year old (OS: Windows 10) and is getting the "plugged in not charging error." The unknown AC watt error pops up when booting the laptop and I have to unplug the adapter just to get to the desktop. The AC adapter will sustain the battery although it obviously drains over time when being used, but slowly. The AC adapter and battery are those which came with the laptop. Also, the backlight for the screen and LED light on the laptop do work when I plug in the adapter.

    I have tried the following:

    - BIOS reset
    - BIOS update
    - BIOS Diagnostic Test & Dell Diagnostic Test
    - Blowing into DC Jack
    - Testing a new Dell brand/approved ac adapter
    - Testing a new Dell brand/approved battery
    - and basically anything else Dell has suggested through its troubleshoot suggestions

    Any other thoughts here? Next step is to contact technical support as the laptop is under warranty. 

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    Hi Team,

    I am checking the laptop "New Inspiron 15 5567 Laptop"  for the past 1 month and it is not available "In-Stock"

    Please let me know when will the laptop be available.


    Boopalan J

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    I have a XPS 13 9350 that is 14 months old. The warranty is over since a mont and a half...

    In the BIOS, the battery is healthy, charging but always stays at 19% of charge. When I disconect the laptop from the charger, it immediatly shutdown like a desktop computer.

    In Windows, the battery is charging but always at 19%. I tried to connect another charger but it doesn't help.

    Any other things I should do?

    Thank you for your help

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    Hey everyone. Recently, my computer's screen has been on the fritz, and I'm wondering if this might be something I can replace by myself with a part or if it's something that requires sending it back to Dell.

    The screen can still look normal, but will sometimes freeze completely if the computer lid is moved from a certain angle. When this happens there's also visual artifacts and a change of colour - sometimes the screen goes completely black. The problems are mostly gone whenever I'm moving the lid, but come back when I stop. Can I replace the screen my myself do you guys think? Or is it a cable that needs replacing/ a more solid connection

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  • 10/05/17--09:27: finding internet
  • hello my question is how do I know if my dell lap top can get 5ghz on my network or on my computer? I want to kow if I would be able to fix it with out paying to do it. Had a tech from dell try from device manager with no luck, they wanted to send me to the paying department , have credit card so no go. If anybody culd help me that would be greatly appreciated it is a Dell inspirion  15-3552 Thank you

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    I am using Dell inspiron 3551. loaded windows 7 64 bit OS. able to install all the drivers except the network driver.

    tried the 3 drivers given on the support site.

    Can any one suggest for the solution...?

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  • 10/05/17--15:32: cursor jumping
  • I have an Inspiron 3000 series.  For some reason the cursor has started jumping around spontaneously.  After reading many posts and making a number of adjustments I've gotten it down to two issues.  When I boot up and go to my entry screen, the cursor is "fluttering" until I hit the escape key.  Then it boots to the next screen.  But the big problem is when typing text, every time I hit my right shift key on the next keystroke the cursor bounces back to the beginning of the line or higher in the text.  It only occurs with this one key. I have been very careful to make sure I am not grazing the keypad when I hit that key.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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    help plz.

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    Going to be a long post, sorry in advance. Noticed a couple of weeks ago that my trackpad was raising up out of the computer.  About a week ago it stopped working correctly. The trackpad is now distended over 1/8th of an inch over the level of the "deck". Today I received a notice from Dell that they've received reports of swelling batteries, that they were offering battery replacements, and that my service tag was identified as a potentially affected computer - they'd even send a tech out to me to install the battery if I didn't feel comfortable (I do but beside the point).  Huzzah! I thought, a company out in front of issues for once!  To be careful in today's world, I wanted to verify the service tag number in the email before clicking the link in the email just in case it was a particularly clever phishing email.

    That's when my night went south.  I tilted the computer up to read the tag number and it went dark.  No fanfare or anything, just no power anymore.  Set it back down and pushed the power button.  Silence and then the BIOS code for CPU failure...  Started standard troubleshooting (all peripherals unplugged through pulling the SSD and memory to try to get it to do anything but 2 amber, 1 white flash.  Unfortunately no change.  Decided to call Dell support (as instructed in the email) and was told I needed to be transferred to non-warranty repair.  At the point when he said I'd have to pay for support I explained (not rudely) about the "recall" email.  He transferred me to warranty service...who promptly transfer me to non-warranty service.  I explained the situation they again and was told that I would have to send it in to the "depot", that it may be up to 15 business days, and that I'd be charged for repairs other than the battery.

    I explained that logic would dictate that the battery swelling and/or voltage issues arising from that were likely to blame for the other problems.  I also explained that this computer had already been to the depot two or three times already for factory issues.  I told him to hold the progress.  Furious is too mild of a word for how I feel.  I now have a $2500 paperweight that Dell caused the failure in via faulty parts.  I pulled the rear cover to verify swelling and four of the cells are like balloons, the wrapping is beginning to separate at the corners.  In addition there is a clearly visible component of the motherboard that is fried, I'd suspect that's what went when the computer went dark.  To add insult to injury, I tried to remove the battery to get it stored in a location that wouldn't burn the house down if it decided to catch fire only to find that one of the screws holding the battery in is stripped, I haven't been able to compete removal of the battery because of this.

    I would greatly appreciate some help, phone support has me so angry (I was never rude, in fact madE sure to keep my voice as calm as possible throughout) that I can't see straight.  I've had almost every Inbee of the major issues with this computer that have shown up on this forum and I love the computer when it's actually working correctly.

    I've removed the SSD to (hopefully, unless it fried too) preserve my data and will try to find a safe place to store the entire computer away from anything even remotely flammable, just in case.  


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